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Negara Hutan

Author : David Jackson
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Jason Tan, a Eurasian from the near future of our world falls through a portal to land in South East Asia in a parallel universe. The story covers his confusion and his struggle to get home. The society in which he lands is totally Asian. The great powers are Indian and Chinese empires; the local powers are Greater Khmer, and the Bugis. This new world is peopled by all these groups interacting with each other. During his journey he experiences the surface differences between this world and his own, but gradually realizes the underlying similarities. This new world is in a feudal, pre-industrial age but great things have been achieved. What he eventually understands is that under totally different circumstances, people are still the same and a social situation develops that in many ways closely mimics that existing in our world.

Routledge Handbook of Asian Law

Author : Christoph Antons
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Law and legal institutions in East Asia's high-growth episodes -- Conclusion: East Asia, law and development, and today's developing countries -- Chapter 4: A new China model for the era post global financial crisis: Legal dimensions -- Introduction -- The East Asian model, its progeny and their problems -- The emerging post Washington, post Beijing consensus (PWBC) -- Implications of the PWBC for the China model -- The decision in light of the PWBC -- The implications of the decision for legal reforms -- Conclusion

Overview of forest tenure reforms in Indonesia

Author : Siscawati, M.
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This working paper presents the status of forest tenure in contemporary Indonesia; it explores how forest tenure reforms emerge and the options for formal approaches to securing customary rights in Indonesia. It also presents an overview and analysis of Indonesia's legal and institutional framework for tenure reform. Forest tenure reforms in Indonesia have evolved through dynamic, interactive, collaborative processes that have involved both State and non-State institutions. Both the processes and the products (such as policies and programs) of forest tenure reforms in Indonesia, such as the 1999 reforms that resulted in social forestry schemes, have not been effectively implemented in Indonesia due to the: onerous process of obtaining a permit; lack of direction and motivation of staff within implementing agencies in supporting social forestry; limited capacity and resources among both communities and implementing agencies to comply with the technical requirements to process the permit; and macro-level economic prioritization of extractive activities that concentrate benefits in the corporate sector. Moreover, women and marginal members of indigenous peoples and local communities have been largely left out. However, recent developments such as Constitutional Court Ruling No. 35/2012 defined land and forests within customary territories as private entities, and not State land and forests. Furthermore, recent government initiatives for recognizing existing agroforestry practices within kawasan hutan by granting land title or bringing them under social forestry schemes are important developments that can help to resolve conflicts. Finally, the government's ambitious target of bringing 12.7 million ha of State forest area under community management, deregulation of some of the steps for obtaining a social forestry permit and the involvement of non-State actors in tenure reform processes have the potential to further strengthen local people's rights and security over land and forests, if properly supported and implemented.

Climate Change and Forest Governance

Author : Simon Butt
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Deforestation in tropical rainforest countries is one of the largest contributors to human-induced climate change. Deforestation, especially in the tropics, contributes around 20 per cent of annual global greenhouse gas emissions, and, in the case of Indonesia, amounts to 85 per cent of its annual emissions from human activities. This book provides a comprehensive assessment of the emerging legal and policy frameworks for managing forests as a key means to address climate change. The authors uniquely combine an assessment of the international rules for forestry governance with a detailed assessment of the legal and institutional context of Indonesia; one of the most globally important test case jurisdictions for the effective roll-out of ‘Reduced Emissions from Deforestation and Degradation’ (REDD). Using Indonesia as a key case study, the book explores challenges that heavily forested States face in resource management to address climate mitigation imperatives, such as providing safeguards for local communities and indigenous peoples. This book will be of great relevance to students, scholars and policymakers with an interest in international environmental law, climate change and environment and sustainability studies in general.

Manual Praktek Mengelola Hutan Dan Lahan

Author : Ali Suhardiman
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Land and Development in Indonesia

Author : John F McCarthy
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Indonesia was founded on the ideal of the "e;Sovereignty of the People"e;, which suggests the pre-eminence of people's rights to access, use and control land to support their livelihoods. Yet, many questions remain unresolved. How can the state ensure access to land for agriculture and housing while also supporting land acquisition for investment in industry and infrastructure? What is to be done about indigenous rights? Do registration and titling provide solutions? Is the land reform agenda "e;legislated but never implemented"e; still relevant? How should the land questions affecting Indonesia's disappearing forests be resolved? The contributors to this volume assess progress on these issues through case studies from across the archipelago: from large-scale land acquisitions in Papua, to asset ownership in the villages of Sulawesi and Java, to tenure conflicts associated with the oil palm and mining booms in Kalimantan, Sulawesi and Sumatra. What are the prospects for the "e;people's sovereignty"e; in regard to land?

Masa Depan Bumi

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Taman Negara

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Proceeding of the 2nd International Conference on Tropical Agriculture

Author : Anggoro Cahyo Sukartiko
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This book covers the sustainable tropical agriculture, sustainable tropical animal production and health, sustainable tropical forestry, socio-economic dimension in tropical agriculture and innovative and emerging food technology and management as chapters in this book. The common challenging problems in plant, animal, and fisheries production in the tropic are climate change, inefficiency production system, low technological innovation, decreasing environment quality, and the outbreak risk of pest and diseases.

Communication and interdisciplinarity

Author : Werner Troßbach
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