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Author : Lisa Wimberger
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The synthesis of meditation and modern neuroscience has sparked a revolution—more than ever, we can use specific practices to create positive, lasting changes in our brains. Lisa Wimberger experienced the power of neuroplasticity firsthand. When conventional medicine offered no answers for her deadly seizures, she created her own regimen of meditation and life practices to heal herself. Today, Lisa has successfully taught her Neurosculpting® method to veterans, first responders, and clients in the most stressful occupations. With Neurosculpting, she brings readers a complete guide to this life-changing process, featuring transformative insights and techniques for: • Engaging the mind-body connection to shape our neural pathways with positive choices and intentions • Disarming stress triggers, healing trauma, rewriting limiting beliefs, and liberating yourself from unhealthy habits • Whole-brained meditation—bringing your brain’s left and right hemispheres into harmony to awaken your full potential • Integrating lifestyle, diet, exercise, and spiritual practice to create the ideal environment for healing and happiness • Putting it all together—practical guidance for personalizing your own approach to Neurosculpting “If you could learn to squeeze the vibrancy and beauty out of each moment of your life,” writes Wimberger, “would you say yes to a practice that could get you there?” With an engaging, layman-friendly style that encompasses cutting-edge neuroscience and our human capacity for hope, free will, love, and spirituality, she offers a breakthrough guide for taking charge of our health, happiness, and personal growth.

Warrior s Return

Author : Edward Tick
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War touches us all—leaving visible and invisible wounds on the warriors who fight, disrupting their families and communities, and leaving lasting imprints on our national psyche. In spite of billions spent on psychological care and reintegration programs, we face an epidemic of combat-related conditions such as PTSD (Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder). With Warrior’s Return, Dr. Edward Tick presents a powerful case for changing the way we welcome our veterans back from service—a vision and a path for transforming the wounds of war into sources of wisdom, honor, and growth. After more than 35 years of working with veterans, Dr. Tick has learned that our conventional ways of addressing the trauma and woundings of war fall far short, usually focusing only on symptoms and temporary relief. Drawing on lessons from cross-cultural wisdom, mythical archetypes, and proven methods from psychology, he offers this book as a valuable resource to help families, caregivers, and returning veterans understand and cope with the life-changing effects of combat, including: Re-examining PTSD—why we must expand our understanding of the full psychological and spiritual impact of war’s invisible wounds Archetype of the warrior—service in combat as a “journey to the underworld,” and why the return home is the most crucial stage The warrior’s path—timeless wisdom from tradition, classical philosophy, great leaders, and religious and mythological sources How cultures around the world have welcomed home their returning warriors for centuries—and what we can learn from them The warrior’s initiation—how the old self dies on the battlefield and a new, more mature self evolves in its place Restoration—methods for overcoming disillusionment and soul-fatigue to restore the warrior’s sense of purpose, motivation, and connection Coming home—specific steps for reintegrating our warriors back into our families and communities Honor—how a warrior can retain personal integrity and self-respect even when they have participated in a war they don’t believe in Forgiveness, reconciliation, and atonement—ways for warriors to close the circle and begin healing what was destroyed “This is not a hopeless situation,” states Dr. Tick. “Lifelong suffering after war is not inevitable if we understand war’s impact on the heart and soul, both for ourselves and our culture.” For veterans and those who wish to support them, Warrior’s Return offers step-by-step guidance for initiating our transformed warriors into valued members of our community—with an essential map for the hero’s journey home. A portion of the proceeds will be donated to Soldier’s Heart. Visit

Unstick your Stuck

Author : Melissa S. Morrison
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Unstick Your Stuck helps those who are unfulfilled gain clarity and live a fulfilled life. So many people resign themselves to walking around every day miserable, settled into a career they hate with no clue how to get off the dead-end road on which they’ve found themselves. Unstick Your Stuck provides navigation for readers who need the motivation and game plan to create a fulfilled life beyond anything they ever dreamed possible. Life coach Melissa Morrison worked at a job she hated for over a decade. It took four softballs to the head and one major concussion for her to finally decide to change her career—and her life. Melissa teaches readers why they’ve stayed in their current state of unfulfillment, what they will need to take their exit, how to gain clarity on their dream, and how to take steps towards finding fulfillment. No one has to wait to get their bell rung—join Melissa in finding your fulfilled life today!

Police Suicide

Author : Ronald A. Rufo
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There is no question that more police officers die from suicide than those killed in the line of duty. The suicide and attempted suicide of police officers is a mental health concern that has been neglected for far too long. Police Suicide: Is Police Culture Killing Our Officers? provides realistic insight into the life of a police officer through a police officer’s eyes. Presenting invaluable lessons learned by a Chicago police officer with more than 20 years of experience, it supplies detailed accounts of what an officer goes through to survive on the streets, as well what he or she gives up in return. A must-read for every new recruit and anyone currently working in law enforcement, this book addresses the critical issues involved with an occupation in policing. Providing comprehensive coverage of the subject, it includes coverage of police culture, stress and burnout, personal issues, emotional survival, suicide prevention, risk factors, and PTSD. The book is practical enough for line officers and has enough theory for an academic course on police stress and suicide. We need to do a better job of preparing police for this stress and a better job caring for our officers throughout their careers. If we do so, we will have better police officers and we will be better served as a society. This book is a primer in that direction. From problems on the street and administrative struggles to personal and family matters, this book provides readers with proven methods for coping with the emotional and physical issues police officers face each day while on the street and at home.


Author : Dr. A.SELVARAJ Ph.D.
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Thoughts are very powerful in our life. It navigates our everyday happenings from morning till we go to bed in the night. Even during sleep, it pops up in the form of Dreams, our unfulfilled desires and thoughts stored in our subconscious mind. Therefore a conscious efforts are required to regulate and orient our thoughts in a qualitatively rich manner which are exhibited mostly in wealthy individuals. Wealthy individuals per se not in financial abundance but all pervasive well beings in terms of spiritual, physical, intellectual, relational and emotional well beings. Rich thoughts if consciously practiced in our daily life, it will certainly elevate us to the next level of growth in our personal and professional life. The author has written these Rich and reflective thoughts only after he has put into practice by himself over a period of time. This book will certainly enrich the readers to alter their life to create abundance and happiness . Dr.A.SELVARAJ, Ph.D., is a Self made entrepreneur, a passionate Teacher and a Corporate Trainer. He is a well respected MSME leader in the country. He is an experienced psychologist and Psychotherapist who offers counselling to his clients. He is a serious Vipassana Meditator. His interests ar in positive psychology, emotional intelligene and Mindfulness, recent research in Neuro science etc. He is the founder of Jeyarekha Group which are in to manufacturing, ITES, counsulting and Training for past Four Decades.

The Science of Parenting Adopted Children

Author : Arleta James
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Explaining how adoptive parents can help their traumatised child develop, it looks at the many different factors that can manifest in trauma, and how parents should respond to them.

The Science of Stuck

Author : Britt Frank
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A research-based tool kit for moving past what’s holding you back—in life, in love, and in work. We all experience stuckness in our lives. We feel stuck in our relationships, career paths, body struggles, addiction issues, and more. Many of us know what we need to do to move forward—but find ourselves unable to take the leap to make it happen. And then we blame and shame ourselves, and stay in a loop of self-doubt that goes nowhere. The good news is you’re not lazy, crazy, or unmotivated. In this empowering and action-oriented guide, you’ll discover why we can’t think our way forward—and how to break through what’s holding us back. Using an eclectic approach and a customizable plan that’s as direct or as deep as you want, this life-changing guide empowers you to: break old habits and patterns gain perspective on pain and trauma from the past free yourself from the torturous “why” questions take control of your choices to create the life you want Bringing together research-backed solutions that range from shadow work to reparenting, embodied healing, and other clinical practices, along with empowering personal stories, this book is a hands-on road map for moving forward with purpose, confidence, and the freedom to become who you’re truly meant to be.

The Way of the Teacher

Author : Sandra Finney PhD
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The Way of the Teacher is the first comprehensive resource to support the full range of personal qualities needed for teachers to create safe and caring classrooms and develop an authentic presence – acting with compassion, insight, and integrity. Research has confirmed that personal growth is the foundation for professional fulfillment and increases student achievement yet few books exist which support teachers in this holistic way. This book is suitable for a broad audience including new and experienced teachers, pre-service teachers and university and college faculty in education programs as well teacher book clubs and school staffs.

A Bigger Prize

Author : Margaret Heffernan
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Co-winner of the 2015 Salon London Transmission Prize Get into the best schools. Land your next big promotion. Dress for success. Run faster. Play tougher. Work harder. Keep score. And whatever you do -- make sure you win. Competition runs through every aspect of our lives today. From the cubicle to the race track, in business and love, religion and science, what matters now is to be the biggest, fastest, meanest, toughest, richest. The upshot of all these contests? As Margaret Heffernan shows in this eye-opening book, competition regularly backfires, producing an explosion of cheating, corruption, inequality, and risk. The demolition derby of modern life has damaged our ability to work together. But it doesn't have to be this way. CEOs, scientists, engineers, investors, and inventors around the world are pioneering better ways to create great products, build enduring businesses, and grow relationships. Their secret? Generosity. Trust. Time. Theater. From the cranberry bogs of Massachusetts to the classrooms of Singapore and Finland, from tiny start-ups to global engineering firms and beloved American organizations -- like Ocean Spray, Eileen Fisher, Gore, and Boston Scientific -- Heffernan discovers ways of living and working that foster creativity, spark innovation, reinforce our social fabric, and feel so much better than winning.

Training Law Enforcement Officers

Author : Rick D. Giovengo
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This how-to guide covers every aspect of law enforcement training, from training academy administration, to designing curricula, to identifying and utilizing qualified instructors. Using the latest methodologies, technologies, and best practices, Training Law Enforcement Officers gives law enforcement administrators, training specialists, instructors, instructional systems designers, and academy directors a proven way to conduct training for all levels of practitioners, from basic law enforcement to high-risk law enforcement. At a time when scrutiny of law enforcement officers is on the rise, Training Law Enforcement Officers is an essential guide for those criminal justice practitioners seeking to minimize police error and make today’s police force the best that it can be.