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Terrorism and the New Age of Irregular Warfare

Author : United States. Congress. House. Committee on Armed Services. Subcommittee on Terrorism, Unconventional Threats, and Capabilities
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The New Age of Health Laboratories 1885 1915

Author : National Library of Medicine (U.S.)
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American Contributions to the New Age of Dental Research

Author :
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Handbook of New Age

Author : Daren Kemp
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The "Handbook of New Age" is a comprehensive survey of alternative spiritualities: their history, their global impact, their cultural influence and how they are understood by scholars. Chapters by many of the leading scholars of the movement give the latest analysis of contemporary spiritual trends, and present up-to-date observations of the interaction between the New Age movement and many different fields of knowledge and research.

New Age

Author :
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The Phenomenon of Teilhard

Author : David H. Lane
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New Age writer of the popular Aquarian Conspiracy Marilyn Ferguson observed that many of the leading lights of the New Age movement claim Teilhard as one of the most influential persons in their lives. Other influences acknowledged include C. G. Jung, Aldous Huxley, Swami Muktananda, Thomas Merton, Werner Erhard, and Maharishi Yogi. Indeed, of the 185 New Age leaders surveyed, Teilhard was the most frequently mentioned of any person who had most influenced their thinking. If this is the case, then if we are to understand the New Age movement properly it behooves us to take a careful and critical look at Teilhard de Chardin. David Lane has done precisely this in a clear, well documented, and penetrating way.... In this crucial book David Lane lays bare the philosophical, theological, and scientific failures of Teilhard's New Age enterprise. In a highly documented and insightful scrutiny of Teilhard's cosmic evolution, Lane unveils the apostate Christian roots of one of the most important forerunners of the New Age movement. This is one of the most significant and serious treatments of the modern roots of the New Age in print.

New Age Spirituality

Author : Steven J. Sutcliffe
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New Age and holistic beliefs and practices - sometimes called the "new spirituality" - are widely distributed across modern global society. The fluid and popular nature of new age makes these movements a very challenging field to understand using traditional models of religious analysis. Rather than treating new age as an exotic specimen on the margins of 'proper' religion, "New Age Spirituality" examines these movements as a form of everyday or lived religion. The book brings together an international range of scholars to explore the key issues: insight, healing, divination, meditation, gnosis, extraordinary experiences, and interactions with gods, spirits and superhuman powers. Combining discussion of contemporary beliefs and practices with cutting-edge theoretical analysis, the book repositions new age spirituality at the forefront of the contemporary study of religion.

New Age Encyclopedia

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Summary: a guide to the beliefs, concepts, terms, people, and organizations that make up the New Age movement.

Encyclopedia of New Age Beliefs

Author : John Ankerberg
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This comprehensive, indexed volume includes short, one-page listings of pertinent facts about a particular movement, its founder, how it claims to work, scientific evaluations done, and its potential dangers. Some topics covered are angels, visualization, shamanism, hypnosis, new age medicine and martial arts.

American Feminism and the Birth of New Age Spirituality

Author : Catherine Tumber
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Based largely on research in popular journals, self-help manuals, newspaper accounts, and archival collections, American Feminism and the Birth of New Age Spirituality demonstrates that the New Age movement first flourished more than a century ago during the Gilded Age under the mantle of 'New Thought'. Tumber pays close attention to the ways in which feminism became grafted, with varying degrees of success, to emergent forms of liberal culture in the late nineteenth century, and questions the value of the new age movement--then and now--to the pursuit of women's rights and democratic renewal. Visit our website for sample chapters!

The Emerging Network

Author : Michael York
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The 1980s saw the emergence of New Age and neo-paganism as major new religious movements. In the first book-length study of these movements, Michael York describes their rituals and beliefs and examines the similarities, differences and relationships between them. He profiles particular groups, including the Church Universal Triumphant, Nordic pagans, and the Covenant of Unitarian Pagans, and questions the adequacy of existing sociological categories for describing these largely amorphous phenomena.

The New Age Movement and the Biblical Worldview

Author : John P. Newport
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John Newport delivers a comprehensive study of the impact of New Age beliefs on contemporary culture - and on Christianity itself - while also offering an effective, biblical antidote to today's worldview crisis. After first surveying the historical development of the New Age worldview, from ancient times through important tendencies in nineteenth-century America to recent Far Eastern influences, Newport explores in depth eleven key areas of the New Age worldview and contrasts each area of belief with the traditional biblical worldview.

The New Age

Author : Holbrook Jackson
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The New Age

Author :
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Education in the New Age

Author : Alice Bailey
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Education should be a continuous process from birth to death. It is essentially a process leading to reconciliation of the human and divine elements in the constitution of a human being. Right relationship between God and man, spirit and matter, the whole and the part, should be a prime objective of educational techniques.

Blake and the New Age

Author : John Smith
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First published in 1979, this is a very welcome reissue of Kathleen Raine's seminal study of William Blake - England's only prophet. He challenged with extraordinary vigour the premises which now underline much of Western civilization, hitting hard at the ideas of a naive materialist philosophy which, even in his own day, was already eating at the roots of English national life. In his insistence that 'mental things are alone real', Blake was ahead of his time. Materialist views are now challenged from various quarters; the depth psychologies of Freud and Jung, the study of Far Easter religion and philosophy, the reappraisal of myth and folk lore, the wealth of psychical research have all prepared the way for an understanding of Blake's thought. We are ready to acknowledge that in attacking 'the sickness of Albion' Blake penetrated to the inner worlds of man and explored them in a way that is quite unique. Dr Raine, who has made a long study of Blake's sources, presents him as a lonely powerful genius who stands within the spiritual tradition of Sophia Perennis, 'the Everlasting Gospel'. From the standpoint of this great human Norm, our immediate past described by W.B. Yeats as 'the three provincial centuries', is a tragic deviation; catastrophic, as Blake believed, in its spiritual and material consequences. Only now do we possess the necessary knowledge to understand William Blake and the ever-growing number of people who turn to him surely justifies his faith in the eternal truths he strove to communicate.

Invasion of Other Gods

Author : David Jeremiah
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New Age philosophy is really ancient paganism repackaged for modern consumption. David Jeremiah shows how this new spirituality is flooding our culture with teachings and terminology that clearly contradict the Christian Gospel.

The New Age Primer

Author : Virgil Armstrong
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Welcome to the New Age. It is here. Now. Everywhere. From the way medicine treats the body, mind, and spirit to quantum physics and the films you see, you are noticing a changing reality. Whether you are a newcomer to this age or an adept, you will find this overview fascinating, informative, and empowering. It is a textbook designed to clarify concepts once considered alien to Western thinking. As a guidebook to expand your reality, it can change your ideas about time, space, matter, and even who you are.

Perspectives on the New Age

Author : James R. Lewis
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This book begins with a comprehensive historical section that places the New Age within the context of its predecessor movements. It then focuses on specialized aspects of this subculture, from essays on the convergence of New Age spirituality with women's spirituality, to an essay on how Evangelical Christians have responded to the movement. The book also examines the international impact of the New Age.

The Remote Control in the New Age of Television

Author : James Robert Walker
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The first book of state-of-the-art research combining survey measurements with recorded observations of viewing behavior, and analysis of the program sources accessed during "grazing," experimental studies of remote control use, and historical and critical analyses.