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Nighty Nightmare

Author : James Howe
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An overnight camping trip! Not Harold's idea of fun. Too many mosquitoes, ticks and cockleburs. But when the Monroe family set out, their faithful dog Harold was with them, mostly because he remembered that camping could also bring s'mores and toasted marshmallows. Howie, the other family dog, and Chester the cat were also included in the trip. Only Chester thought the idea was completely insane. The woods, he informed Harold, were not only full of cockleburs and ticks, but of spirits, evil spirits who prey on the innocent. And on this, the worst night of the year -- St. George's Eve, when all spirits are set loose -- who knew what could happen. What Harold knew was that Chester was a well read, over-stimulated cat, full of weird ideas. He did not take Chester's worries too seriously. He had s'more to think about. But then, the Monroes set up camp near two strange men and their even stranger dog, and things began to happen that made even Harold wonder. Could Chester be right? This begins a long night, full of terrors and alarms, full of Chester's horrifying tale of how Bunnicula, the vampire bunny, was born and came to America, full of storms and a total sense of danger; and at the end came surprises that even Chester could not have predicted. Once again, the Monroe family may be the victims of evil forces or only of Chester's strange imagination. But whichever, the result is suspenseful and very, very funny.

Legacy of Blood

Author : Jim Harper
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Combining in-depth analysis with over 200 film reviews, 'Legacy of Blood' is a comprehensive examination of the slasher movie and its conventions to date, from 'Halloweeen' to 'Scream' and beyond.

Bunnicula Lit Link Gr 4 6

Author :
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Blessings from the Darkness

Author : Nicholas Grabowsky
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Blessings from the Darkness complied by Kelly J Koch and published by Nicholas Grabowsky with Black Bed Sheet Books and a dedication by G.L. Lentz. For those of you who have never experienced a family illness that completely wipes the family out emotionally and mentally as well as monetarily then you have no idea what it can do to a family. Blessings from the Darkness the brain child of G.L. Lentz for a family that is going through that very thing is so worth every penny spent on it. The thirty plus authors who have given up their stake in the book have written stories, poems and flash fiction that will wrench your very heart out of your chest, put tears in your eyes and make you look at life in ways you never have before. While the book is titled Blessings from the Darkness- it is not all horror stories. There are stories of everyday experiences, thoughts, wishes (some that do not turn out so well) and emotions. "When Angels Fall" will have you weeping as you turn each page and read each line, "The Third Wish" will make one think twice before wanting to deal with a Genie, "Death of a Parent" will cause you to weep. These are just a few of the wonderful writings by up and coming authors and writers who have never been published before- but you need to keep on your radar. This is a book that you will want to add to your library and to read over and over again.

The Wicked Witch of South Fallston

Author : William J. Smith
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Billy Smith is a typical teenage boy.He has many friends who he would rather hang out with than babysit his two kid sisters;Molly and Carol Anne.One night, Billy's parents go out to dinner and leave him in charge of his baby sister; Carol Anne.At first, he thinks that this'll be another boring Saturday night of babysitting, but tonight will be anything but.Just as Billy puts his baby sister;Carol Anne to bed in her crib, a port-hole into another dimension opens up in the baby's nursery-closet and an ugly hag of a witch snatches Carol Anne out of her crib and darts off into the port-hole.William dutifully follows in hot pursuit and now he must band together with a young knight and eventually a wizard to get Carol Anne back before the wicked witch, named Bedelia, uses her in a wicked plot to get her youth and beauty back by sucking Carol Anne's life-force out of the tyke.Billy must race against time or lose his baby sister for

Encyclopedia of the Vampire The Living Dead in Myth Legend and Popular Culture

Author : S. T. Joshi
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An exhaustive work covering the full range of topics relating to vampires, including literature, film and television, and folklore. • Nearly 240 A–Z entries on all aspects of vampirism • Photographs and illustrations of vampire films, television shows, and other matters relating to vampires • Brief bibliographies referring the reader to secondary sources on individual entries • A general bibliography of scholarship on vampires

Game Design Foundations

Author : Roger Pedersen
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Game Design Foundations, Second Edition covers how to design the game from the important opening sentence, the "One Pager" document, the Executive Summary and Game Proposal, the Character Document to the Game Design Document. The book describes game genres, where game ideas come from, game research, innovation in gaming, important gaming principles such as game mechanics, game balancing, AI, path finding and game tiers. The basics of programming, level designing, and film scriptwriting are explained by example. Each chapter has exercises to hone in on the newly learned designer skills that will display your work as a game designer and your knowledge in the game industry.

Return to Howliday Inn

Author : James Howe
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In this sequel to "Howliday Inn," the Monroe family pets are again boarded at Chateau Bow-Wow, where some spooky goings-on serve as a distraction from the kennel's poor food.

This Is a Great Book

Author : Larry Swartz
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“This Is a Great Book!” champions the belief that having a wide range of “great” books to read is essential to students’ becoming readers — both inside the classroom, and beyond. Based on extensive research, this highly readable book explores a range of recommended titles that cover a spectrum of developmental stages, from early chapter books to young adult novels. The 101 literacy events outlined within include a wealth of practical strategies: more than fifty reproducible activities, assessment profiles, and inventories for easy classroom use. Committed to nurturing the love of reading, this passionate book invites readers to dig deeper by responding through writing, discussion, the arts, media, and more. Special attention is given to the world of leisure reading, where readers make choices based on their preferences and tastes as they build a lifelong interest in fiction that will enrich their lives.

There s a Dragon in My Sleeping Bag

Author : James Howe
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This wry tale of two brothers who amiably try to outdo each other by creating jumbo-size imaginary friends makes a great read-aloud and is a follow-up to There’s a Monster Under My Bed.