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Nanotechnology the Brain and the Future

Author : Sean A. Hays
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Our brain is the source of everything that makes us human: language, creativity, rationality, emotion, communication, culture, politics. The neurosciences have given us, in recent decades, fundamental new insights into how the brain works and what that means for how we see ourselves as individuals and as communities. Now – with the help of new advances in nanotechnology – brain science proposes to go further: to study its molecular foundations, to repair brain functions, to create mind-machine interfaces, and to enhance human mental capacities in radical ways. This book explores the convergence of these two revolutionary scientific fields and the implications of this convergence for the future of human societies. In the process, the book offers a significant new approach to technology assessment, one which operates in real-time, alongside the innovation process, to inform the ways in which new fields of science and technology emerge in, get shaped by, and help shape human societies.

Oversight of the National Nanotechnology Initiative and Priorities for the Future

Author : United States. Congress. House. Committee on Science, Space, and Technology (2011). Subcommittee on Research and Science Education
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The Future of the Self

Author : Jay Friedenberg
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"This book is about who we are and who we might be, given our current and future interactions with technology. It delves into what a person is as well as what a person might become. It is also about the descriptions we provide for ourselves, what we call our self or identity. These are complex topics and have been addressed from many different disciplinary perspectives. As a result we discuss them from the point of view of philosophy, psychology, neuroscience, artificial intelligence and robotics. The central argument put forth here can be stated in three parts. (1) There is no difference between what we call natural and artificial systems because all systems are made up of matter and energy and are governed by universal physical laws. (2) Sufficient understanding of a system in the form of description, explanation, and prediction allows us to replicate or reproduce it. (3) Exact or functionally equivalent reproductions of an original system will exhibit similar behavior. If these three propositions are true then the existence of an artificial self is possible. These are very controversial statements and there are quite a few objections to them. This book is divided into four main sections. The first section includes this introduction along with a chapter on the philosophy of self and a chapter on the psychology of self. These three chapters together provide a summary of historical and contemporary thought on personhood, self, and identity. They serve as a foundation upon which the remaining parts of the book rest. The second section consists of three chapters. These are titled in order: The Brain, The Brain + Hardware, and The brain + Software. These topics can be thought of as concentric rings of self that radiate outward from the brain and body to include prosthetics and robotics (hardware) and then computer programs and artificial intelligence (software). In the third section there are four chapters. The first is on avatars, which are software manifestations of self. The second is on virtual worlds, which are the environments that avatars inhabit. The third is on software selves, beings that might exist as entirely electronic. The fourth chapter of this section that concludes the book is more speculative and describes what future selves might be like. Most of what we present up until this point is factual or plausible, based on scientific research or near term future predictions. But in the last chapter all bets are off. There we speculate on what might occur either within the next century or beyond. We live in exciting times where technology is accelerating exponentially. Many of us will live to see some of these ideas realized"--

The Future of the Brain

Author : Gary Marcus
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Including a chapter by 2014 Nobel laureates May-Britt Moser and Edvard Moser An unprecedented look at the quest to unravel the mysteries of the human brain, The Future of the Brain takes readers to the absolute frontiers of science. Original essays by leading researchers such as Christof Koch, George Church, Olaf Sporns, and May-Britt and Edvard Moser describe the spectacular technological advances that will enable us to map the more than eighty-five billion neurons in the brain, as well as the challenges that lie ahead in understanding the anticipated deluge of data and the prospects for building working simulations of the human brain. A must-read for anyone trying to understand ambitious new research programs such as the Obama administration's BRAIN Initiative and the European Union's Human Brain Project, The Future of the Brain sheds light on the breathtaking implications of brain science for medicine, psychiatry, and even human consciousness itself. Contributors include: Misha Ahrens, Ned Block, Matteo Carandini, George Church, John Donoghue, Chris Eliasmith, Simon Fisher, Mike Hawrylycz, Sean Hill, Christof Koch, Leah Krubitzer, Michel Maharbiz, Kevin Mitchell, Edvard Moser, May-Britt Moser, David Poeppel, Krishna Shenoy, Olaf Sporns, Anthony Zador.

Journal of Nanoscience and Nanotechnology

Author :
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Introduction to Nanoscience and Nanotechnology

Author : Gabor L. Hornyak
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PerspectivesIntroductionNanoscience and Nanotechnology-The DistinctionHistorical PerspectivesAdvanced MaterialsTools of NanoNature's Take on Nano and the Advent of Molecular BiologyThe Nano PerspectiveSocietal Implications of NanoIntroduction to Societal IssuesEthical ImplicationsLegal ImplicationsEnvironmental ImplicationsPublic PerceptionFuture of Nanotechnology NanotoolsCharacterization MethodsCharacterization of NanomaterialsElectron Probe MethodsScanning Probe Microscopy MethodsSpectroscopic MethodsNonradiative and Nonelectron Characterization MethodsFabrication MethodsFabrication of Nano.

The Macmillan Atlas of the Future

Author : Ian Pearson
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Explores the future of the environment, popluation, health and disease, resources, communications, business, technology, and space exploration

Computers Are Your Future 2006

Author : Bill Daley
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Now available in two versions rather than three, this introduction to computers book is one that users will engage with -- maintaining the encyclopedic approach in the popular magazine style. It is refreshing, accurate, and easy to learn from-written to today's reader. The Eighth Edition moves the emphasis to connectivity and includes loads of new research to ensure that the statistics in the book are current. This edition emphasizes emerging technologies while de-emphasizing older technologies. The Complete version is chapters 10-14 of the Introductory version (with one Spotlight at the end on Emerging Technologies). Covers Careers and Certification, Programming, Databases and Information Systems, Systems Analysis and Design, and Enterprise Computing. For anyone wanting a basic knowledge of computers to apply to their jobs or lives.

Our Molecular Future

Author : Douglas Mulhall
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Speculates on the impact of certain advanced technologies on human society and their relationship with the natural world.

Future Cinema

Author : Zentrum für Kunst und Medientechnologie (Karlsruhe)
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An investigation of new cinematic forms that, incorporating electronic media, are transforming the traditional relationships between film and reality and between producer and audience.

Meet the Future Nano Bio Billionaires

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Contributed articles presented at the Summit held at New Delhi.

Human Ecology

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Proceedings of the IEEE Conference on Nanotechnology

Author :
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Future Survey Annual

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An Introduction to Nanoscience and Nanotechnology

Author : Alain Nouailhat
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"Part of this book adapted from "Introduction aux nanosciences et aux nanotechnologies" published in France by Hermes Science/Lavoisier in 2006."

Unbounding the Future

Author : K. Eric Drexler
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Explains how nanotechnology--the ability to create new compounds by altering molecules--may eliminate disease and pollution, and revolutionize industry

Encyclopedia of the Future

Author : George Thomas Kurian
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A compendium of thoughts & forcasts of hundreds of the world's leading intellectuals.

Micro and Nanotechnology for Biomedical and Environmental Applications

Author : Society of Photo-optical Instrumentation Engineers
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The Nanotech Pioneers

Author : Steven A. Edwards
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A guide to nanotechnology covers such topics as nanotools, nanoparticles, nanoelectronics, and ethical considerations, along with profiles of a variety of nanotechnology pioneers.

Nanotechnology Methods for Neurological Diseases and Brain Tumors

Author : Yasemin Gürsoy Özdemir
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Nanotechnology Methods for Neurological Diseases and Brain Tumors: Drug Delivery across the Blood-Brain Barrier compiles the latest (and future potential) treatment strategies for brain tumors and neurological diseases, in particular Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s and stroke, those that bypass the blood/brain barrier. The current understanding of brain drug delivery and access is discussed in Chapter One, with the next section focusing on the implementation of the nose-to-brain intranasal route in brain-targeted drug delivery. In addition, nanotechnology-based brain drug delivery is covered in Chapter Three. This avenue offers impressive improvement in the treatment of neurological diseases and brain tumors by using bio-engineered systems that interact with biological systems at a molecular level. In Chapter Four, emphasis is placed on the need for brain-targeted experimental models that mimic disease conditions. Final chapters discuss the very latest advances in targeted treatment strategies for neurological diseases and brain tumors. Comprehensive guide for up-to-date views on the latest advances in targeted treatment strategies for brain tumors and neurological diseases Designed with a multidisciplinary approach that links neurology, neuro-oncology and nanoscience to drug delivery to the brain with an emphasis on the blood-brain-barrier Written in a language that makes it easy to understand nanotechnology drug delivery techniques Presents a unique book that also covers advanced treatment approaches of neurological diseases and brain tumors