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Effective Cold Start Recommendation Method Using Trust and Distrust Networks

Author : 萬宇豪
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Misplaced Distrust

Author : ric Montpetit
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Citizens of industrialized countries largely share a sense that national and international governance is inadequate, believing not only that public authorities are incapable of making the right policy decisions, but also that the entire network of state and civil society actors responsible for the discussion, negotiation, and implementation of policy choices is untrustworthy. Using agro-environmental policy development in France, the United States, and Canada as case studies, ric Montpetit sets out to investigate the validity of this distrust through careful attention to the performance of the relevant policy networks. He concludes that distrust in policy networks is, for the most part, misplaced because high levels of performance by policy networks are more common than many political analysts and citizens expect.

Sensor Networks for Sustainable Development

Author : Mohammad Ilyas
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Recent advances in technology and manufacturing have made it possible to create small, powerful, energy-efficient, cost-effective sensor nodes for specialized telecommunication applications—nodes "smart" enough to be capable of adaptation, self-awareness, and self-organization. Sensor Networks for Sustainable Development examines sensor network technologies that increase the quality of human life and encourage societal progress with minimal effect on the earth’s natural resources and environment. Organized as a collection of articles authored by leading experts in the field, this valuable reference captures the current state of the art and explores applications where sensor networks are used for sustainable development in: Agriculture Environment Energy Healthcare Transportation Disaster management Beneficial to designers and planners of emerging telecommunication networks, researchers in related industries, and students and academia seeking to learn about the impact of sensor networks on sustainable development, Sensor Networks for Sustainable Development provides scientific tutorials and technical information about smart sensor networks and their use in everything from remote patient monitoring to improving safety on the roadways and beyond.

Trust Networks for Recommender Systems

Author : Patricia Victor
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This book describes research performed in the context of trust/distrust propagation and aggregation, and their use in recommender systems. This is a hot research topic with important implications for various application areas. The main innovative contributions of the work are: -new bilattice-based model for trust and distrust, allowing for ignorance and inconsistency -proposals for various propagation and aggregation operators, including the analysis of mathematical properties -Evaluation of these operators on real data, including a discussion on the data sets and their characteristics. -A novel approach for identifying controversial items in a recommender system -An analysis on the utility of including distrust in recommender systems -Various approaches for trust based recommendations (a.o. base on collaborative filtering), an in depth experimental analysis, and proposal for a hybrid approach -Analysis of various user types in recommender systems to optimize bootstrapping of cold start users.

Sociologia Internationalis

Author :
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International journal for sociology and social psychology.

Support Networks

Author : G. Clare Wenger
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Reporting Hate Crimes

Author : California. Attorney General's Civil Rights Commission on Hate Crimes
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No One Need Apply

Author : Lee A. Bowes Fremont-Smith
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Women s Networks

Author : Carol Kleiman
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Author : Gernot Grabher
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Providing critical studies in economic institutions, 'Networks' includes contributions from R. Burt, R. Dore, D. Gambetta, M. Gerlach, M. Granovetter, B. Holmström, K. Polanyi and O.E. Williamson.

Networks of Dis Trust

Author : Vicente Chua Reyes, Jr.
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This book reviews dominant paradigms of the Philippine state trapped in a simplistic patronage politics perspective. Using the unprecedented automation of the May 2010 elections, this book provides fresh theoretical perspectives in understanding the Philippine state as a complex assemblage of networks of distrust.

Hate Crimes Law

Author :
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Whom Can We Trust How Groups Networks and Institutions Make Trust Possible

Author : Karen S. Cook
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Conventional wisdom holds that trust is essential for cooperation between individuals and institutions—such as community organizations, banks, and local governments. Not necessarily so, according to editors Karen Cook, Margaret Levi, and Russell Hardin. Cooperation thrives under a variety of circum-stances. Whom Can We Trust? examines the conditions that promote or constrain trust and advances our understanding of how cooperation really works. From interpersonal and intergroup relations to large-scale organizations, Whom Can We Trust? uses empirical research to show that the need for trust and trustworthiness as prerequisites to cooperation varies widely. Part I addresses the sources of group-based trust. One chapter focuses on the assumption—versus the reality—of trust among coethnics in Uganda. Another examines the effects of social-network position on trust and trustworthiness in urban Ghana and rural Kenya. And a third demonstrates how cooperation evolves in groups where reciprocity is the social norm. Part II asks whether there is a causal relationship between institutions and feelings of trust in individuals. What does—and doesn’t—promote trust between doctors and patients in a managed-care setting? How do poverty and mistrust figure into the relations between inner city residents and their local leaders? Part III reveals how institutions and networks create environments for trust and cooperation. Chapters in this section look at trust as credit-worthiness and the history of borrowing and lending in the Anglo-American commercial world; the influence of the perceived legitimacy of local courts in the Philippines on the trust relations between citizens and the government; and the key role of skepticism, not necessarily trust, in a well-developed democratic society. Whom Can We Trust? unravels the intertwined functions of trust and cooperation in diverse cultural, economic, and social settings. The book provides a bold new way of thinking about how trust develops, the real limitations of trust, and when trust may not even be necessary for forging cooperation. A Volume in the Russell Sage Foundation Series on Trust

Patients Trust and Distrust of Physicians

Author : Caroline A. Greenidge
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Rain Making

Author : Ford Harding
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Marketing Tactics: How Professionals Generate Leads -- Sales Tactics: How Professionals Advance and Close a Sale -- From Tactics to Strategy: What Works and What Doesn't.

A State of Trust

Author : Margaret Levi
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Trust and Distrust In Organizations

Author : Roderick M. Kramer
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The effective functioning of a democratic society—including social, business, and political interactions—largely depends on trust. Yet trust remains a fragile and elusive resource in many of the organizations that make up society's building blocks. In their timely volume, Trust and Distrust in Organizations, editors Roderick M. Kramer and Karen S. Cook have compiled the most important research on trust in organizations, illuminating the complex nature of how trust develops, functions, and often is thwarted in organizational settings. With contributions from social psychologists, sociologists, political scientists, economists, and organizational theorists, the volume examines trust and distrust within a variety of settings—from employer-employee and doctor-patient relationships, to geographically dispersed work teams and virtual teams on the internet. Trust and Distrust in Organizations opens with an in-depth examination of hierarchical relationships to determine how trust is established and maintained between people with unequal power. Kurt Dirks and Daniel Skarlicki find that trust between leaders and their followers is established when people perceive a shared background or identity and interact well with their leader. After trust is established, people are willing to assume greater risks and to work harder. In part II, the contributors focus on trust between people in teams and networks. Roxanne Zolin and Pamela Hinds discover that trust is more easily established in geographically dispersed teams when they are able to meet face-to-face initially. Trust and Distrust in Organizations moves on to an examination of how people create and foster trust and of the effects of power and betrayal on trust. Kimberly Elsbach reports that managers achieve trust by demonstrating concern, maintaining open communication, and behaving consistently. The final chapter by Roderick Kramer and Dana Gavrieli includes recently declassified data from secret conversations between President Lyndon Johnson and his advisors that provide a rich window into a leader's struggles with problems of trust and distrust in his administration. Broad in scope, Trust and Distrust in Organizations provides a captivating and insightful look at trust, power, and betrayal, and is essential reading for anyone wishing to understand the underpinnings of trust within a relationship or an organization. A Volume in the Russell Sage Foundation Series on Trust

Formal Institutions and Informal Politics in Central and Eastern Europe

Author : Gerd Meyer
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Deals with political science.


Author :
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The Economics of Networks

Author : Mark Casson
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Networks have a widespread economic significance. They structure the way that market traders interact and configure relations within and between social groups, urban centres and nation states. This work on the economics of networks is suitable for researchers in microeconomics, spatial and business economics.