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Wild Horses Wild Nature and Freedom

Author : Hayden Clayderson
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Spectacular photo album with 50 color photos of wild horses, a collection of photographs to observe the beauty of nature through the movements of one of its strongest and most beloved species. A perfect gift idea for children and adults, for all those who love nature and the animal world. A sequence of photos capable of arousing a wide variety of emotions and conveying strength, freedom and joy of life. Do you want to give yourself a really special gift? Buy it now and you will make everyone who owns it happy.

Department of the Interior and Related Agencies Appropriations for 1989 Testimony of public witnesses for resource management programs

Author : United States. Congress. House. Committee on Appropriations. Subcommittee on Department of the Interior and Related Agencies
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Department of the Interior and Related Agencies Appropriations for 1989

Author : United States. Congress. House. Committee on Appropriations. Subcommittee on Department of the Interior and Related Agencies
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Equine Herbs Healing

Author : Maya Cointreau
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The herbalists at Earth Lodge Herbals, Maya Cointreau & E. Barrie Kavasch, have brought together years of herbal experience to bring you this Earth Lodge Guide to Horse Wellness: Equine Herbs & Healing, giving you all the tools you need to maintain your horse the natural way. This informative book teaches you how to use herbs most effectively for your horse's benefit. Learn what herbs have been used traditionally for which ailments and how to make your own salves, tinctures, braces, and sprays. The authors have included a handy reference table of disorders and their corresponding herbal remedies, as well as online resources and herbal recipes for the barn and home. Equine Herbs & Healing covers horse herbalism in all its forms, from the historical uses of dried herbs to advances in aromatherapy and herbal cancer therapy. Foreword by Allen M. Schoen, MS, DVM.


Author : Linda Buzzell
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In the 14 years since Sierra Club Books published Theodore Roszak, Mary E. Gomes, and Allen D. Kanner's groundbreaking anthology, Ecopsychology: Restoring the Earth, Healing the Mind, the editors of this new volume have often been asked: Where can I find out more about the psyche–world connection? How can I do hands–on work in this area? Ecotherapy was compiled to answer these and other urgent questions. Ecotherapy, or applied ecopsychology, encompasses a broad range of nature–based methods of psychological healing, grounded in the crucial fact that people are inseparable from the rest of nature and nurtured by healthy interaction with the Earth. Leaders in the field, including Robert Greenway, and Mary Watkins, contribute essays that take into account the latest scientific understandings and the deepest indigenous wisdom. Other key thinkers, from Bill McKibben to Richard Louv to Joanna Macy, explore the links among ecotherapy, spiritual development, and restoring community. As mental–health professionals find themselves challenged to provide hard evidence that their practices actually work, and as costs for traditional modes of psychotherapy rise rapidly out of sight, this book offers practitioners and interested lay readers alike a spectrum of safe, effective alternative approaches backed by a growing body of research.

Regionalists on the Left

Author : Michael C. Steiner
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“Nothing is more anathema to a serious radical than regionalism,” Berkeley English professor Henry Nash Smith asserted in 1980. Although regionalism in the American West has often been characterized as an inherently conservative, backward-looking force, regionalist impulses have in fact taken various forms throughout U.S. history. The essays collected in Regionalists on the Left uncover the tradition of left-leaning western regionalism during the 1930s and 1940s. Editor Michael C. Steiner has assembled a group of distinguished scholars who explore the lives and works of sixteen progressive western intellectuals, authors, and artists, ranging from nationally prominent figures such as John Steinbeck and Carey McWilliams to equally influential, though less well known, figures such as Angie Debo and Américo Paredes. Although they never constituted a unified movement complete with manifestos or specific goals, the thinkers and leaders examined in this volume raised voices of protest against racial, environmental, and working-class injustices during the Depression era that reverberate in the twenty-first century. Sharing a deep affection for their native and adopted places within the West, these individuals felt a strong sense of avoidable and remediable wrong done to the land and the people who lived upon it, motivating them to seek the root causes of social problems and demand change. Regionalists on the Left shows also that this radical regionalism in the West often took urban, working-class, and multicultural forms. Other books have dealt with western regionalism in general, but this volume is unique in its focus on left-leaning regionalists, including such lesser-known writers as B. A. Botkin, Carlos Bulosan, Sanora Babb, and Joe Jones. Tracing the relationship between politics and place across the West, Regionalists on the Left highlights a significant but neglected strain of western thought and expression.


Author : Pu Ling Lai
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Who am I? What do I want? What is the deeper purpose of my life on Earth? How to flow with our true nature so that we can live an effortless and fulfilled life? These are the questions that the author keeps asking herself every day. After long soul-searching and various experiences, one simple answer pierces through the fog of mind and sheds light on her heart: LOVE. Following the mystic dialogues between Lumi (a female voice) and Lux (a male voice), with a ray of light that travels through time and space, this book invites us on both a personal and collective journey of love between humans, animals, and nature, in which we might find answers of our own questions—or rather, more questions. For those who wish to learn to love oneself and others better, this book is delicious—simple yet deep with wisdom that readers aged from eighteen to eighty-eight can find resonance and insight in her/his own journey of awakening.

Horse Breeds and Human Society

Author : Kristen Guest
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This book demonstrates how horse breeding is entwined with human societies and identities. It explores issues of lineage, purity, and status by exploring interconnections between animals and humans. The quest for purity in equine breed reflects and evolves alongside human subjectivity shaped by categories of race, gender, class, region, and nation. Focusing on various horse breeds, from the Chincoteague Pony to Brazilian Crioulo and the Arabian horse, each chapter in this collection considers how human and animal identities are shaped by practices of breeding and categorizing domesticated animals. Bringing together different historical, geographical, and disciplinary perspectives, this book will appeal to academics, as well as undergraduate and postgraduate students, in the fields of human-animal studies, sociology, environmental studies, cultural studies, history, and literature.

Wild Horses of the West

Author : J. Edward De Steiguer
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When the Spanish explorers brought horses to North America, the horses were, in a sense, returning home. Beginning with their origins fifty million years ago, the wild horse has been traced from North America through Asia to the plains of SpainÕs Andalusia and then back across the Atlantic to the ranges of the American West. When given the chance, these horses simply took up residence in the landscape that their ancestors had roamed so long ago. In Wild Horses of the West, J. Edward de Steiguer provides an entertaining and well-researched look at one of the most controversial animal welfare issues of our timeÑthe protection of free-roaming horses on the WestÕs public lands. This is the first book in decades to include the entire story of these magnificent animals, from their evolution and biology to their historical integration into conquistador, Native American, and cowboy cultures. And the story isnÕt over. De Steiguer goes on to address the modern issuesÑ ecology, conservation, and land managementÑsurrounding wild horses in the West today. Featuring stunning color photographs of wild horses, this extremely thorough and engaging blend of history, science, and politics will appeal to students of the American West, conservation activists, and anyone interested in the beauty and power of these striking animals.

Signifying Animals

Author : Roy Willis
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A fresh assessment of the workings of animal symbolism in diverse cultures. Reconsiders the concept of totemism and exposes common fallacies in symbolic interpretation.