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Nine Faces of Christ

Author : Eugene E. Whitworth
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"The central character of this book is not 'Jesus Christ' as we perceive him, but rather the Eternal Initiate, the Great Candidate of All Religions. It is hoped that as you read you will become so emotionally involved in the problems of this Great Initiate that as he approaches initiation in his preparation for the Final Effort on The Cross, you will feel that you are there." - EUGENE E. WHITWORTH

Initiation Into the Grail Mysteries

Author : Grailmaster
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Significant new spiritual impulses come into our world through the strivings and invocations of unique men and women who have achieved a close attunement with the invisible guides of humanity known in Hermetic terms as Spiritual Hierarchy. The Temple of the Holy Grail is a new spiritual impulse given in the latter quarter of the twentieth century. It is a mystery school designed to empower spiritually mature women and men with Hierarchical attunement for esoteric world service. Thus, Hierarchy has created an initiatic mystery school based not upon secrecy, but accessibility, and not upon hidden geographical centers, but a worldwide virtual platform. T:.H:.G:. is not dependent upon secret adepts, but upon self-empowerment. It is focused not merely upon the spiritual achievements of the past, but upon the coming generation of spiritually gifted individuals who are attuning themselves to Divine Will and Hierarchy. T:.H:.G:. exists to facilitate the empowerment of those spiritually talented individuals who have the potential to contribute wonderful new achievements of soul and spirit for the sake of the New Humanity. It is a tool to be used by such people.

Nine Faces of Kenya

Author : Elspeth Huxley
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The Changing Faces of Jesus

Author : Geza Vermes
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During his life Jesus did not view himself as divine, nor did his disciples. In THE CHANGING FACES OF JESUS the great scholar Vermes works back through successively earlier accounts of the life of Christ to finally reveal the true, historical figureof Jesus hidden beneath the Gospels: a Palestinian charismatic convinced he had an essential role to play in bringing about the kingdom of God.

The Many Faces of Faith

Author : Michael Taylor
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Faith is one of the most critical aspects of the Christian life, because it is the means by which we receive all that God has secured for us; yet the nature of faith is one of the most misunderstood concepts of Christianity. Some conceptualize faith as some mental state that one must reach before they are able to “tap into” God’s “resources.” Others view faith as some sort of incorporeal substance that is “out there” for which we must reach. All of these concepts of faith are deficient, if not heretical, and yet all of them are found in the church. Others view faith as a mere fantasy or hope with no basis in reality, and thus religious claims are excluded from the arena of knowledge. “For a number of years my heart has been trilled over the doctrine of faith as it is received and taught among evangelical Christians everywhere. Great emphasis is laid upon faith in orthodox circles, and that is good, but still I am troubled. Specifically, my fear is that the modern conception of faith is not the biblical one; that when the teachers of our day use the word, they do no mean what Bible meant when they used it”. I also share the same concerns with A.W.Tozer, when he said; “the cause of my uneasiness are these”: 1. The lack of spiritual fruits in the lives of so many who claim to have faith. 2. The rarity of a radical change in the conduct and general outlook of persons professing their new faith in Christ as their personal Savior. 3. The failure of our teachers to define or even describe the thing to which the word faith is supposed to refer. 4. The heartbreaking failure of multitudes of seekers is they are even so earnest to make anything out of the doctrine or to receive any satisfying experience through it. 5. The real danger that a doctrine that is parroted so widely and received so uncritically by so many is false as understood by them. 6. I have seen faith put forward as an escape from reality, a refuge from the necessity of hard thinking, a hiding place for weak character, natural optimism, emotional thrills and nervous tics. Therefore, in the pages of this book, I will endeavor to outline for your benefit the dynamics of faith. What is faith? How does faith works? How to grow in faith? The power of faith; the Excellency of faith; the demand of faith; the perseverance of faith; the challenges of faith; the object of faith, the effect of faith; the response of faith; the discipline of faith; the necessity of faith and many more are discussed.

Elenchus of Biblica

Author : Robert North
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The Philosopher s Stone

Author :
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Library of Congress Catalogs

Author : Library of Congress
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The Aquarian Christ

Author : Arild Romarheim
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Library of Congress Catalog

Author : Library of Congress
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