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The Everything Father to Be Book

Author : Kevin Nelson
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This survival guide shows men how to balance home and work responsibilities, maintain a sex life during their wife's pregnancy, and find effective ways to support and encourage expectant mothers.

New Father s Panic Book

Author : G Williams
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What's A Father To Do ? New fathers have come a long way from a generation ago when they were shut out of the delivery room. Today's new father is encouraged to participate in his child's birth by offering support and comfort to his wife, yet little has been done to prepare him for the total process of becoming a father. This book will tell Dad everything he needs to know about pregnancy, delivery, and infant care and give him the confidence to experience all the joys of getting to know his new baby. Get Straight Answers About: What to expect at every stage of pregnancy What you'll learn in birthing classes Helping her through morning sickness, mood swings, and stress Making informed choices about doctors, hospitals, delivery and new baby care What you need before you bring the baby home Why your wife needs you in the delivery room Feeding and caring for your baby What to do in an emergency How to tell if it is an emergency How to be a truly great dad -- right from the beginning Don't Panic...All The Help You Need Is Here!

The Pregnancy and Postpartum Anxiety Workbook

Author : Kevin Gyoerkoe
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"How I wish I'd had this book when I suffered from postpartum obsessive-compulsive disorder! Pregnant and postpartum moms need to know that perinatal anxiety disorders are common and treatable, and that there's no need to continue suffering." ––Katherine Stone, editor of Postpartum Progress What if my baby isn't healthy? What if I can't handle the pain of labor? What if I'm not a good mother? If you have these thoughts, you're not alone. Anxiety during pregnancy and postpartum is much more common than many people know, and yet there are so few resources available to struggling new moms. If you're one of many women suffering from this treatable condition, The Pregnancy and Postpartum Anxiety Workbook offers powerful strategies grounded in evidence-based cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) to help you control your worry, panic, and anxiety. Through a series of simple exercises and worksheets, you'll learn skills for relaxing yourself when you feel the most stressed. You'll also learn strategies that are proven-effective in reducing the frequency and intensity of anxious feelings many pregnant women and mothers of infants face. The book also includes a chapter that offers tips to help fathers understand and support their partners. Many new parents feel anxious, and it's perfectly natural to have some fears during and after pregnancy. The problem is, anxiety can grow, disrupting your daily life and keeping you from enjoying being a parent. This effective workbook can help you keep your anxious thoughts at bay and get back to the positive thinking you've been missing.

The Joy of Fatherhood

Author : Marcus Jacob Goldman
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An exploration of the first year of fatherhood explores developmental milestones, caring for a new baby and a new mother, and coping with the emotional changes that accompany parenthood.

Don t Panic You Are Having a Baby

Author : Anthony Cohn
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If you are completely happy and carefree about being pregnant, you probably won't be holding this book but will be off painting the nursery and choosing a pram. If you are still reading this, then like many prospective parents there will be questions that you want answers to. Sometimes you will feel that these questions are too silly to bother the doctor or midwife. This book has been built around exactly those questions, asked by friends at parties or parents at the school gates who did not want to bother their doctor or midwife. The book is written with your child at the centre. So, if you do have any questions, what you want to know is 'how will this affect my baby?' and not just now, but also in the long term. The book covers normal and abnormal pregnancies, antenatal testing, delivery, what to expect from newborn babies, prematurity, neonatal care and other issues such as sleep, immunisations and the crying baby. If you do read this book, the hope is that it will answer your questions clearly, and help to ease any anxiety so that you can enjoy your pregnancy and feel more confident as a new parent. You should get only joy and pleasure from your children.

U S News World Report

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Secret Strangers

Author : Thomas Tessier
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Money may be the root of all evil… but in the respectable community of Clearville there is a greater evil abroad. The first incident is a suicide: a young wife who cannot have children. The second is more bizarre—a God-fearing father butchers his family before turning a gun on himself. And then a well-respected accountant simply disappears. But dark secrets abound in this prosperous town, for behind the shuttered windows of the middle-class homes lies a network of depravity and vice. While babysitting for her neighbors' child, seventeen-year old Heidi stumbles across photographs from illicit sex sessions. Instead of going to the police, Heidi and her boyfriend Gary decide to exploit the crime for avaricious purposes, unaware of the magnitude of the horror and tragedy that will result from their blackmail. As they become greedier, suspicion and fear—like poison—corrode the heart of Clearville, and violence and retribution inevitably follow. Very soon, Heidi and Gary are trapped in a situation which is hurtling crazily out of control—the blackmailers are now the hunted, and family and old friends are no longer what they seem to be. Suddenly the people they grew up with, and knew all their lives, have become secret strangers…

School Phobia Panic Attacks and Anxiety in Children

Author : Marianna Csoti
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Many children are challenged by anxiety at some time in their school career. Bringing together knowledge from her years of teaching and parenting, Márianna Csóti shows how parents and professionals can help children aged five to sixteen move away from the negative thoughts and behaviour that contribute to school phobia. As well as tackling specific problems of bullying, separation anxiety, social phobia and panic attacks, the author provides information on current therapies and medication for the severely affected and on what to do if the child regresses. The advice can also be used to help guard against another sibling developing school phobia. This positive and practical book is packed with information and guidance for parents, carers, teachers and other child-support professionals, on dealing effectively with the difficulties of children whose lives are being adversely affected by this distressing and very real condition.

American Book Publishing Record

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All in the Family

Author : Suanne Kelman
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Takes readers on a fascinating trek through history, pre-history and societies, large and small, from around the world to comment on the roots and future of the Western family. From the Mangaians of Polynesia, who encouraged "promiscuous" pre-marital sex, to the regimented separation of the sexes in ancient Sparta; from the Old Testament's injunctions to procreate, to Christianity's celebration of virginity; from the Inuit's devotion to children, to medieval Europe's indifference to the needs of babies, the book brings to light not only the vast differences in human behavior but also the surprising commonalities among diverse peoples. An entertaining blend of anthropology and social history.