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Negotiating Borderlines in Four Contemporary Migrant Writers from the Middle East

Author : Petya Tsoneva Ivanova
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The book considers the persistent tendency to represent the “Middle East” as a region enclosed in less permeable boundaries. This perspective of enclosure haunts Middle Eastern Studies and is part of ongoing cultural debates on cross-border circulation, currently challenged by spectacular outbursts of violence along resurfacing lines of division. This critical study analyses selected works of four contemporary Anglophone migrant writers from the Middle East (namely, Rabih Alameddine, Diana Abu-Jaber, Laila Halaby and Elif Shafak) to demonstrate that, in spite of the forceful lines that remain after religious, ethnic and political disputes, this region does not exist as a rigidly delimited place in the writing of migrants who reclaim it back from beyond its boundaries. Rather than being a permanent location, it is constructed as a place that flows into other places and is constantly reshaped by a variety of personal stories, migrant trajectories, departures and returns.

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Borderline Psychopathology and Its Treatment

Author : Gerald Adler
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Social Factors in the Personality Disorders

Author : Joel Paris
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This book explains the personality disorders and their treatment in terms of a broad biopsychosocial model.

Borderline and Other Self Disorders

Author : Donald B. Rinsley
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Dr. Rinsley's years of experience treating seriously disturbed children, adolescents, adults, and their families led him to understand the major personality pathology that lies midway along a developmental-diagnostic continuum between the psychoses and the psychoneuroses. Dr. Rinsley clearly delineates the borderline and other self disorders from a developmental viewpoint and suggests viable approaches to psychotherapy with these difficult, often elusive patients. He synthesizes of the work of Klein and Fairbairn from the British school of object relations, Jacobson and Kernberg on internalized object relations, Mahler on symbiosis and individuation, Bowlby on attachment and loss, Kohut on the psychology of narcissism and disorders of the self, Masterson on borderline object relations and the concept of abandonment depression, and Piaget on the development of cognitive-perceptual structure. The author places particular importance on the failure of communicative matching, mutual cueing or "goodness of fit" between mother and child, leading to the latter's disturbances. He shows that the basic therapeutic task is to provide the patient with a "good enough" or "holding" environment within the context of which explanation, confrontation, and interpretation may lead to the resolution of underlying pathologic determinants.

Kulturerbe und Denkmalpflege transkulturell

Author : Michael S. Falser
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Sociological Abstracts

Author :
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CSA Sociological Abstracts abstracts and indexes the international literature in sociology and related disciplines in the social and behavioral sciences. The database provides abstracts of journal articles and citations to book reviews drawn from over 1,800+ serials publications, and also provides abstracts of books, book chapters, dissertations, and conference papers.

Geography for the Lost

Author : Kapka Kassabova
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Kapka Kassabova is a young Bulgarian émigré poet who writes in English but with a European imagination. Her well-travelled poems speak from different parts of the world and different moments of history, but they always speak of the many ways to be lost and disoriented: in a place, in the past, in fear, in love, in the very quickness of life. The voices speaking here - from a Roman housewife to a Chinese bar-owner in Berlin or an Argentine DJ - are the voices of the heart-sick, the culturally jet-lagged, people from photographs, the "tenants" of lives, cities and destinies. This is what we all are, have been, or will be.


Author : Hanif Kureishi
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The Hidden Economy

Author : Stuart Henry
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Intensive Psychotherapy of the Borderline Patient

Author : Richard D. Chessick
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Bruce Chatwin

Author : Nicholas Murray
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Traces Chatwin's life, showing how it influenced his writing. Murray shows how exile and the balance between the desire to settle and that to wander are the twin themes of Chatwin's books. In addition to a full discussion of his works, Murray charts the controversy surrounding Chatwin's death.

A E Housman

Author : Keith Jebb
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Shakespeare s Agonistic Comedy

Author : G. Beiner
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Shakespeare's Agonistic Comedy focuses on one of the three comic strategies deployed and explored by Shakespeare in his comedies from Errors to Twelfth Night: the essentially punitive strategy, which author G. Beiner labels "agonistic," and which is distinguished from the essentially reparative "comedy of love" as well as from the perspective of folly. In one respect, the purpose of this book is to define the characteristics and to map the canon of Shakespeare's agonistic comedy; in other words, to provide a poetics. Such a task has its own importance and preliminary value if fundamental patterns and functions have not been recognized as such in the critical analysis of a body of texts. Part I of Shakespeare's Agonistic Comedy identifies the structural characteristics of the provisionally outlined canon, focuses on apparently borderline cases (Petruchio and Katherina, Benedick and Beatrice, Jaques and Don John, as well as that of Love's Labour's Lost) in order to define the canon more precisely, defines the distinctive perspective generated by agonistic comedy, and examines the thematic and referential patterns that may appear prima facie to be characteristic of this comedy: violence and revenge. Throughout this section dealing with poetics, Beiner emphasizes that agonistic comedy is capable of being self-complete and independent and yet in Shakespearean comedy it never generates an entire play; nor does it appear in every play from Errors to Twelfth Night. A poetics of Shakespeare's agonistic comedy is necessarily related to the wider field of a poetics of Shakespearean comedy, which in turn is related to the even wider area of comic traditions. As the poetics is based on the texts (not derived by deduction or theoretical extension from some principle of poetics), so it is applied as a tool of analysis to the texts and used in conjunction with evaluation. The underlying assumption is that the task of poetics is instrumental, and that its usefulness has to be demonstrated and verified in practice. Hence, the division of the book into two parts. As Part I formulates a poetics on the basis of the texts, so Part II applies the poetics to the major texts - always within the dynamics of the multiple-plot and multi-layered perspective on a play. Part II focuses in detail on The Merry Wives of Windsor, The Merchant of Venice, and Twelfth Night, analyzing the agons and placing them in relation to the comedy of love and the perspective of folly.


Author : Timothy Williamson
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Vagueness is the first comprehensive treatment of this increasingly important topic in metaphysics and the philosophy of logic and language. Students in these areas and researchers in artificial intelligence and linguistics will find its non-technical approach invaluable. For the technically-minded, an appendix shows how the treatment can be formalized within the framework of epistemic logic.

The Things We Mean

Author : Stephen R. Schiffer
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Stephen Schiffer presents a groundbreaking account of meaning and belief, and shows how it can illuminate a range of crucial problems regarding language, mind, knowledge, and ontology. He introduces the new doctrine of 'pleonastic propositions' to explain what the things we mean and believe are. He discusses the relation between semantic and psychological facts, on the one hand, and physical facts, on the other; vagueness and indeterminacy; moral truth; conditionals; and the role of propositional content in information acquisition and explanation. This radical new treatment of meaning will command the attention of everyone who works on fundamental questions about language, and will attract much interest from other areas of philosophy.

Babylon Memphis Persepolis

Author : Professor Emeritus of Classics Walter Burkert
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At the distant beginning of Western civilization, according to European tradition, Greece stands as an insular, isolated, near-miracle of burgeoning culture. This book traverses the ancient world's three great centers of cultural exchange--Babylonian Nineveh, Egyptian Memphis, and Iranian Persepolis--to situate classical Greece in its proper historical place, at the Western margin of a more comprehensive Near Eastern-Aegean cultural community that emerged in the Bronze Age and expanded westward in the first millennium B.C. In concise and inviting fashion, Walter Burkert lays out the essential evidence for this ongoing reinterpretation of Greek culture. In particular, he points to the critical role of the development of writing in the ancient Near East, from the achievement of cuneiform in the Bronze Age to the rise of the alphabet after 1000 B.C. From the invention and diffusion of alphabetic writing, a series of cultural encounters between "Oriental" and Greek followed. Burkert details how the Assyrian influences of Phoenician and Anatolian intermediaries, the emerging fascination with Egypt, and the Persian conquests in Ionia make themselves felt in the poetry of Homer and his gods, in the mythic foundations of Greek cults, and in the first steps toward philosophy. A journey through the fluid borderlines of the Near East and Europe, with new and shifting perspectives on the cultural exchanges these produced, this book offers a clear view of the multicultural field upon which the Greek heritage that formed Western civilization first appeared.

The Intaglio Prints of Albrecht D rer

Author : Albrecht Dürer
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The Political Thought of The King s Mirror

Author : Sverre Bagge
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The King's Mirror is the outstanding literary monument of thirteenth-century Norway. It is presented as a dialogue between a father and his son. The son wants his father's help and advice to live a good life, and more generally, he wants to know how people belonging to different layers of society should live, both in a moral and in a more practical sense. The dialogue starts with the merchant, goes on to the hirthmathrThe King's Mirror was written in Norway, on the periphery of Western Christendom, and a country whose contribution to political thought has not received much attention. This study attempts to cut across the traditional borderline between the Nordic countries and the rest of Western Christendom, both in examining The King's Mirror as part of a common European tradition and in using the work to illuminate European political thought in a comparatively little known period, from the end of the Investiture Contest in the early twelfth century to the revival of Aristotelian studies in the later thirteenth century. The book was originally published by Odense University Press in 1987 but all the remaining stock has now been taken over by Brepols.

Petroleum Company Operations and Agreements in the Developing Countries

Author : Raymond F. Mikesell
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