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Newhall s Walk of Western Stars

Author : Bill West, E.J. Stephens, and Kim Stephens
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Since 1981, the Walk of Western Stars in Newhall, California, has commemorated beloved performers from Western film, television, radio, and music. Over the years, nearly 100 honorees have been memorialized in the sidewalks of Old Town Newhall with bronze saddles and terrazzo tiles. Each April, new inductees are added to the walk during the Santa Clarita Cowboy Festival. Santa Clarita, which includes Newhall, has a century-long history of Western film and television production that continues to this day. Newhall is the site of William S. Hart Park, where silent cowboy superstar William S. "Two Gun Bill" Hart, the first Walk of Western Stars inductee, had his retirement home. It is also the home of such Western gems as Melody Ranch, a film ranch once owned by Gene Autry that is still in operation. Melody is where Matt Dillon first stared down the bad guys in Gunsmoke, where Al Swearengen ruled over Deadwood, and where the hosts first became sentient in television's Westworld.

Hall of Fame Museums

Author : Victor J. Danilov
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The first comprehensive overview of hall of fame museums and exhibits, this work contains valuable information on 274 halls of fame in over 100 fields in the United States and 10 other countries.

Legendary Locals of the Santa Clarita Valley California

Author : Alan Pollack
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Cradled among chaparral-covered canyons an hour north of downtown Los Angeles is a fascinating place called the Santa Clarita Valley. The history of the valley has significantly shaped the cultural development of Southern California for centuries. But while events are often credited with creating its history, the true portrait of the valley is painted using the palette of personalities who left their indelible mark on the landscape. It is these stories of cowboys, Native Americans, outlaws, farmers, shepherds, soldiers, miners, range warriors, ranchers, saloon keepers, stagecoach drivers, railroaders, town drunks, teetotalers, engineers, land speculators, explorers, missionaries, actors, and common folk that make the history of the Santa Clarita Valley so compelling. Legendary Locals of the Santa Clarita Valley is a pictorial journey through time, telling tales of the colorful cast of characters found sprinkled throughout the region's past, and the "legendary locals" who still make history today.

Ray Bradbury Uncensored

Author : Gene Beley
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"The Definitive Ray Bradbury Book" "I volunteered for the Moorpark College newsroom assignment. The speech changed my life just listening to Bradbury speak. I thought he was the greatest orator I had ever heard and thought to myself, "If he can write as well as he can talk, I'll read everything he's written and seek out magazines to sell an article about him." Back then (1968), I had started my freelance writing career and was always looking for new ideas. That first Bradbury speech changed my life and his advice gave me my life's philosophy: 'Follow your loves! Don't listen to anyone else-even your own spouse. However, if you have the love of a good spouse and several good friends, you'll be successful. If you don't yet know what you want to do in life, go out and find your loves and you'll have a happy life.'" You'll find this biography may be more of a self-help book and "the definitive Ray Bradbury" revealed like no other book has yet done. Whether you are a science fiction fan, student, attorney, architect, writer, priest, or just a person trying to find your mission on planet Earth, there is a piece of the jigsaw puzzle to your life awaiting you in this book. If you are going on a trip or simply want something to read for a weekend, this book is designed as a quick, entertaining read for all people. And you need not know anything about science fiction to enjoy reading the study of this genius and American icon. Enjoy! -Gene Beley, author

Canyon Country

Author : Martha Sharrer Michael
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Located in northern Los Angeles County in the Santa Clarita Valley, Canyon Country was once the ancestral home of the Tataviam people, who were the area s first inhabitants as early as 500 ad. The first recorded American resident was Col. Thomas Mitchell, who established the area s first school in 1872 with his wife, Martha. In 1876, when Southern Pacific Railroad president Charles Crocker drove in the golden spike that connected Northern and Southern California at Lang Station, Canyon Country s significance as a crossroads community began. The town also became a section of US Route 6, the longest transcontinental highway. Today, Canyon Country is a blend of old and new, juxtaposing hundred-year-old ranch houses with 21st-century golf courses and providing locations for Hollywood s newest depictions of the Old West."

Hollywood Stunt Performers 1910s 1970s

Author : Gene Scott Freese
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This biographical dictionary shines the spotlight on several hundred unheralded stunt performers who created some of the cinema’s greatest action scenes without credit or recognition. The time period covered encompasses the silent comedy days of Buster Keaton and Harold Lloyd, the early westerns of Tom Mix and John Wayne, the swashbucklers of Douglas Fairbanks, Errol Flynn, and Burt Lancaster, the costume epics of Charlton Heston and Kirk Douglas, and the action films of Steve McQueen, Clint Eastwood, and Charles Bronson. Without stuntmen and women working behind the scenes the films of these action superstars would not have been as successful. Now fantastic athletes and leading stunt creators such as Yakima Canutt, Richard Talmadge, Harvey Parry, Allen Pomeroy, Dave Sharpe, Jock Mahoney, Chuck Roberson, Polly Burson, Bob Morgan, Loren Janes, Dean Smith, Hal Needham, Martha Crawford, Ronnie Rondell, Terry Leonard, and Bob Minor are given their proper due. Each entry covers the performer’s athletic background, military service, actors doubled, noteworthy stunts, and a rundown of his or her best known screen credits.

The Inconvenient Indian

Author : Thomas King
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WINNER of the 2014 RBC Taylor Prize The Inconvenient Indian is at once a “history” and the complete subversion of a history—in short, a critical and personal meditation that the remarkable Thomas King has conducted over the past 50 years about what it means to be “Indian” in North America. Rich with dark and light, pain and magic, this book distills the insights gleaned from that meditation, weaving the curiously circular tale of the relationship between non-Natives and Natives in the centuries since the two first encountered each other. In the process, King refashions old stories about historical events and figures, takes a sideways look at film and pop culture, relates his own complex experiences with activism, and articulates a deep and revolutionary understanding of the cumulative effects of ever-shifting laws and treaties on Native peoples and lands. This is a book both timeless and timely, burnished with anger but tempered by wit, and ultimately a hard-won offering of hope -- a sometimes inconvenient, but nonetheless indispensable account for all of us, Indian and non-Indian alike, seeking to understand how we might tell a new story for the future.

William S Hart Park

Author : Bill West, E.J. Stephens and Kim Stephens
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Nickelodeon cowboy star William S. Hart thrilled millions of fans in over 70 shoot-'em-ups in the early days of silent cinema. After completing his film career in 1925, Hart retired to Horseshoe Ranch in Newhall, California, where he lived until his death in 1946. Hart willed the property to the County of Los Angeles, requesting that it become a park and museum, stating: "When I was making pictures, the people gave me their nickels, dimes, and quarters. When I am gone, I want them to have my home." William S. Hart Park stands as a fitting testament to Hart's life and generosity. On its 265 acres, visitors can tour his 22-room retirement mansion and ranch house, picnic on the park's spacious tree-shaded lawns, wander miles of trails, feed animals at the barnyard, and admire the herd of American bison, descendants of those gifted to the park by Walt Disney. The park is also home to Heritage Junction, which houses many of Santa Clarita's most historic buildings and serves as headquarters for the Santa Clarita Valley Historical Society.

American Cowboy

Author :
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Published for devotees of the cowboy and the West, American Cowboy covers all aspects of the Western lifestyle, delivering the best in entertainment, personalities, travel, rodeo action, human interest, art, poetry, fashion, food, horsemanship, history, and every other facet of Western culture. With stunning photography and you-are-there reportage, American Cowboy immerses readers in the cowboy life and the magic that is the great American West.

The Inconvenient Indian Illustrated

Author : Thomas King
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An illustrated edition of the award-winning, bestselling Canadian classic, featuring over 150 images that add colour and context to this extraordinary work. "Every Canadian should read [this] book." —Toronto Star Since its publication in 2012, The Inconvenient Indian has become an award-winning bestseller and a modern classic. In its pages, Thomas King tells the curiously circular tale of the relationship between non-Native and Indigenous people in the centuries since the two first encountered each other. This new, provocatively illustrated edition matches essential visuals to the book's urgent words, and in so doing deepens and expands King's message. With more than 150 images—from artwork, photographs, advertisements and archival documents to contemporary representations of Native peoples by Native peoples, including some by King himself—this unforgettable volume vividly shows how "Indians" have been seen, understood, propagandized, represented and reinvented in North America. Here is a book both timeless and timely, burnished with anger and tempered by wit, and ultimately a hard-won offering of hope—an inconvenient but necessary account for all of us seeking to tell a new story, in both words and images, for the future.