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New Year Same You

Author : Geoff Tibballs
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What is it about the term 'wellness' that sets your teeth on edge? Do you really need someone to come in and help you declutter? Can you truly practice mindful meditation on the train to work every morning? If the answer to all these questions is a resounding 'no', then take heart, you're not alone. What is life without struggle? Everyone knows it's impossible to float through life on a fluffy pillow of happiness; it just isn't like that. As Alan Coren once said, 'To have a grievance is to have a purpose in life.' Hear hear! This book is for those who look at life from a different angle, not wearing rose-tinted glasses with their glass half full, but for life's realists: the folk who believe one should never go to bed angry . much better to stay awake and plot your revenge. In New Year, Same You you'll find lots of laugh-out-loud humour to brighten your day (or not). Filled with words from the wise, this is the perfect book for grumps everywhere, after all, why make one person unhappy when, with a little more thought and effort, you could spread misery to the entire family?

New Year Same Trash

Author : Samantha Irby
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Comedian, blogger and essayist Samantha Irby is not going to be a better person this year than she was last. Nope. With a small group of woo-woo others, Irby sets seventy micro-resolutions, and then—with the rest of us—she fails at almost every single one of them. Thoughtful, witty, poignant—the failed intentions in New Year Same Trash will make you laugh and cry. Because you know you’ve been there. You can’t wake up in time to go to brunch. Swimming three times a week? Who are you kidding. You’re not going to shower every day or pack your lunch every day. You’re definitely not going to choose a smart movie over mindless entertainment, because you’re tired. You’re lazy. And, no, you’re never going to be a positive thinker. “I didn’t do this. I’m gonna. Maybe.” Don’t worry. It’s okay. There’s always next year. Instantly recognizable to anyone who’s ever failed to make goals and stick with them, New Year Same Trash will bring hilarious relief. A Vintage Shorts Original. An ebook short.

The Midwife s New Year Wish

Author : Jennifer Taylor
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A Christmas kiss… It's Christmastime at Dalverston General Hospital, and midwife Katie Denning is frantically trying to find a stand-in Santa for the carol concert. A gorgeous stranger, Nick Lawson, steps in at the last minute, but it isn't until after he has claimed his "fee"—a sensual, earth-shattering kiss—that she discovers he is the new OB-GYN registrar! However, he quickly proves what a caring and dedicated doctor he is, and Katie starts giving in to their mutual attraction—only to find it's Nick who is now holding back. Katie has to find out why if she has any hope of fulfilling her own secret New Year wish….

Her New Year Baby Surprise

Author : Sue MacKay
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A new baby of her own? Nurse Emma Hayes was happy being a surrogate to give her best friend, Abbie, her baby. She has her own daughter, Rosie, and everything she needs. Until handsome ER doc Nixon Wright gets under her skin! Having lost his family young, Nixon is wary of falling in love. But there’s something about Emma… Soon he’s fallen under her spell, with very unexpected consequences! Nevertheless, Emma faces the New Year full of hope for the future. But will the new baby they’ve created together be enough to melt Nixon’s frozen heart?

New Year s Wife

Author : Linda Varner
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HOME FOR THE HOLIDAYS RECIPE FOR A HAPPY NEW YEAR 1 Bachelor pilot 1 Young widow 1 Oversize house 6 Assorted relatives Passion, hope and love as desired In oversize house, toss together pilot and widow. Fold in memory of passionate midnight kiss and heat thoroughly. Add generous dollop of assorted relatives. Season with passion, hope and love. Yield: A Home for the Holidays…and forever! HOME FOR THE HOLIDAYS. Celebrate the joy and love of Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year's with three very special couples.

The Right Resolution A Sweet Story of Faith Love and Small Town Holidays

Author : Kristen Ethridge
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SHE NEEDS THIS YEAR TO BE DIFFERENT...BUT THERE’S ONE RESOLUTION SHE DIDN'T PLAN ON MAKING When the clock strikes midnight at her beachside cottage on New Year's Eve, Eve Larson plans a fresh start following a year of heartbreaking disappointments. But when an enemy from her past tracks her down, will he stand in the way of rebuilding her dreams? Add in a treasured royal heirloom, New Year's resolutions, and sweet kisses on moonlit beaches, and you have the start of one unforgettable year. If you love quick, sweet escape romance stories filled with hope, heart, and happily-ever-after that will make you swoon and leave you with a smile, you will want to celebrate the holidays in Port Provident.

New Year s Steve

Author : Rose Bak
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Sometimes, it takes stitches to mend the past… When an accident sends writer Janna Frazier to the emergency room, it's not just the blood loss that's making her woozy. She is shocked to learn that her doctor is the man she fell in love with at a New Year's Eve party twenty years ago. The one who disappeared without a trace, leaving her pregnant and humiliated. Dr. Steve Jacobs had almost forgotten the woman he fell for all those years ago. Now he learns that taking Janna's virginity and then losing her phone number had more serious consequences than he ever imagined. Having found her again, Steve is determined to give their relationship another chance. But can Janna move past the hurt and anger she's harbored all these years? "New Year's Steve is book two in the "Loving the Holidays" series, contemporary romantic comedies featuring seasoned couples in their forties and fifties. Expect strong men, independent women who know their own minds, meddling friends and families intent on matchmaking, and lots of steam. Each book in the series is a standalone with a happily ever after. Buy yours today!

A Very Pregnant New Year s

Author : Doreen Roberts
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FAMILIES FEUD ON NEW YEAR'S EVE...A GIANT AVALANCHE STRIKES...TWO ENEMIES ARE TRAPPED IN A SNOWBOUND CABIN... When fate stranded them together, Anne Parker fought her attraction for roguish Brad Irving. She couldn't possibly want this scoundrel-her father's sworn enemy, breaker of hearts. Until...uh-oh! She'd just made love with the one man in the world she shouldn't have. Yet never in her life had she felt such fierce desire as she felt now for Brad. And soon a baby was on the way... Would their child be raised a Parker or an Irving? Or was this finally the truce they were looking for?

The Queen s New Year Secret

Author : Maisey Yates
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Kidnapped by her king! As the clock strikes twelve on New Year's Eve, the fairy tale is over for all of Petras when Queen Tabitha—refusing to live in a loveless marriage—asks her husband for a divorce. But anger erupts into passion, and when Tabitha flees the palace she's carrying King Kairos's heir! Discovering her secret, Kairos kidnaps his wife. Against the backdrop of his secluded island paradise, he proves there's no escaping his royal reach. He will use the desire that's gone unsated between them for too long to ensure his wife returns to his side.

New Year s Wedding

Author : Muriel Jensen
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Fairy tales do come true. She seemed to have it all: a fabulous career as a supermodel, a dad who dotes on her and a home in Paris. And now Cassie's rediscovered the Manning half brother and sister she barely remembered since she was split up from them as a toddler. But none of that excuses her bad behavior on a photo shoot that hit all the tabloids and sent her running from the media. With the help of family friend Grady Nelson, she's able to lie low in his secluded cabin so she can be part of the New Year's wedding of her long-lost sister. Cassie's just beginning to believe she might really have it all—including the heart of this independent bachelor—when she accidentally sets fire to Grady's house… Then all bets are off.

Her Texas New Year s Wish

Author : Michelle Major
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Can you fall head over heels And land on your feet? When Grace Williams topples from the balcony at the soon-to-open Hotel Fortune, the last thing she expects is to find love with her new bosses’ brother. Wiley Fortune is visiting from Chicago, and the polished attorney has looks, money and charm to spare. But Grace’s past makes her wary of investing her heart—and risking her job. Do a small-town Texan and a city sophisticate really have a chance? From Harlequin Special Edition: Believe in love. Overcome obstacles. Find happiness. The Fortunes of Texas: The Hotel Fortune

A Ministerial Address for the beginning of the New Year 1846 John ix 4 Galatians vi 4 2 Kings iv 26

Author : John Charles Ryle
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William s New Year s Day Short Reads

Author : Richmal Crompton
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Everyone's favourite troublemaker is back in Richmal Crompton's William's New Year's Day. Just William makes his mark in this hilarious collection of twelve classic stories. Whether it's trying to arrange a marriage for his sister or taking a job as a boot boy as step one in his grand plan to run away, William manages to cause chaos wherever he goes. Features a charming introduction by one of William's famous fans, the wonderful comic writer Sue Townsend.

New Year s Day

Author : Selina Bunbury
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A New Year s Wish for the children of my society A sermon on Prov iii 17 etc

Author : Ezra Stiles GANNETT
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Let Every New Year Find You

Author : Kris Ripper
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It’s the holidays. Basically: everything is awful. As usual. It’s been three years since Davey saw their ex-boyfriend Will. The thing is…Will’s sort of the one who got away. And he’s also the one Davey calls when they’re super depressed, and it’s the holidays, and they just want a hug. What they get is an invitation to Will’s boyfriends’ beach house for New Year’s. Yeah. Boyfriends. Plural. In ten days Davey finds a kitten, wears a mermaid dress, and crushes on a beautiful man. Welcome to New Year’s at the beach house.

Lucy Maud Montgomery s Holiday Classics Tales of Christmas New Year

Author : Lucy Maud Montgomery
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This unique collection of "Lucy Maud Montgomery's Holiday Classics (Tales of Christmas & New Year)" has been designed and formatted to the highest digital standards. Christmas Stories A Christmas Inspiration The Christmas Surprise at Enderly Road Aunt Cyrilla's Christmas Basket The Falsoms' Christmas Dinner The Josephs' Christmas The Osbornes' Christmas Clorinda's Gifts Christmas at Red Butte A Christmas Mistake The Unforgotten One The Red Room New Year Stories Uncle Richard's New Year's Dinner Bertie's New Year Ida's New Year Cake Anne Shirley Series Anne of Green Gables Anne of Avonlea Anne of the Island Anne's House of Dreams Rainbow Valley Rilla of Ingleside Lucy Maud Montgomery (1874–1942) was a Canadian author best known for a series of novels beginning in 1908 with Anne of Green Gables. The book was an immediate success. The central character, Anne Shirley, an orphaned girl, made Montgomery famous in her lifetime and gave her an international following.

The Cowboy and the New Year s Baby

Author : Sherryl Woods
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When single, independent-minded mother-to-be Trish Delacourt went into labor on the side of a snowy road, she swallowed her pride and flagged down the nearest passing motorist. What she hoped for: a Good Samaritan. What she got: rancher Hardy Jones, handsome as sin and sworn to be single. He knew nothing about birthin' babies, but he was going to have to take a crash course—pronto! Inveterate ladies' man Hardy never could turn down a beautiful woman, so when the pregnant damsel in distress needed him, he delivered her beautiful baby girl. But what was to become of Hardy's policy of no-strings-attached? One look at Trish—and her adorable daughter—and he could feel a most unfamiliar pull.

The Gift a Christmas and New Year s Present for

Author : Eliza Leslie
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Flower Food and Felonies at the New Year s Jubilee

Author : Annie Adams
File Size : 48.83 MB
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Christmas has finally come and gone but the holiday rush isn’t through. A florist’s work is never done as Quincy McKay can attest to. She’s juggling responsibilities last minute brides, her future mother-in-law, her handsome fiancés job, and a new pup who might have gulped down her engagement ring. And now she’s judging the New Year’s Jubilee cook off contest. After contestants start having “accidents” that knock them out of the running, Quincy becomes more than a little curious. When the accidents befall her friends and family, she decides to investigate. With the help of her side kick, her dog and a zombie delivery van, Quincy might find the culprit before the accidents become deadly and if she’s lucky, before the Jell-O has had time to set.