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New Directions in South African Tourism Geographies

Author : Jayne M. Rogerson
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This book provides an overview of innovative and new directions being chartered in South African tourism geographies. Within the context of global change the volume explores different facets and different geographies of tourism. Key themes under scrutiny include the sharing economy, the changing accommodation service sector, touring poverty, tourism and innovation, tourism and climate change, threats to sustainability, inclusive tourism and a number of studies which challenge the present-mindedness of much tourism geographical scholarship. The 18 chapters range across urban and rural landscapes in South Africa with sectoral studies which include adventure tourism, coastal tourism, cruise tourism, nature-based tourism, sports tourism and wine tourism. Finally, the volume raises a number of policy and planning issues in the global South in particular relating to sustainability, local economic development and poverty reduction. Outlining the impact of tourism expansion in South Africa and suggesting future research directions, this stimulating book is a valuable resource for geographers as well as researchers and students in the field of tourism studies.

Urban Tourism in the Global South

Author : Christian M. Rogerson
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This book examines and addresses the particular character of urban tourism occurring in the global South. It presents research essays on tourism in urban areas of South Africa, a country which is associated with big 5 nature tourism but where urban areas are also major tourism destinations. The book contextualizes urban tourism in South Africa as part of ‘the other half of urban tourism’, an overlooked but energetic scholarship which is emerging on urban places in the global South. The volume moves to present a collection of original material variously on national perspectives on urban tourism following by a cluster of city level perspectives. The last three contributions turn to the role of tourism in small towns, the bottom rung in the urban settlement system. Issues of concern include gastronomic tourism, VFR travel, airportscapes, climate change, AirBnb and creative tourism. Finally, as COVID-19 is potentially a defining historical moment for urban tourism, the volume incorporates historical research perspectives in order to address the overwhelming ‘present-mindedness’ of mainstream urban tourism writings. The book highlights the challenges and opportunities for tourism development in the environment of the urban global South and is relevant to scholars of both tourism and urban studies as well as researchers in development studies.

Handbook of Innovation for Sustainable Tourism

Author : Booyens, Irma
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Offering conceptual, empirical and policy contributions from leading international scholars in the field, this comprehensive Handbook investigates a broad range of innovations and new approaches to tourism aimed at enhancing sustainability.

Southern African Perspectives on Sustainable Tourism Management

Author : Jarkko Saarinen
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This edited collection focuses on tourism development, sustainability and local change in southern Africa. The book offers a range of both conceptual and applied perspectives that address various changes in southern African tourism and community development relations. The key drivers of change that include climate change and globalization form the context for the diverse and interesting set of case studies from the region. The main conceptual grounds of the book cover sustainability, sustainable development goals (SDGs), responsibility, vulnerability, adaptation, resilience, governance, local development and inclusive growth. In this book sustainability is seen as one of the most important issues currently facing the tourism sector, affecting all types and scales of tourism operations and environments in the region. Tourism is an increasingly important economy in the southern African region and the industry is creating changes for communities and environment while also facing major challenges caused by global trends and changes. The book offers a case study driven approach to sustainability needs of tourism development in local community contexts. The case study chapters are linked through the book’s focus on sustainable tourism and local community development. Through emphasizing the need to understand both global change and local contexts in sustainable tourism development, this book is a valuable resource for all those working in the field.

Tourism Change and the Global South

Author : Jarkko Saarinen
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This significant volume is the first to focus on both the changing nature of tourism and the capacity of tourism to effect change, especially in the Global South. Geographically, this changing nature of tourism is based on the transforming relationships between demand, supply and location. While this is nothing new in tourism, recent decades have intensified the changing characteristics of global tourism. From another perspective, tourism represents a change, and nowadays many localities and regions aim to use tourism as a tool for positive change, i.e. development. However, this has turned out to be a challenging task in practice, especially in the Global South context where the relationship between tourism growth and local development has often been controversial. This book looks at a host of critical concepts in one volume, such as growth and development, adaptation and resilience, sustainability and responsibility, governance and planning and heritage and destination management strategies. By understanding the drivers of change, this book sheds new insight into the promise and role of sustainability and responsibility in tourism development. This book will be of great interest to all upper-level students, academics and researchers in the fields of Tourism, Geography and Cultural and Heritage studies.

ICTR 2021 4th International Conference on Tourism Research

Author : Prof Cândida Silva
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Conference Proceedings of 4th International Conference on Tourism Research

Climate Change and Tourism in Southern Africa

Author : Jarkko Saarinen
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This book explores the nature of climate change in southern Africa, its impacts on tourism and the resilience, adaptation and governance needs in various tourism operations and environments. Previous studies on climate change and tourism have mainly focused on the Global North and specific forms of tourism such as snow-based winter activities. Drawing on case studies from a wide range of countries including South Africa, Lesotho, Namibia, Botswana and Zimbabwe, this book fills this lacuna by describing and analysing the climate change and tourism nexus in the southern African context. The book begins by providing an overview of the current and estimated impacts of climate change to the tourism industry in the region, highlighting the deepening socio-economic inequities, and environmental and social injustices. It focuses on the importance of sustainable tourism in tackling these issues and highlights that resilience and robust governance and policy systems are essential for a tourism destination to successfully adapt to change. By synthesising the key lessons learned through this analysis, Climate Change and Tourism in Southern Africa also draws attention to specific adaptation and policy strategies which have value for other regions in the Global South. This book will be of great interest to students and scholars of climate change, tourism and environmental policy and justice.

Human Geographies of Stellenbosch

Author : Ronnie Donaldson
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Amid a growing ‘turn’ towards Southern cities, South African urban geographers continue to remind us why and how to attend to local context and draw on theory from elsewhere. Human Geographies of Stellenbosch: Transforming Space, Preserving Place? (edited by Ronnie Donaldson) provides a deep look at crucial questions facing one of South Africa’s most well-known town-cities. Written from years of local knowledge by scholars at Stellenbosch University, this volume asks what urban transformation means, who it is for, and the politically tantalising question of whether and how we might hold on to some of the old while aspiring towards the new? In a global context in which we are all searching for how to justly remember our messy past, how to decolonise and hold onto what makes places unique, this volume will be of interest to scholars asking such questions in and beyond urban studies.

The Geography of South Africa

Author : Jasper Knight
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This edited collection examines contemporary directions in geographical research on South Africa. It encompasses a cross section of selected themes of critical importance not only to the discipline of Geography in South Africa, but also of relevance to other areas of the Global South. All chapters are original contributions, providing a state of the art research baseline on key themes in physical, human and environmental geography, and in understanding the changing geographical landscapes of modern South Africa. These contributions set the scene for an understanding of the relationships between modern South Africa and the wider contemporary world, including issues of sustainable development and growth in the Global South.

Sustainable Tourism Policy and Planning in Africa

Author : Emmanuel Akwasi Adu-Ampong
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Sustainable Tourism Policy and Planning in Africa offers an accessible and understandable overview of the challenges of integrating sustainability into tourism policy and planning in Sub-Saharan Africa and provides some interesting recommendations on how these could be overcome. Tourism is currently growing faster in Sub-Saharan Africa (SSA) and in many other developing regions compared to the rest of the world. Using case examples from different segments of the tourism sector in different country contexts, this volume therefore reassesses context specific tourism policies and planning mechanisms in SSA over the years. It considers how the increasing focus on sustainability is reflected in different areas of the tourism sector including food security, the human capacity management, service delivery, local communities and heritage management, climate change and the influence of colonial legacies on tourism policy planning. For many SSA countries, it has only been in the last two decades that the development of sustainable and achievable context specific policies and planning mechanisms has become the norm. The chapters provide examples of how different dimensions of sustainability are integrated into tourism policy and practice, and examine the extent to which these are shaping the present, and their implications for the future sustainability of the tourism sector. Sustainable Tourism Policy and Planning in Africa will be of great value to academics, private and third sector employees to better understand tourism in Sub-Saharan Africa. Eight of the chapters were originally published as a special issue of Tourism Planning and Development. These are now complimented with a new introductory chapter and a concluding chapter that sets out a future research agenda for sustainable tourism policy and planning.