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Writing Centers and the New Racism

Author : Laura Greenfield
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Noting a lack of sustained and productive dialogue about race in university writing center scholarship, the editors of this volume have created a rich resource for writing center tutors, administrators, and scholars. Motivated by a scholarly interest in race and whiteness studies, and by an ethical commitment to anti-racism work, contributors address a series of related questions: How does institutionalized racism in American education shape the culture of literacy and language education in the writing center? How does racism operate in the discourses of writing center scholarship/lore, and how may writing centers be unwittingly complicit in racist practices? How can they meaningfully operationalize anti-racist work? How do they persevere through the difficulty and messiness of negotiating race and racism in their daily practice? The conscientious, nuanced attention to race in this volume is meant to model what it means to be bold in engagement with these hard questions and to spur the kind of sustained, productive, multi-vocal, and challenging dialogue that, with a few significant exceptions, has been absent from the field.

Racism After race Relations

Author : Robert Miles
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Discusses the shifting definitions of racism and challenges the common conception that racism is experienced exclusively by black people. The book aims to occupy the centre of debate on the sociology of racism and ethnic studies.

Tackling the Roots of Racism

Author : Reena Bhavnani
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Drawing on the literature from a wide range of disciplines, including sociology, anthropology and psychology, the book makes direct links between the causes of racism and the successful interventions to combat it. It particularly highlights the need to understand micro 'everyday' racisms in order to tackle the macro structural roots of racism.Topics covered include ethnic monitoring and the reproduction of racism; elite racism in the media and among politicians; anti-racist interventions at work and service delivery; combating racism in sport, the arts and education; social cohesion, diversity and local community initiatives and multiculturalism and equal opportunities.The succinct description and shrewd analysis of policy interventions make this book essential reading for social science academics, researchers and students, as well as practitioners and policy makers keen to apply the lessons learned.

The New Racism

Author : W. J. Breytenbach
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Social Theory Psychoanalysis and Racism

Author : Simon Clarke
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Sociological explanations of racism tend to concentrate on the structures and dynamics of modern life that facilitate discrimination and hierarchies of inequality. In doing so, they often fail to address why racial hatred arises (as opposed to how it arises) as well as to explain why it can be so visceral and explosive in character. Bringing together sociological perspectives with psychoanalytic concepts and tools, this text offers a clear, accessible and thought-provoking synthesis of varieties of theory, with the aim of clarifying the complex character of racism, discrimination and social exclusion in the contemporary world.

The Impact of Racism on African American Families

Author : Professor Paul C Rosenblatt
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In spite of the existence of statistics and numerical data on various aspects of African American life, including housing, earnings, assets, unemployment, household violence, teen pregnancy and encounters with the criminal justice system, social science literature on how racism affects the everyday interactions of African American families is limited. How does racism come home to and affect African American families? If a father in an African American family is denied employment on the basis of his race or a wife is demeaned at work by racist slurs, how is their family life affected? Given the lack of social science literature responding to these questions, this volume turns to an alternative source in order to address them: literature. Engaging with novels written by African American authors, it explores their rich depictions of African American family life, showing how these can contribute to our sociological knowledge and making the case for the novel as an object and source of social research. As such, it will appeal to scholars and students of the sociology of the family, race and ethnicity, cultural studies and literature.

Racism Without Racists

Author : Eduardo Bonilla-Silva
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This edition includes a chapter examining the Obama mystery, the election of a black President even though racial progress has stagnated in the country since the 1980s. Bonilla-Silva argues that this development is not a breakthrough in race relations, but a continuation of racial trends in the last 40 years including the sedimentation of color-blind racism as the dominant ideology in the nation.

Anti Racist Social Work

Author : Gurnam Singh
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Welfare, health, education, conflict, security and migration are examples of phenomena that are prevalent across all societies. With chapters from leading scholars from around the world, this exciting new book draws upon the impacts of globalisation, colonialism, and capitalism, to explore the common challenges facing nations across the globe and provide an insight in to the history, theory and practice of a new anti-racist social work.

Postwar Anti Racism

Author : Anthony Q. Hazard
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This book explores the discourse and practice of anti-racism in the first two decades following World War II, uncovering the ways scientific and cultural discourses of 'race' continued to circulate in the early period of contemporary globalization through the lens on UNESCO.

Marxist Theory Black African Specificities and Racism

Author : Babacar Camara
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This book sheds a radical light on the issue of race, showing that social and racist discourses are ideological and political mystifications masking exploitation. It deals with substantive issues that have the potential to enhance our understanding how Marxist theory can be quite useful in interpreting the race paradigm.