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Natural Environments and Human Health

Author : Alan W Ewert
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The role natural environments play in human health and wellbeing is attracting increasing attention. There is growing medical evidence that access to the natural environment can prevent disease, aid recovery, tackle obesity and improve mental health. This book examines the history of natural environments being used for stress-reduction, enjoyment, aesthetics and catharsis, and traces the development of the connection between humans and the environment, and how they impact our personal and collective health.

Environmental Science

Author : Andrew R. W. Jackson
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This book provides a clear and authoritative introduction to environmental science and equips the reader with the fundamental concepts and vocabulary necessary to explore complex environmental phenomena and issues.

Oxford Textbook of Nature and Public Health

Author : Howard Frumkin
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Human beings have always been affected by their surroundings. There are various health benefits linked to being able to access to nature; including increased physical activity, stress recovery, and the stimulation of child cognitive development. The Oxford Textbook of Nature and Public Health provides a broad and inclusive picture of the relationship between our own health and the natural environment. All aspects of this unique relationship are covered, ranging from disease prevention through physical activity in green spaces to innovative ecosystem services, such as climate change adaptation by urban trees. Potential hazardous consequences are also discussed including natural disasters, vector-borne pathogens, and allergies. This book analyses the complexity of our human interaction with nature and includes sections for example epigenetics, stress physiology, and impact assessments. These topics are all interconnected and fundamental for reaching a full understanding of the role of nature in public health and wellbeing. Much of the recent literature on environmental health has primarily described potential threats from our natural surroundings. The Oxford Textbook of Nature and Public Health instead focuses on how nature can positively impact our health and wellbeing, and how much we risk losing by destroying it. The all-inclusive approach provides a comprehensive and complete coverage of the role of nature in public health, making this textbook invaluable reading for health professionals, students, and researchers within public health, environmental health, and complementary medicine.

Medical Geology

Author : Miomir Komatina
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Geology, one of the basic natural sciences, is proving to be of outstanding importance in solving problems relating to: agriculture exploitation of the Earth's mineral resources environmental issues soil preservation water energy and other resources protection against natural disasters (landslides, floods, volcanic eruptions and earthquakes) as well as human health. The main objective of the book Medical Geology: Effects of Geological Environments on Human Health is to show how the geological environment affects human health and to explore preventative methods for improvement. This monograph consists of the following five segments: Introduction Geological and other factors and their influence on the human health Subject, tasks and methods of geomedical discipline Regional medical geology Applied medical geology The topics covered in this book will be of interest to a wide circle of readers, including geologists, doctors, biologists, ecologists, planners and many others who are dedicated to the quality and protection of human health.

Culture Environment and Health in the Yucatan Peninsula

Author : Hugo Azcorra
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This book adopts a human ecology approach to present an overview of the biological responses to social, political, economic, cultural and environmental changes that affected human populations in the Yucatan Peninsula, Mexico, since the Classic Maya Period. Human bodies express social relations, and we can read these relations by analyzing biological tissues or systems, and by measuring certain phenotypical traits at the population level. Departing from this theoretical premise, the contributors to this volume analyze the interactions between ecosystems, sociocultural systems and human biology in a specific geographic region to show how changes in sociocultural and natural environment affect the health of a population over time. This edited volume brings together contributions from a range of different scientific disciplines – such as biological anthropology, bioarchaeology, human biology, nutrition, epidemiology, ecotoxicology, political economy, sociology and ecology – that analyze the interactions between culture, environment and health in different domains of human life, such as: The political ecology of food, nutrition and health Impacts of social and economic changes in children’s diet and women’s fertility Biological consequences of social vulnerability in urban areas Impacts of toxic contamination of natural resources on human health Ecological and sociocultural determinants of infectious diseases Culture, Environment and Health in the Yucatan Peninsula – A Human Ecology Perspective will be of interest to researchers from the social, health and life sciences dedicated to the study of the interactions between natural environments, human biology, health and social issues, especially in fields such as biological and sociocultural anthropology, health promotion and environmental health. It will also be a useful tool to health professionals and public agents responsible for designing and applying public health policies in contexts of social vulnerability.

General Technical Report RM

Author :
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Biodiversity Change and Human Health

Author : Osvaldo E. Sala
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Biodiversity Change and Human Health brings together leading experts from the natural science and social science realms as well as the medical community to explore the explicit linkages between human-driven alterations of biodiversity and documented impacts of those changes on human health. The book utilizes multidisciplinary approaches to explore and address the complex interplay between natural biodiversity and human health and well-being. The five parts examine health trade-offs between competing uses of biodiversity (highlighting synergistic situations in which conservation of natural biodiversity actually promotes human health and well-being); relationships between biodiversity and quality of life that have developed over ecological and evolutionary time; the effects of changing biodiversity on provisioning of ecosystem services, and how they have affected human health; the role of biodiversity in the spread of infectious disease; native biodiversity as a resource for traditional and modern medicine Biodiversity Change and Human Health synthesizes our current understanding and identifies major gaps in knowledge as it places all aspects of biodiversity and health interactions within a common framework. Contributors explore potential points of crossover among disciplines (both in ways of thinking and of specific methodologies) that could ultimately expand opportunities for humans to both live sustainably and enjoy a desirable quality of life.

Nature and Environment The Psychology of Its Benefits and Its Protection

Author : Marc Glenn Berman
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Our Research Topic section entitled: "Nature and the environment: The psychology of its benefits and its protection" will have two main lines. The first line of articles will center upon cutting-edge research showing how interacting with nature, can affect health, well-being, and overall improve cognition and affect. Articles in this line will stress in what ways nature can improve psychological functioning and health and also discuss the theories and evidence as to why nature can improve psychological functioning. For this line, we welcome submission of articles that discuss the psychological, health and well-being benefits from interacting with nature as well as submissions that focus on theoretical considerations and underlying mechanisms that lead to the restorative effects of interacting with nature. Given that nature can have a positive impact on psychological functioning and overall health, it is also important to understand the variables that facilitate people’s recognition of environmental issues that can help foster a more positive attitude towards the preservation of nature. This brings us to the second line of articles which will center upon the psychological mechanisms that make individuals more or less likely to accept the seriousness of environmental challenges such as climate change. Given the new cutting-edge research in this field we may be able to make individuals more proactive in the protection of the environment and more accepting of policy measures required to mitigate climate change. We see this research topic as a way for psychological scientists to contribute substantially to an important area of public debate and policy. For this line we welcome articles that will focus on ways in which people respond to various framings of policy relevant information and how morality may play into the individuals policy views that center on climate change and environmental protection.

Oceans and Human Health

Author : Patrick J. Walsh
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Oceans and Human Health highlights an unprecedented collaboration of environmental scientists, ecologists and physicians working together on this important new discipline, to the benefit of human health and ocean environmental integrity alike. Oceanography, toxicology, natural products chemistry, environmental microbiology, comparative animal physiology, epidemiology and public health are all long established areas of research in their own right and all contribute data and expertise to an integrated understanding of the ways in which ocean biology and chemistry affect human health for better or worse. This book introduces this topic to researchers and advanced students interested in this emerging field, enabling them to see how their research fits into the broader interactions between the aquatic environment and human health. Color illustrations of aquatic life and oceanic phenomena such as hurricanes and algal blooms Numerous case studies Socio-economic and Ethical Analyses place the science in a broader context Study questions for each chapter to assist students and instructors Risks and remedies sections to help define course modules for instruction

Biodiversity and Human Health

Author : Francesca Grifo
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Biodiversity and Human Health brings together leading thinkers on the global environment and biomedicine to explore the human health consequences of the loss of biological diversity.

Marine Pollution and Human Health

Author : Ronald E. Hester
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This book discusses marine pathogens, pollution and toxic algal blooms and their impact on coastal ecosystems and human health.

Forests Trees and Human Health

Author : Kjell Nilsson
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The link between modern lifestyles and increasing levels of chronic heart disease, obesity, stress and poor mental health is a concern across the world. The cost of dealing with these conditions places a large burden on national public health budgets so that policymakers are increasingly looking at prevention as a cost-effective alternative to medical treatment. Attention is turning towards interactions between the environment and lifestyles. Exploring the relationships between health, natural environments in general, and forests in particular, this groundbreaking book is the outcome of the European Union’s COST Action E39 ‘Forests, Trees and Human Health and Wellbeing’, and draws together work carried out over four years by scientists from 25 countries working in the fields of forestry, health, environment and social sciences. While the focus is primarily on health priorities defined within Europe, this volume explicitly draws also on research from North America.

Ecological Integrity

Author : David Pimentel
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Global Integrity Project has brought together leading scientists and thinkers from around the world to examine the combined problems of threatened and unequal human well-being, degradation of the ecosphere, and unsustainable economies. Based on the proposition that healthy, functioning ecosystems are a necessary prerequisite for both economic security and social justice, the project is built around the concept of ecological integrity and its practical implications for policy and management.Ecological Integrity presents a synthesis and findings of the project. Contributors -- including Robert Goodland, James Karr, Orie Loucks, Jack Manno, William Rees, Mark Sagoff, Robert Ulanowicz, Philippe Crabbe, Laura Westra, David Pimentel, Reed Noss, and others -- examine the key elements of ecological integrity and consider what happens when integrity is lost or compromised. The book: examines historical and philosophical foundations of the concept of ecological integrity explores how integrity can be measured examines the relationships among ecological integrity, human health, and food production looks at economic and ethical issues that need to be considered in protecting ecological integrity offers concrete recommendations for reversing ecological degradation while promoting social and economic justice and welfare .Contributors argue that there is an urgent need for rapid and fundamental change in the ecologically destructive patterns of collective human behavior if society is to survive and thrive in coming decades.Ecological Integrity is a groundbreaking book that integrates environmental science, economics, law, and ethics in problem analysis, synthesis, and solution, and is a vital contribution for anyone concerned with interactions between human and planetary health.


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Life Support

Author : Michael McCally
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This volume brings togther medical information on the implications for human health of the global environmental crisis. It provides information for health professionals, policymakers, concerned citizens and environmental activists.

Climate Change and Human Health

Author : A. J. McMichael
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This publication, prepared jointly by the WHO, the World Meteorological Organization and the United Nations Environment Programme, considers the public health challenges arising from global climate change and options for policy responses, with particular focus on the health sector. Aspects discussed include: an overview of historical developments and recent scientific assessments; weather and climate change; population vulnerability and the adaptive capacity of public health systems; the IPCC Third Assessment report; tasks for public health scientists; the health impacts of climate extremes; climate change, infectious diseases and the level of disease burdens; ozone depletion, ultraviolet radiation and health; and methodological issues in monitoring health effects of climate change.

The Burdens of Justice

Author : James F. Smurl
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Isotopes and the Natural Environment

Author : Paul Alexandre
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This book provides straightforward and practical information on isotopes applied to a variety of natural sciences. It covers the basics of isotopes and includes detailed examples from a range of natural sciences: ecology, biology, human health, environment and climate, geography, and geology, highlighting their applicability in these fields. It is a must-read for all advanced-undergraduate and graduate students working with isotopes, regardless of the area, and is a very useful one-stop resource for scientists starting in isotope research.

3rd FSM Economic Summit Environment sector strategic plan detailed rationale and description of activities in matrix

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Encyclopaedia of Occupational Health and Safety Hazards

Author : Jeanne Mager Stellman
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