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NEC4 100 Questions and Answers

Author : Kelvin Hughes
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This book details some of the most important and interesting questions raised about the NEC4 family of contracts and provides clear, comprehensive answers to those questions. Written by an NEC expert with over 20 years’ experience using, advising and training others, the book has several distinctive features: It covers the whole NEC4 family It is written by a very experienced NEC author who explains sometimes complex issues in a simple and accessible style The questions and answers range from beginner level up to a masterclass level The questions are real life questions asked by actual NEC practitioners on real projects. The book includes questions and answers relating to tendering, early warnings, programme issues, quality management, payment provisions, compensation events, liabilities, insurances, adjudication, termination and much more. It is essential reading for anyone working with the NEC4 family of contracts, whether professionals or students in construction, architecture, project management and engineering.

Public Personnel Studies

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Dreams and Decisions Workbook teacher s ed

Author : Carl Bernard Smith
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American Modeler

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The Autocar

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Autoren in religi sen literarischen Texten der sp thellenistischen und derfr hkaiserzeitlichen Welt

Author : Eve-Marie Becker
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The contributors to this volume discuss the formation and transformation of ancient concepts of authorship, specifically among those types of texts that are classified as "religious literature" - whether Greco-Roman, early Jewish, and early Christian. In twelve case studies spanning the time from Ben Sira to Tertullian, various ways of how authors considered themselves to be individual producers of texts and religious voices are carved out. The volume presents authors who fashion themselves either as orthonymous, anonymous, or pseudepigraphic writers, and who share the idea of being "religious agents". The search for these religious voices undertaken here is a valuable contribution to both research in ancient "Autorforschung" and the religio-historical study of how religious knowledge was produced in the ancient Mediterranean world.