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Navigating College With the 7 Habits

Author : Sean Covey
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A Guide for College Success A step-by-step advice eBook: Written by author, speaker, and innovator, Sean Covey, this guide for college students lays out a detailed path to success. As President of FranklinCovey Education, Covey has long been dedicated to transforming education. In this step-by-step book, Covey shares how to establish habits that lead to a more effective learning experience. Gain academic and life skills: Studying and retention skills are incredibly beneficial to student life, but so are essential life skills such as communication and time management. By discovering the value in both academic and life skills, students can better establish and accomplish a vision for their education and success. Improve your overall college experience: This book functions as an educational guide and self-help book for anyone in or approaching college. It provides students with the skills, tools, and mindset they need to succeed, and in this way, can help resolve anything from roommate issues to struggles with difficult classes. Strengthen your learning today with the help of Sean Covey in Navigating College With the 7 Habits and discover: • Enhanced engagement in class and studies and motivation to stay in school • Progress in gaining critical skills like money management, goal achievement, conflict resolution, and health and wellness • Ways to adopt essential habits, such as “Be Proactive” and “Think Win-Win,” chapter by chapter If other college guide books have interested you such as On Course: Strategies for Creating Success in College and in Life, The Naked Roommate, or The Freshman Survival Guide, then Navigating College With the 7 Habits should be your next read! Be sure to check out these other great FranklinCovey titles: The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People and The 7 Habits of Highly Effective Teenagers.

Navigating College

Author : Melody Latimer
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Leaving high school and going to college is complicated for everyone. But if you're a student on the autism spectrum who is about to enter higher education for the first time, it might be a little bit more complicated for you. Maybe you're worried about getting accommodations, getting places on time, or dealing with sensory issues in a new environment. Maybe you could use some advice on how to stay healthy at school, handle dating and relationships, or talk to your friends and classmates about your disability. Maybe you want to talk to someone who's already dealt with these issues. That's where we come in. Navigating College is an introduction to the college experience from those of us who've been there. The writers and contributors are Autistic adults, and we're giving you the advice that we wish someone could have given us when we headed off to college. We wish we could sit down and have a chat with each of you, to share our experiences and answer your questions. But since we can't teleport, and some of us have trouble meeting new people, this book is the next best thing. So as you go back to school, check out a copy of Navigating College for yourself or your loved one. We ve done this all before--let us help you out.

Navigating the Transition from High School to College for Students with Disabilities

Author : Meg Grigal
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Navigating the Transition from High School to College for Students with Disabilities provides effective strategies for navigating the transition process from high school into college for students with a wide range of disabilities. As students with disabilities attend two and four-year colleges in increasing numbers and through expanding access opportunities, challenges remain in helping these students and their families prepare for and successfully transition into higher education. Professionals and families supporting transition activities are often unaware of today’s new and rapidly developing options for postsecondary education. This practical guide offers user-friendly resources, including vignettes, research summaries, and hands-on activities that can be easily implemented in the classroom and in the community and that facilitate strong collaboration between schools and families. Preparation issues such as financial aid, applying for college, and other long-term planning areas are addressed in detail. An accompanying student resource section offers materials for high school students with disabilities that secondary educators, counselors, and transition personnel can use to facilitate exploration and planning discussions. Framing higher education as a possible transition goal for all students with disabilities, Navigating the Transition from High School to College for Students with Disabilities supports the postsecondary interests of more than four million public school students with disabilities.

CliffsNotes Roadmap to College Navigating Your Way to College Admission Success

Author : Karen Wolf
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Let the experts at CliffsNotes steer you toward college admission success! Applying to college can be a daunting process, but with the expert help of CliffsNotes, you'll get all the advice you need to navigate your way through the entire admission process and get into the school of your dreams. Inside, you'll get: What College Admission Officers Are Looking for What You Should Be Looking for in Colleges Planning Worthwhile Campus Visits How to Write a Winning Personal Statement Do's and Don'ts for Essay Writing Sample Essays That Worked Application Nuts and Bolts How to Salvage Your Senior Year How to Pay for College Appendices Packed with Useful Web Sites and National Scholarships

Navigating the Maze A Grassroots Reference Guide to Women s Basketball College Recruiting 3rd Edition

Author : Prentice Beverly
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The Science of College

Author : Patricia S. Herzog
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The transition to adulthood is a complex process, and college is pivotal to this experience. The Science of College aids entering college students--and the people who support them--in navigating college successfully, with up-to-date recommendations based upon real student situations, sound social science research, and the collective experiences of faculty, lecturers, advisors, and student support staff. The stories captured in this book highlight how the challenges that college students encounter vary in important ways based on demographics and social backgrounds. Despite these varied backgrounds, all students are more likely to have successful college experiences if they invest in their communities. Universities have many resources available, but as this book will show, students need to learn when to access which resources and how best to engage with people serving students. This includes having a better awareness of the different roles held by university faculty and staff, and navigating who to go to for what, based upon understanding their distinct sets of expertise and approaches to support. There is no single template for student success. Yet, this book highlights common issues that many students face and provides science-based advice for how to navigate college. Each topic covered is geared towards the life stage that most college students are in: emerging adulthood. In addition to the student-focused chapters, the book includes appendixes with activities for students, tips for parents, and methods information for faculty. Supplemental website materials suggest classroom activities for instructors who adopt this book within first-year seminars and general education courses.

Navigating Community College Demands

Author : Rebecca Diana Cox
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Navigating the Common Core with English Language Learners

Author : Larry Ferlazzo
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Praise for Navigating the Common Core with English Language Learners "Larry Ferlazzo, Katie Hull Sypnieski, and fellow practitioners have done a remarkable job of providing a clear and engaging roadmap to unpacking the Common Core for English learners. This book will equip educators with the practices, the research, and the courage needed to make sure our ELL students succeed in an increasingly demanding global world." —Giselle Lundy-Ponce, Associate Director, Educational Issues, American Federation of Teachers "This book makes the Common Core accessible for language-learning students at every level. Ferlazzo and Hull Sypnieski are practitioners who 'walk the walk' daily and this makes their writing especially practical and authentic. The integration of Social-Emotional Learning will make this title a must-read for thoughtful educators looking to meet the wide range of needs that today's students bring to the classroom." —Dana Dusbiber, High School English Teacher, Sacramento, California Written by experienced teachers of English Language Learners, this essential resource gives educators a much-needed and practical guide for implementing the Common Core State Standards in ELL classrooms. Larry Ferlazzo and Katie Hull Sypnieski provide a digest of the latest research and developments in ELL education, along with comprehensive guidance in reading and writing, social studies, math, science, social/emotional learning and more.The book's expert guidance helps instructors instill the higher-order thinking skills demanded by the Common Core, and its ready-to-use lesson plans and reproducible handouts help educators bring key ideas and concepts to life in the classroom.

Engage and Activate

Author : C. Kyle Rudick
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Engage and Activate: Navigating College and Beyond introduces readers to the cultural and social tools they will need to be successful in higher education while identifying opportunities within academic life to connect with others, effect change, and create communities that are more just, humane, and sustainable. The authors address important issues for beginning students such as cross-cultural appreciation and understanding, self-care, navigating institutional rules, study habits, relationships and consent, mental and physical health, finances, and the environment, all with a focus that situates the contexts in social justice. Throughout, engaging exercises, class activities, and personal accounts encourage the development of transformative thought. Designed to help readers navigate higher education to become successful students and responsible, democratically-minded citizens, Engage and Activate is an ideal book for first-year and college success courses or programs, as well as people who will participate in U.S.-based higher education spaces. C. Kyle Rudick (Ph.D., Southern Illinois University) is an associate professor of communication and graduate program director at the University of Northern Iowa. His research explores how power, privilege, and oppression are constructed and marshaled through everyday communicative practices. Katherine Grace Hendrix (Ph.D., University of Washington) is a professor of communication studies at The University of Memphis. Her research examines the challenges faced by professors and graduate teaching assistants of color, including those with English as a second language, and the types of research that are generally published within the communication discipline versus what is generally left out. Nicholas A. Zoffel (Ph.D., Bowling Green University) is the executive director for the Global Forum for Civic Affairs, an NGO that facilitates partnerships in education and civic affairs. His research focuses on collaborative innovation, the social influence of identity, and performances of power in routine interpersonal and organizational relationships.

The Pocket Advisor

Author : Sue Ohrablo
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Congratulations, you're headed to college! While it is an exciting time in your life, it can also be challenging to find your way around, learn what's expected of you, and connect with the people that can help and support you when you need it. The Pocket Advisor: A Family Guide to Navigating College is a practical, easy-to-use guide for navigating college. Drawing on over thirty years' experience as an academic advisor, Dr. Ohrablo provides concrete tips on how to access the information, resources, and services you will need to be successful throughout your college career. You will learn how to communicate using the language of higher education, understand who the key players are, and learn how to avoid and overcome challenges and obstacles that students commonly encounter. Included in the book are checklists and worksheets that will help you get oriented to your institution and will serve as valuable resources as you begin your higher education journey. Students have lots of questions, and The Pocket Advisor has the answers! Included in the book are the following: --What classes do I need to take and how do I sign up for them? --How many courses should I take each semester? --What does the bursar's office do? --Where can I find my academic advisor? --What do my professors expect from me? --How do I connect with my professors? --What do I do if I run into academic or personal difficulty?

Collegiate Transfer Navigating the New Normal

Author : Janet L. Marling
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Although students have been moving between institutions and attempting to import course credit for many years, current data show that transfer is becoming an increasingly common approach to higher education. This volume is dedicated to exploring this new normal and has been written with a broad constituency in mind. It is intended to assist institutions, higher education agencies, and even state legislative bodies as they navigate the challenges of serving transfer students, a diverse, integral segment of our higher education system. Most available research has explored the two year to four-year transfer track, and the practical examples provided here often use that framework. However, real-world transition issues are not restricted to a specific higher education sector, and readers interested in the sometimes complex processes of other transfer pathways will gain valuable insight as well. This is the 162nd volume of the Jossey-Bass higher education report New Directions for Higher Education. Addressed to presidents, vice presidents, deans, and other higher education decision makers on all kinds of campuses, New Directions for Higher Education provides timely information and authoritative advice about major issues and administrative problems confronting every institution.

Navigating Interracial Borders

Author : Erica Chito Childs
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"One of the best books written about interracial relationships to date. . . . Childs offers a sophisticated and insightful analysis of the social and ideological context of black-white interracial relationships."—Heather Dalmage, author Tripping on the Color Line "A pioneering project that thoroughly analyzes interracial marriage in contemporary America."—Eduardo Bonilla-Silva, author of Racism without Racists: Color-Blind Racism and the Persistence of Racial Inequality in the United States Is love color-blind, or at least becoming increasingly so? Today’s popular rhetoric and evidence of more interracial couples than ever might suggest that it is. But is it the idea of racially mixed relationships that we are growing to accept or is it the reality? What is the actual experience of individuals in these partnerships as they navigate their way through public spheres and intermingle in small, close-knit communities? In Navigating Interracial Borders, Erica Chito Childs explores the social worlds of black-white interracial couples and examines the ways that collective attitudes shape private relationships. Drawing on personal accounts, in-depth interviews, focus group responses, and cultural analysis of media sources, she provides compelling evidence that sizable opposition still exists toward black-white unions. Disapproval is merely being expressed in more subtle, color-blind terms. Childs reveals that frequently the same individuals who attest in surveys that they approve of interracial dating will also list various reasons why they and their families wouldn’t, shouldn’t, and couldn’t marry someone of another race. Even college students, who are heralded as racially tolerant and open-minded, do not view interracial couples as acceptable when those partnerships move beyond the point of casual dating. Popular films, Internet images, and pornography also continue to reinforce the idea that sexual relations between blacks and whites are deviant. Well-researched, candidly written, and enriched with personal narratives, Navigating Interracial Borders offers important new insights into the still fraught racial hierarchies of contemporary society in the United States.

Trans in College

Author : Z Nicolazzo
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WINNER of 2017 AERA DIVISION J OUTSTANDING PUBLICATION AWARD This is both a personal book that offers an account of the author’s own trans* identity and a deeply engaged study of trans* collegians that reveals the complexities of trans* identities, and how these students navigate the trans* oppression present throughout society and their institutions, create community and resilience, and establish meaning and control in a world that assumes binary genders. This book is addressed as much to trans* students themselves – offering them a frame to understand the genders that mark them as different and to address the feelings brought on by the weight of that difference – as it is to faculty, student affairs professionals, and college administrators, opening up the implications for the classroom and the wider campus. This book not only remedies the paucity of literature on trans* college students, but does so from a perspective of resiliency and agency. Rather than situating trans* students as problems requiring accommodation, this book problematizes the college environment and frames trans* students as resilient individuals capable of participating in supportive communities and kinship networks, and of developing strategies to promote their own success. Z Nicolazzo provides the reader with a nuanced and illuminating review of the literature on gender and sexuality that sheds light on the multiplicity of potential expressions and outward representations of trans* identity as a prelude to the ethnography ze conducted with nine trans* collegians that richly documents their interactions with, and responses to, environments ranging from the unwittingly offensive to explicitly antagonistic. The book concludes by giving space to the study’s participants to themselves share what they want college faculty, staff, and students to know about their lived experiences. Two appendices respectively provide a glossary of vocabulary and terms to address commonly asked questions, and a description of the study design, offered as guide for others considering working alongside marginalized population in a manner that foregrounds ethics, care, and reciprocity.

The Navy List

Author : Great Britain. Admiralty
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First Generation College Students

Author : Lee Ward
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FIRST-GENERATION COLLEGE STUDENTS "...a concise, manageable, lucid summary of the best scholarship, practices, and future-oriented thinking about how to effectively recruit, educate, develop, retain, and ultimately graduate first-generation students." —from the foreword by JOHN N. GARDNER First-generation students are frequently marginalized on their campuses, treated with benign disregard, and placed at a competitive disadvantage because of their invisibility. While they include 51% of all undergraduates, or approximately 9.3 million students, they are less likely than their peers to earn degrees. Among students enrolled in two-year institutions, they are significantly less likely to persist into a second year. First-Generation College Students offers academic leaders and student affairs professionals a guide for understanding the special challenges and common barriers these students face and provides the necessary strategies for helping them transition through and graduate from their chosen institutions. Based in solid research, the authors describe best practices and include suggestions and techniques that can help leaders design and implement effective curricula, out-of-class learning experiences, and student support services, as well as develop strategic plans that address issues sure to arise in the future. The authors offer an analysis of first-generation student expectations for college life and academics and examine the powerful role cultural capital plays in shaping their experiences and socialization. Providing a template for other campuses, the book highlights programmatic initiatives at colleges around the county that effectively serve first-generation students and create a powerful learning environment for their success. First-Generation College Students provides a much-needed portrait of the cognitive, developmental, and social factors that affect the college-going experiences and retention rates of this growing population of college students.

Applying the College Completion Agenda to Practice

Author : Katherine L. Hughes
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This volume profiles some of the innovative reforms community college practitioners are engaged in, focusing on supporting students through to graduation. While much has been written at the federal and state levels about the need to improve student completion rates, this volume translates that imperative into action at the campus level. It presents the practitiners' voices and experiences in: Changing academic content Pedagogy Student support services And other critical components of community colleges. Each chapter focuses on either a particular campus-based reform or on a cross-cutting approach or set of issues relevant for most campuses. The volume highlights opportunities, describes challenges and how they were overcome, and provides guidance that can be used by other postsecondary practitioners involved in large-scale—campus, multi-campus, or system-level—reforms that aim to increase student success. This is the 167th volume of this Jossey-Bass quarterly report series. Essential to the professional libraries of presidents, vice presidents, deans, and other leaders in today's open-door institutions, New Directions for Community Colleges provides expert guidance in meeting the challenges of their distinctive and expanding educational mission.

Immigrant Origin Students in Community College

Author : Carola Suárez-Orozco
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"Immigrants and the children of immigrants make up nearly a third of the college-age population and immigrant-origin students are more likely to attend community colleges than their native-born peers. Despite this, little is known about the challenges, experiences and triumphs of immigrant-origin community college students. The book draws on data from the Research on Immigrants in Community College Study (RICC). Each chapter highlights a different aspect of the immigrant-origin community college experience, including the specific challenges these students face, the role of classrooms and campus settings, the importance of relationships, their expectations and outcomes, and key recommendations for policy and practice. This groundbreaking book is the first to concentrate specifically on immigrant-origin students in community colleges applying a mixed-methods approach using both qualitative and quantitative data to present a holistic and resilience-based perspective of this important and growing population" --

Our Schools and Colleges

Author : Frederick Shirley Dumaresq de Carteret-Bisson
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Own It Navigating the College Athlete Experience to a Successful Career Life

Author : Jessica Cook
File Size : 49.56 MB
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The dumb jock syndrome, is a stigma surrounding athletes that says they focus the large majority of their time on physical pursuits as opposed to intellectual pursuits. But, the student-athlete experience actually provides unique opportunities and valuable life lessons. OWN IT: Navigating the College Athlete Experience to a Successful Career and Life explores the intersection of balancing academics, athletics and future professional success. Readers will gain insights from former student-athletes such as Beth Brooke-Marciniak, Ryan Gilliam and Antonio Neves that will launch them into chosen fields with maximum results. Learn: * What makes the college athlete experience valuable * How being a college athlete can help you find success * What separates student-athletes from non-athletes OWN IT: Navigating the College Athlete Experience to a Successful Career & Life is for any future collegiate athletes who want to be prepared to tackle their experience head on. Current student-athletes will gain insight into enhancing their experience. Former athletes will discover new ways to leverage their experiences to find success. Make the most of each and every moment you have as a student-athlete to truly OWN your college years.

Navigating the First College Year

Author : Leslie Banahan
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Published in partnership with NODA, the Association for Orientation, Transition, and Retention in Higher Education Parents and family members play a critical role in the success of new college students, but those who never attended college or who have been away from it for a while may lack critical information about the purpose, goals, and structure of higher education today. This brief guide offers parents and families an overview of the college experience, especially in the first year, and suggests strategies for helping their students succeed. A glossary of key terms is included. Grounded in the student success research and practice literature, the guide is ideal for use in orientation programs, recruitment events, and family weekends. $2.00 each when purchased in multiple copy pack of 100.