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Naval Strategy in Northeast Asia

Author : Duk-Ki Kim
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Over the past decade, Northeast Asia has been dominated by quite significant strategic change, which is ongoing and brings with it many uncertainties. naval capabilities in Northwest Asia are instrumental in promoting maritime security interests - helping to build a stable security environment through active participation in regional naval co-operation. This landmark book explores the region's maritime peace and stability, and examines in depth the strategic, military and apolitical issues that underpin any effort to develop maritime co-operation.

Military Balance in Northeast Asia

Author : Shigeki Nishimura
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Time for Change

Author : Christopher A. Rodeman
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Despite dramatic changes in the Northeast Asian security environment, America's regiona lgrand strategy has continued to be guided by inertia. This thesis contends that a multipolar, balance of a power system is emerging in Northeast Asia, and that the appropriate U.S. response is to adopt a grand strategy of "selective engagement." While the first half of this thesis focuses on U.S. security interests, the Northeast Asian threat environment, and the shortcomings of post-Cold War U.S. policies, the second half describes the diplomatic, military and economic attributes of a selective engagement grand strategy, Recognizing that the age of geo-politics has not yet ended in Northeast Asia, U.S. diplomacy would endeavor to maintain equilibrium and preven the rise of a regional hegemon by castin the United States in the role of balancer, grand facilitator, and hones broker. Militarily, a selective engagement approach would capitalize on the strengths of a maritime grand strategy to provide more flexibility at a lower cost. Finally, a grand strategy of a selective engagement would acknowledge the centrality of economics to national security by linking economic policies directly to political and military strategy.

The Evolving Military Balance in the Korean Peninsula and Northeast Asia

Author : Anthony H. Cordesman
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The Evolving Military Balance in the Korean Peninsula and Northeast Asia describes the strategy, force deployments, and the military balance in potential current and future scenarios involving the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea, Republic of Korea, People’s Republic of China, Japan, and the United States.

Prospects for U S Korean Naval Relations in the 21st Century

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In October 1994, the Korea Institute for Defense Analyses (KIDA) and the Center for Naval Analyses (CNA) cosponsored a workshop in Seoul, Republic of Korea (ROK), to examine the prospects for United States-Korean naval relations over the next ten to 15 years. Navy and Marine Corps specialists, Asia defense analysts, and scholars of Korea attended the meeting, as did government representatives from both countries. Although discussions were not for attribution, papers prepared for the conference are available from either KIDA or CNA. The purpose of the conference was a candid exchange of views on the potential significance and nature of naval cooperation between the two countries from the present to the early decades of the 21st century. Participants examined (1) the effect of three scenarios on regional perceptions of security (continued confrontation with North Korea, peaceful coexistence between the two Koreas, and unification), and (2) South Korean and U.S. naval force structures, strategies, and types of cooperation. The participants also looked at possible measures for improving Navy and Marine Corps cooperation and at the role of multilateral security initiatives and organizations in promoting cooperation between the two navies. (MM).

The Strategic Balance in Northeast Asia

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Time for a Change

Author : Christopher A. Rodeman
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Korean Sea Power and the Pacific Era

Author : Dalchoong Kim
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The Strategic Balance in Northeast Asia 2001

Author : Hanʼguk Chŏllyak Munje Yŏnʼguso
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The Role of Japan in United States Strategic Policy for Northeast Asia

Author : Russell Solomon
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