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Nature in the History of Economic Thought

Author : Nathaniel Wolloch
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From antiquity to our own time those interested in political economy have with almost no exceptions regarded the natural physical environment as a resource meant for human use. Focusing on the period 1600-1850, and paying particular attention to major figures including Adam Smith, T.R. Malthus, David Ricardo and J.S. Mill, this book provides a detailed overview of the intellectual history of the economic consideration of nature from antiquity to modern times. It shows how even someone like Mill, who was clearly influenced by romantic notions regarding the spiritual need for contact with pristine nature, ultimately regarded it as an economic resource. Building on existing scholarship, this study demonstrates how the rise of modern sensitivity to nature, from the late eighteenth century in particular, was in fact a dialectical reaction to the growing distance of modern urban civilization from the natural environment. As such, the book offers an unprecedentedly detailed overview of the intellectual history of economic considerations of nature, whilst underlining how the history of this topic has been remarkably consistent.

Early Histories of Economic Thought 1824 1914 Early histories of economic thought 1824 1914

Author : Roger Backhouse
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The books reprinted in this set greatly influenced the way the development of economics was perceived and how the history of economics was viewed. Many of the titles represent the first attempts to chart the history of economics both from European and American perspectives. Titles cover the USA, UK, Germany and France, and include: * History of Political Economy from Antiquity to our days [1880]-"Jerome Adolphe Blanqui" * View of the Progress of Political Economy in Europe [1847]--"Travers Twiss" * A Short History of Political Economy in England [1891]-"L.L. Price" * The History of Economics [1896/1911]-"Henry Dunning MacLeod" * History of Economic Thought [1911/1930]-"Lewis H. Haney" * History of Economic Doctrines [1915]-"Charles Gide"and "Charles Rist" * Types of Economic Theory [1930]-"Othmar Spann" * Philosophy and Political Economy in Some of their Historical Relations [1893]-"James Bonar" * The Development of English Thought: a Study in the Economic Interpretation of History [1899]-"Simon N. Patten" * A Guide to the Study of Political Economy [1876]-"Luigi Cossa"

Documents on and from the History of Economic Thought and Methodology

Author : Warren J. Samuels
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Contains five sets of lectures taken by Glenn Johnson as a doctoral student in economics at the University of Chicago during 1946-7. This volume also includes notes by Mark Ladenson at Northwestern and from a faculty seminar at MSU on comparative method.

History of Economic Thought Newsletter

Author :
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Theory of Economic Development in the History of Economic Thought

Author : Lord Robbins
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Subjectivism and Objectivism in the History of Economic Thought

Author : Yagi Kiichiro
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This book investigates the tensions between subjectivism and objectivism in the history of economics. The book looks at the works of Adam Smith, Carl Menger, Leon Walras, William Stanley Jevons, Oskar Morgenstern, Ludwig Mises, Piero Sraffa, and so on. The book highlights the diverse subjective and objective elements of their economic theories and suggests a reframing of methodology to better address the core problems of the theories. Contributors of the volume are leading members of the Japan Society of History of Economic Thought who have provided a comprehensive overview on the economics methodology and the related problems. Hence, this book will be of an invaluable asset to not only those who are interested in the history of economic thought, but also to scholars who are concerned with the methodological problems of economic science.

Contributions to the History of Economic Thought

Author : Antoin Murphy
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Featuring original contributions from some of the leading contemporary figures in the history of economic thought, this book offers new perspectives on key topics, from Smith's Wealth of Nations to the Jevonian Revolution. Drawing inspiration from the life and work of R.D.C. Black, formerly Professor of Economics at Queen's University Belfast, this book will be of essential interest to any serious scholar of economic thought.

The Economic Point of View

Author : Israel M. Kirzner
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The Canon in the History of Economics

Author : Michalēs Psalidopoulos
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This book represents the first critical attempt to incorporate the question of the canon in the history of economics into contemporary scholarly debate. It discusses how the canon is formed, perpetuated, interpreted and re-interpreted.

Economics of Natural Resources and the Environment

Author : Erhun Kula
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Looks in detail at the history of economic thought on natural resources and the environment, the economics of fisheries, forestry, mining, petroleum, coal and natural gas deposits. There are also chapters devoted to environmental degradation and the economics of the world's natural wonders.