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New Generation Guide to the Birds of Britain and Europe

Author : Christopher M. Perrins
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Identifies 429 species, describes the life, physical structure, and behavior of birds, and discusses breeding, feeding, migration, nests, eggs, and territories.

Coningsby Or The New Generation

Author : Benjamin Disraeli
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Henry Coningsby is the orphaned grandson of a wealthy Marquess. While at Eton he befriends Oswald, whose father is an enemy of the Marquess. The older men represent old and new money in society. Coningsby begins to develop liberal political views, so his grandfather disinherits him, and Coningsby is forced to work for a living.

New generation photovoltaics

Author : Fabio Andreolli
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This book aims to provide a global overview of the technological, design and financial aspects of solar power systems. All the topics and all the parts that make up a photovoltaic system are dealt with, with an emphasis on next-generation technologies and innovative applications. The book also contains an analysis of some aspects of the subject which are not strictly technical, including financial, environmental and legal issues. It also illustrates a series of pioneering achievements that should be taken as new benchmarks. The publication is intended for designers, architects, energy managers, installers, retailers, investors and technology teachers, as well as anyone who is curious about the subject, and supporters of green energy and sustainability strategies.

The New Generation Z in Asia

Author : Elodie Gentina
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The New Generation Z in Asia: Dynamics, Differences, Digitalization is the first book to compare the Asiatic Generation Z (born 1990–1995) in terms of country and culture specific drivers and characteristics based on interdisciplinary and international scientific research.

New Generation of Electric Vehicles

Author : Zoran Stevic
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Important factor in political decision-making is a public opinion as well. Therefore, it is very important to raise global ecological awareness and wider public education regarding ecology. Goal of this book is to bring closer to the readers new drive technologies that are intended to environment and nature protection. The book presents modern technique achievements and technologies applied in the implementation of electric vehicles. Special attention was paid to energy efficiency of EV's. Also today's trends, mathematical models and computer design elements of future cars are presented.

The New Generation of Leadership

Author : David, Logeswaran, Michel
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While there are millions of graduates leaving colleges and universities every year, major statistics show that more than 53 percent of these graduates are either unemployed or underemployed. In addition, many young people today fail to live up to their potential or even attempt to achieve their dreams due to lack of confidence in their abilities that often results from not being given permission to be and develop who they truly are. In THE NEW GENERATION OF LEADERSHIP, the authors gives outright that permission, and shares practical steps, inspiring stories and anecdotes, helpful principles, and uncommon truths in the nurturing of those innate qualities that will help young people increase their value, excel and stand out from the crowd.

The New Generation Witches

Author : Ms Hannah E Johnston
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From the shelves of mainstream bookstores and the pages of teen magazines, to popular films and television series, contemporary culture at the turn of the twenty-first century has been fascinated with teenage identity and the presence of magic and the occult. Alongside this profusion of products and representations, a global network of teenage Witches has emerged on the margins of adult neopagan Witchcraft communities, identifying themselves through various spiritual practices, consumption patterns and lifestyle choices. The New Generation Witches is the first published anthology to investigate the recent rise of the teenage Witchcraft phenomenon in both Britain and North America. Scholars from Theology, Cultural Studies, Sociology, History and Media Studies, along with neopagan commentators outside of the academy, come together to investigate the experiences of thousands of adolescents constructing an enabling, magical identity through a distinctive practice of Witchcraft. The contributors discuss key areas of interest, inspiration and development within the teen Witch communities from the mid 1990s onward, including teenage Witches' magical practices and beliefs, gender politics, the formation and identification of communities, forums and modes of expression, media representation and new media outlets. Demonstrating the diversification and expansion of neopaganism in the twenty-first century, this anthology makes an exciting contribution to the field of Neopagan Studies and contemporary youth cultures.

Teams for a New Generation

Author : Mark Rose
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There has been much written about teams with an ongoing debate about the primacy of environment or dynamics as the most important element to effective teams. Yet the need for groups to be able to consistently tap into the collective intelligence present in the team is more and more important. This requires teams to move beyond cooperation, goodwill and consensus and be able to challenge individual and collective assumptions to see new alternatives.This book provides a simple but elegant model to understand how teams move past the mediocrity of consensus to innovative thinking that comes with Collective Learning. Collective Learning occurs when teams become aware of their assumptions and it challenges them to create a new understanding of what is real and what is important. When that happens, lasting change can come from within the team. There are four distinct abilities that must be present to provide the infrastructure for a group to learn collectively, and here is the how to to dramatically increase team effectiveness. This book is focused on how a facilitator can help groups and the individuals in those groups slow down the emotional and belief processes in order to create opportunities to choose responses rather than being on automatic pilot. The purpose of the facilitators effort is to move experiential learning beyond the traditional notion of teambuilding. Teambuilding has become a catchall phrase for helping a group get more comfortable with one another and develop trust. It is our opinion that to unlock the power of these experiential tools, facilitators must think about developing two Meta-skills Emotional Maturity and Critical Thinking. Using experiential learning to develop the attitudes and skills to continually learn provides a real hope for creating fundamental change in the way people and groups interact.

A New Generation Density Functional

Author : Igor Ying Zhang
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A New-Generation Density Functional: Towards Chemical Accuracy for Chemistry of Main Group Elements covers the most recent progress in the development of a new generation of density functional theory (DFT) for accurate descriptions of thermochemistry, thermochemical kinetics, and nonbonded interactions of main group molecules. In this book, the authors present the doubly hybrid density functionals (DHDFs), which dramatically improve the accuracy for predictions of critical properties by including the role of the virtual (unoccupied) orbitals. The authors not only discuss the theoretical bases of three classes of DHDFs but also demonstrate their performance using some well-established benchmarking data sets.

The New Generation of Watershed Management Programmes and Projects

Author :
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This publication presents the state of the art in watershed management, promotes further reflection and creative thinking and proposes new ideas and approaches for future watershed management programmes and projects. It has been written primarily for field-level watershed management practitioners and local decision-makers involved in watershed management at the district or municipality level. It will also be a useful source of information for other readers such as senior officers and consultants specialized in other areas, evaluators, policy-makers and students of watershed management. Also published in French and Spanish.

Anti Coningsby Or The New Generation Grown Old

Author : William North
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Stem Cell Drugs A New Generation of Biopharmaceuticals

Author : Phuc Van Pham
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This invaluable resource discusses the current revolution in stem cell-based drugs and their potential use in clinical applications. Each chapter is contributed by a pre-eminent scientist in the field. An introductory section presents current stem cell drugs and stem cell-based products and a discussion of production, quality control, mechanisms, and efficacy. Following sections include discussions on stem cell-derived microvesicles based products, and derived exosomes based products. Stem Cell Drugs - A New Generation of Biopharmaceuticals and the other books in the Stem Cells in Clinical Applications series are invaluable to scientists, researchers, advanced students and clinicians working in stem cells, regenerative medicine or tissue engineering. This groundbreaking volume is also essential reading for those researching or studying drug development or pharmaceutical science.

New Generation Political Activism in Ukraine

Author : Christine Emeran
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Individuals in the post-Communist Ukraine dealt with a political climate of stalled reforms and corruption, leading to a mass distrust of many political institutions. This had a demobilizing effect on a citizen’s sense of capacity to effect social change. Therefore, the emergence of any individual to become an activist and involved in protest movements was a remarkable feat. So how does an individual become an activist in such a climate? This book explains how socio-cultural experiences shape an individual’s choices to become an activist in the authoritarian space of post-Soviet Ukraine by applying a cultural, actor-centred approach using qualitative methods of interviews and ethnography. The goal is to better understand the dynamics of individual decision-making between participants in collective protest actions under repressive conditions from the State using biographical narratives. The book covers multiple discussions with five young activists involved in the three largest protest events since Ukrainian independence in 1991: the Ukraine without Kuchma Movement of 2000–2001, the Orange Revolution of 2004, and the Euromaidan protests of 2014. This is valuable reading for students and researchers interested in political sociology, social movements and Ukrainian politics, and how these Ukrainian protests can be related to wider European political movements.

John Deere New Generation and Generation II Tractors

Author : John Dietz
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In the 1960s and 1970s, John Deere’s tractors evolved dramatically from small machines into large, powerful tractors with modern advances and muscular engines; it was a period of the greatest changes since the 1920s. Deere christened these tractors the New Generation. This book in the Tractor Legacy series examines these Big Green machines in detail, with archival and current photography of restored tractors, a thorough historical text, and details of model specifications and variations.

New Generation Formulations of Agrochemicals

Author : Tatiana G. Volova
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This important volume provides new research on the design and application of ecologically safe formulations for protecting cultivated crops against pathogen-causing diseases and weeds—that also provide nitrogen fertilizers at the same time. The authors make a significant contribution to the development and agricultural use of environmentally safe and biodegradable new-generation pesticides with targeted and controlled release of active ingredients. They discuss the problems associated with the use and accumulation of xenobiotics in the biosphere and present highlights of modern trends in the design of new-generation formulations. The authors present their original research results on the properties of herbicides, fungicides, and nitrogen fertilizers deposited in a degradable polymer base and the effectiveness of the use of these formulations in laboratory ecosystems with higher plants infected with fusariosis and weeds. The research provided here provides a new direction for the use of degradable polymers, essential for the creation of ecologically safe agricultural technologies and reducing uncontrolled accumulation and spread of xenobiotics in the biosphere.

Review of the Research Program of the Partnership for a New Generation of Vehicles

Author : Standing Committee to Review the Research Program of the Partnership for a New Generation of Vehicles
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This fifth review of the Partnership for a New Generation of Vehicles assesses progress made in the program towards the development of high fuel economy vehicles. One of the goals of the program is to develop midsize sedans with up to three times the fuel economy of today's vehicles. Concept vehicles are slated for 2000 and production prototypes for 2004. The book addresses engine technologies, batteries for energy storage, fuel cells, lightweight materials, fuels, emissions control systems, power electronics, and vehicle systems engineering.

Review of the Research Program of the Partnership for a New Generation of Vehicles

Author : Division on Engineering and Physical Sciences
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This is the most recent report of the National Research Council’s Standing Committee to Review the Research Program of the Partnership for a New Generation of Vehicles (PNGV), which has conducted annual reviews of the PNGV program since it was established in late 1993. The PNGV is a cooperative R&D program between the federal government and the United States Council for Automotive Research (USCAR, whose members are DaimlerChrysler, Ford Motor Company, and General Motors) to develop technologies for a new generation of automobiles with up to three times the fuel economy of a 1993 midsize automobile. The reports review major technology development areas (four-stroke direct-injection engines, fuel cells, energy storage, electronic/electrical systems, and structural materials); the overall adequacy of R&D efforts; the systems analysis effort and how it guides decisions on R&D; the progress toward long-range component and system-level cost and performance goals; and efforts in vehicle emissions and advanced materials research and how results target goals. Unlike previous reports, the Seventh Report comments on the goals of the program, since the automotive market and U.S. emission standards have changed significantly since the program was initiated.

The Information Behavior of a New Generation

Author : Jamshid Beheshti
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The Information Behavior of a New Generation: Children and Teens in the 21st Century attempts to describe the significant changes in the information behavior of children and youth over the last two decades. Thirteen researchers from a variety of disciplines discuss the changes that can be attributed to mobile technology, social networks, and digital media.

Hollywood Wives The New Generation

Author : Jackie Collins
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The sexy page-turner picks up where the #1 New York Times bestselling Hollywood Wives left off showing Jackie Collins at her “ultra-celeb, super accessorized, bestselling best” (Publishers Weekly). Power. Sex. Money. Fame. The new Hollywood wives have it all. And if they don’t have it—they want it. And whatever these women want—they get. Ambitious, young, smart, and lethal, the Hollywood wives are back with a vengeance, pushing their way to the forefront. Forget shopping—they’re into achieving everything their famous husbands have and more, and they don’t care how they do it.

Advanced Reactors R D and New Generation Nuclear Electric Powerplants

Author : United States. Congress. House. Committee on Science, Space, and Technology. Subcommittee on Energy Research and Development
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