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Nijinsky Pavlova Duncan

Author : Paul Magriel
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Long out of print, the three volumes contained here offer the modern reader a rare opportunity to see Vaslav Nijinsky, Anna Pavlova, and Isadora Duncan through the eyes of their contemporaries and admirers, and to share the excitement they were causing at the end of their careers.

Nijinsky Pavlova Duncan

Author : Paul Magriel
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Long out of print, the three beautiful volumes contained here offer the modern reader a rare opportunity to see Vaslav Nijinsky, Anna Pavlova, and Isadora Duncan through the eyes of their contemporaries and admirers, and to share the excitement they were causing at the height of their careers. Originally published in conjunction with the Ballet Society, founded by George Balanchine and Lincoln Kirstein, the books present essays, reviews, memoirs, photographs, and sketches, many of which are had to find elsewhere. These books are companions to the art of Nijinsky, Pavlova, and Duncan, providing insights that are essential for a complete picture of the dancers' achievements. Nijinsky:The six appreciations collected here illuminate Nijinsky's genius and character, and thirty pages of photographs portray his every move and gesture with singular fidelity. This book features Edwin Denby's famous essay, "Notes on Nijinsky Photographs," as well as an intimate account by Robert Edmond Jones of his collaboration with Nijinsky on "Til Eulenspiegel," the dancer's last work before the onset of madness. Pavlova: This volume captures the intangible personal qualities that made Anna Pavlova one of the most charismatic ballerinas of all time. An autobiographical sketch, "Pages of My Life," reveals her intense striving for perfection. Following this are excerpts from Carl Van Vechten's critique on Pavlova's performance at the Met-the first major study of the Russian dance in the United States. Finally, the brilliant commentary by poet Marianne Moore that accompanies photographs of Pavlova aids the reader to reconstruct the unique nature of Pavlova's style and technique. Isadora Duncan:The career of Isadora Duncan remains, fifty years after her death, one of the indestructible legends of the theater. She is a beacon to women everywhere, to all American dancers, and especially to those who dance solo. Included here are the comments of Carl Van Vechten on the occasion of Isadora Duncan's first Carnegie Hall concert. John Martin analyzes her style and contribution to dancing. A poem by Gordon Braig and a memoir by Allan Ross Macdougall, who worked with Duncan, bring the incandescent Isadora to stunning life.


Author : Lucy Moore
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'He achieves the miraculous,' the sculptor Auguste Rodin wrote of dancer Vaslav Nijinsky. 'He embodies all the beauty of classical frescoes and statues'. Like so many since, Rodin recognised that in Nijinsky classical ballet had one of the greatest and most original artists of the twentieth century, in any genre. Immersed in the world of dance from his childhood, he found his natural home in the Imperial Theatre and the Ballets Russes, he had a powerful sponsor in Sergei Diaghilev - until a dramatic and public failure ended his career and set him on a route to madness. As a dancer, he was acclaimed as godlike for his extraordinary grace and elevation, but the opening of Stravinsky's The Rite of Spring saw furious brawls between admirers of his radically unballetic choreography and horrified traditionalists. Nijinsky's story has lost none of its power to shock, fascinate and move. Adored and reviled in his lifetime, his phenomenal talent was shadowed by schizophrenia and an intense but destructive relationship with his lover, Diaghilev. 'I am alive' he wrote in his diary, 'and so I suffer'. In the first biography for forty years, Lucy Moore examines a career defined by two forces - inspired performance and an equally headline-grabbing talent for controversy, which tells us much about both genius and madness. This is the full story of one of the greatest figures of the twentieth century, comparable to the work of Rosamund Bartlett or Sjeng Scheijen.

Nijinsky s Faune Restored

Author : Ann Hutchinson Guest
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This third volume in The Language of Dance series presents Nijinsky's ballet as he himself recorded it in 1915, making this authentic version, translated into Labanotation, immediately available to dance students, teachers, scholars and researchers. It intentionally includes the historical background, the chronology of Niminsky's performances of "Faune," Nijinsky's production notes, analysis of the choreographic style of the ballet, detailed study and performance notes, approaches to learning and teaching the ballet, research problems encountered in the transcription and revival, and a comprehensive explanation of Nijinsky's notation system with examples from his score. Supplemented by photographs of the 1912 production and with the music adjacent to the dance phrases, this book provides unique access to a much discussed and elusive ballet. Nijinsky's score of his "L'Apres-midi d'un faune" lay unused for nearly forty years after his death, because nobody could read it. In 1987

Isadora Duncan in the 21st Century

Author : Andrea Mantell Seidel
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Part artistic study, part intimate memoir, this book illuminates the technique and repertory of American dancer Isadora Duncan (1877-1927) and her enduring legacy from the perspective of an artist and scholar who has reconstructed and performed her work for 35 years. Providing an overview of modern activities and trends in the teaching and performance of Duncan's dance, the author describes her own work directing The Isadora Duncan Dance Ensemble, the company that sought to implement Duncan's mission to create not a school of dance but "a school of life."

The Queer Afterlife of Vaslav Nijinsky

Author : Kevin Kopelson
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This is three books in one: an impressionistic account (based on the aestheticism of Walter Pater) of the dancer's homoerotic career, a deconstructive analysis of his gay male reception (drawn from the semiotics of Roland Barthes), and an exploration of the limitations of that analysis.

The Ballets Russes and Its World

Author : Lynn Garafola
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The dance, art, music, and cultural worlds of the Ballets Russes--a dance company which helped define the avant-garde in the early part of this century--are surveyed in this book, which begins with Serge Diaghilev's influence. 200+ illustrations.

Dancing Genius

Author : Hanna Järvinen
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Tracing the historical figure of Vaslav Nijinsky in contemporary documents and later reminiscences, Dancing Genius opens up questions about authorship in dance, about critical evaluation of performance practice, and the manner in which past events are turned into history.

The Ancient Dancer in the Modern World

Author : Fiona Macintosh
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When the eighteenth-century choreographer Jean-Georges Noverre sought to develop what is now known as modern ballet, he turned to ancient pantomime as his source of inspiration; and when Isadora Duncan and her contemporaries looked for alternatives to the strictures of classical ballet, they looked to ancient Greek vases for models for what they termed 'natural' movement. This is the first book to examine systematically the long history of the impact of ideas about ancient Greek and Roman dance on modern theatrical and choreographic practices. With contributions from eminent classical scholars, dance historians, theatre specialists, modern literary critics, and art historians, as well as from contemporary practitioners, it offers a very wide conspectus on an under-explored but central aspect of classical reception, dance and theatre history, and the history of ideas.

The Golden Age of the Spanish Dance

Author : Michael 'Miguel' Bernal
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This printed material is a chronological history of dance, bringing together many different dancers and styles, a unification of Spanish art-forms. We have seen a handful of dance biographies always declaring the career of their subject as the most important. Let’s place into perspective that we had many dancers during the same time frame and each one contributed, some more than others. Noting the artistic contributions made by these performers made it easier to review the period of Spanish dance as an ‘era’. We took these performers and placed them into one account, foretelling how this style of dance contributed to the overall American style of the Spanish dance. Americans Ted Shawn, Ruth St. Denis, La Meri, Carmelita Maracci and Ballet Russes Anna Pavlova, Adoph Bolm and Leonide Massine were all in some way affected by the Spanish dance. Even Hollywood and Broadway were instrumental in the birth of Hispanic culture in the country. In this first book I have highlighted the careers of two artists, La Argentina and Vicente Escudero, both worked together forming a part-time partnership important in this early era. Later Spaniards who exemplified the art-form in America were La Argentinita, Pilar Lopez, Rosario & Antonio, Jose Greco, and Nana Lorca whos reflections are mirrored within these pages and later editions