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New Architecture London

Author : Richard Schulman
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This beautifully designed book showcases the extraordinary renaissance of London's architecture in the 21st century. London has always been known for its iconic buildings, but the city has recently witnessed an explosion of new architecture from the world's most acclaimed architects. This breathtaking volume offers a fascinating look at the city's rapidly changing skyline and celebrates the enormous array of styles, materials, and cutting-edge technology that have been employed by today's leading architects. The projects profiled here--brought to life by photographer Richard Schulman--range from dance and aquatic centers to world-class museums and global office headquarters. The book includes Rafael Viñoly's "Walkie-Talkie" and "The Gherkin" by Foster + Partners, as well as Renzo Piano's mixed-use skyscraper, "The Shard," across the Thames. Tucked into a medieval alley, OMA's New Court Rothschild Bank nimbly juxtaposes contemporary features with more traditional ones. Meanwhile, alongside St. Paul's Cathedral, Jean Nouvel's One New Change cleverly plays off its storied environs with an ingeniously constructed glass block that allows for multiple views of the iconic church. From the Tate Modern extension to the Emirates Airline tram, and from the Peckham Library to the US Embassy building, no new stone is left unturned or unremarked upon. This book demonstrates how one of the world's oldest cities manages to feel eternally new and exciting.

21st Century London

Author : Ken Powell
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This book presents a selection of the most exciting building projects in London since the year 2000. The first decade of the twenty-first century has marked out London as arguably the pre-eminent international city for innovative and ambitious architecture, with the design and construction of imaginative buildings of all types. Projects range in size and budget from such landmark structures as the ‘Gherkin’ (30 St Mary Axe) and the forthcoming ‘Shard’ (London Bridge Tower) to such cultural projects as the Young Vic theatre and the new Tate Modern extension; from offices, schools and hospitals to shops and private houses. With more than 650 stunning photographs, drawings and renderings, and critical texts by well-known architecture writer Kenneth Powell, this is a detailed and authoritative portrait – indispensable to professionals and the public alike – of a world city avid to embrace the best of the new.

New Architecture of London

Author : Sam Lambert
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New Architects

Author : Lee Mallet
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This survey of emerging British architectural practices aims to promote young designers and bring architecture to as wide an audience as possible. Compiled by the Architecture Foundation, it is designed as a resource to help facilitate the procurement process for non-expert clients, especially those commissioning buildings with public funds. Geographically and stylistically wide-ranging, this text features over 70 practices with proven track records for quality.


Author : Anthony Sutcliffe
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London is one of the world’s greatest cities, and its architecture is a unique heritage. The Tower of London is an urban castle unique in Europe, St Paul’s is one of the world’s greatest domed cathedrals, and the squares and crescents of the West End inspired Haussmann’s Paris. In London, it is the variety of the streets, buildings, and parks that strikes the visitor. No king or government has ever set its mark here. Private ownership has shaped the city, and architects have served a wide variety of clients. London’s Classical era produced an elegant townscape between 1600 and 1830, but medieval, Tudor, and Victorian London were a potpourri of buildings large and small, each making its own design statement. In London: An Architectural History Anthony Sutcliffe takes the reader through two thousand years of architecture from the sublime to the mundane. With over 300 color illustrations the book is intended for the general reader and especially those visiting London for the first time.

London s Contemporary Architecture

Author : Ken Allinson
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London is a living architectural exhibition. This handy pocket guide: * aids navigation of the city’s greatest sights with a clear map-based format * features more than 260 buildings, with full notes and references * provides a superb full colour photographic record of the capital London's Contemporary Architecture is a practical and highly illustrated guide to the best modern buildings. Now in its fourth edition, this location-based book has been fully updated to cover the latest additions to the London skyline. This guide looks at London district by district. It identifies the buildings most worth visiting and offers essential information about the selected architectural gems. Packed with fascinating informative commentary and useful location maps, it also includes examples of London's finer older buildings that are found near to the key contemporary sites.

New Connections

Author : Richard MacCormac
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In December 1999, London acquired a new component to its urban Underground system: the Jubilee Line was extended eastwards from Westminster to Stratford East, creating 11 new stations. This ambitious project incorporated innovative engineering techniques and transport planning, outstanding examples of contemporary architecture, and acted as a catalyst for urban regeneration.

Theorizing a New Agenda for Architecture

Author : Kate Nesbitt
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Theorizing a New Agenda for Architecture: An Anthology of ArchitecturalTheory collects in a single volume the most significant essays on architectural theory of the last thirty years. A dynamic period of reexamination of the discipline, the postmodern eraproduced widely divergent and radical viewpoints on issues of making, meaning, history, and the city. Among the paradigms presented arearchitectural postmodernism, phenomenology, semiotics, poststructuralism, deconstruction, and feminism. By gathering these influential articles from a vast array of books and journals into a comprehensive anthology, Kate Nesbitt has created a resource of great value. Indispensable to professors and students of architecture and architectural theory, Theorizing a New Agenda also serves practitioners and the general public, as Nesbitt provides an overview, a thematic structure, and a critical introduction to each essay. The list of authors in Theorizing a New Agenda reads like a "Who's Who" of contemporary architectural thought: Tadao Ando, Giulio Carlo Argan, Alan Colquhoun, Jacques Derrida, Peter Eisenman, Marco Frascari, Kenneth Frampton, Diane Ghirardo, Vittorio Gregotti, Karsten Harries, Rem Koolhaas, Christian Norberg-Schulz, Aldo Rossi, Colin Rowe, Thomas Schumacher, Ignasi de Sol-Morales Rubi, Bernard Tschumi, Robert Venturi and Denise Scott Brown, and Anthony Vidler. A bibliography and notes on all the contributors are also included.

London Architecture

Author : Marianne Butler
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From the remains of the Roman amphitheater to the soaring glass structures of the 21st-century city, London offers a unique architectural experience. This new and authoritative guide takes the reader through nearly 2,000 years of architectural achievement in the capital. Each chapter contains accessible examples of buildings of every period and sets them in historical context. London Architecture also includes six mapped walks as well as a listing of shops, bars, and restaurants, making this an essential resource for the London traveler.

Building the Post war World

Author : Nicholas Bullock
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Building the Post-War Worldoffers for the first time an overall account of Modern Architecture in the decade after the Second World War.

The Architects and Architecture of London

Author : Kenneth Allinson
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Architects and Architecture of London is a visual, highly illustrated guide to London's greatest historic buildings and the lives of the architects who designed them. The book is organised by architect, to provide an easy point of reference for today's designers and students and all those interested in the architectural history of London. Architects and Architecture of London illuminates the city's two thousand year architectural history, through the lives and works of historic architects who remain salient and significant in London's contemporary architectural geography.

American Architect and Architecture

Author :
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Gritty Brits

Author : Raymund Ryan
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Gritty Brits presents the work of six emerging architectural practices--all based in London, and all building within the complex setting of the British capital. Featuring the work of Adjaye/Associates, Caruso St John Architects, FAT [Fashion Architecture Taste], Niall McLaughlin Architects, muf and Sergison Bates architects, this succinct and vibrant study investigates five projects from each practice in photographs, drawings and plans. Gritty Brits includes essays by Raymund Ryan and Ian Sinclair that capture the look and feel of contemporary London at a time of tremendous economic and social change. In addition to providing a fascinating view of contemporary London architecture, this volume serves as an unconventional guide to one of the world's greatest cities, off the beaten path.

The New Architecture of the Retail Mall

Author : Barry Maitland
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New Architecture and Urbanism

Author : Deependra Prashad
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This book on “New Architecture and Urbanism: Development of Indian Traditions” builds on the contributions from various architects, planners, educationists, decision-makers & others from across the world who gathered together to create a forum for the promotion of traditional processes and techniques for the creation of the built environment. This forum was initiated by INTBAU India, The International Network for Traditional Building, Architecture and Urbanism in India, and supported by The Nabha Foundation. This book presents the arguments, axioms and case studies related to Traditional Architecture and Urbanism in a sequential format. Firstly it examines the “New ways of looking at Heritage” by separating it from pure history into a living and evolving process. The book looks at what defines traditional methods and their relevance to the contemporary context. It also examines the aspects of Continuity and Contextual frameworks in the built environment. The section on “Sustainable Buildings, Places and Communities” explores the many facets of locally driven processes from the viewpoint of tradition and sustainability. These include many community based planning methods and their applications in shaping the built environment, aspects of environmental sustainability and on how appropriateness could be ingrained into current architectural education. Lastly, the book delves into a number of executed examples in architecture seeking to learn from tradition and examples in “place-making urbanism” which in turn promotes humane, walkable and connected neighbourhoods.

Sources of Modern Architecture

Author : Dennis Sharp
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Taking Shape A New Contract Between Architecture and Nature

Author : Susannah Hagan
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'Taking Shape' explores the evolution of scientific and academic theories that have resulted in the concept of sustainability. Susannah Hagan uses this as a basis to argue for developments in the future and argues that these theories are not 'just an intellectual and aesthetic regression' as they are often perceived to be. By focusing on the impact of the new theories of sustainable technology and new materials in architecture, Hagan moves the discourse and practice of environmental sustainability within architecture towards a greater degree of awareness of both its cultural significance and cultural potential. In short, it demonstrates the capacity of sustainable architecture to embrace cultural and technical innovation.

London s Contemporary Architecture

Author : Kenneth Allinson
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The second edition of this guide has been updated to cover the best and most interesting buildings completed in London during the period 1984-1997. It covers over 130 buildings and is supported by photographs, line diagrams and maps.

Sir Banister Fletcher s A History of Architecture

Author : Sir Banister Fletcher
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Architecture and the Environment

Author : David Lloyd Jones
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'Green' architecture has commonly been seen as separate from mainstream architecture and has been accorded the status of worthy but dull design. David Lloyd Jones seeks to correct this judgement, as he showcases 44 contemporary projects.