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Nineteenth and Twentieth century Harpists

Author : Wenonah Milton Govea
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Documenting the growth and development of the modern concert harp, this work is the largest and most complete compilation of biographies of harpists.

Harps and Harpists Revised Edition

Author : Roslyn Rensch
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Revising her classic 1989 book Harps and Harpists, Roslyn Rensch expands her authoritative history of this timeless instrument. This lavishly illustrated edition, with 137 black-and-white images and 24 color plates, surveys the progress of the harp from antiquity to the present day. The new edition includes two new chapters; an extensive bibliography and index; personal anecdotes of the author’s studies under Alberto Salvi; and an appendix on the Roslyn Rensch Papers and Harp Collection, which are housed at the University of Illinois–Urbana-Champaign.

Women in Music

Author : Karin Pendle
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Women in Music: A Research and Information Guide is an annotated bibliography emerging from more than twenty-five years of feminist scholarship on music. This book testifies to the great variety of subjects and approaches represented in over two decades of published writings on women, their work, and the important roles that feminist outlooks have played in formerly male-oriented academic scholarship or journalistic musings on women and music.

Benjamin Britten in Context

Author : Vicki P Stroeher
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Benjamin Britten, pianist, conductor, educator, composer of a wide range of music from large-scale operas and choral works to string quartets and songs, is acknowledged as a pivotal figure in mid-twentieth-century Britain. This volume explores the contexts for his multi-faceted career and his engagement with his contemporaries in music, art, literature, and film, British musical institutions, royal and governmental entities, and the church, as well as his ground-breaking projects, philosophical and ideological tenets. The book is thematically structured in five parts: Britten's relationships with Peter Pears, his close friends, mentors, and colleagues; musical life in Britain; his interactions with previous and contemporary generations of composers; his professional work with choreographers, librettists, stage designers, and directors; and his socio-cultural, religious, and political environment. The chapters shed light on the many opportunities and challenges of post-war British musical life that shaped Britten's creative output.

One Stone to the Building

Author : Jaymee Haefner
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Do you love the harp? The French harpist Henriette Reni (18751956) asked this question of each student, and it remained her ideal throughout her life. This book explores the circumstances which surrounded the beginning of Henriette Renis career as a masterful harpist and composer. Through her celebrated performances of her Concerto en ut mineur, she gained acclaim simultaneously as a virtuosic performer and composer. In the wake of her success, several new masterpieces by respected composers appeared, including Pierns Concertstck and Ravels Introduction et Allegro. The elements of Renies virtuosity are traced through her famous Lgende, and her less-known Deux promenades matinales. Her compositional style is explored through her Scherzo-Fantaisie for harp and violin and her Concerto en ut mineur. As a teacher, Renis influence echoed throughout the world. Her profound influence has been evident through the vision of her own students, including Susann McDonald, Marcel Grandjany, Mildred Dilling, Odette Le Dentu, Odette de Montesquiou, Bertile Fournier, Emmy Hrlimann, Bertile Robet Auffray, and Marie Astrid DAuffray. The crystallization of Renis teaching practice is described through her Mthode complte de harpe (Complete Method for Harp) and her twelve volumes of harp transcriptions, Les classiques de la harpe. The amount of literature about Renis life and work is disproportionate to the deep imprint she made upon the harps history and repertoire. This book is a start to further recognizing her vast importance to the establishment of the harp.

The Indispensable Harp

Author : John Mendell Schechter
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A musical instrument that has played a vital role in Latin American music cultures--the harp--is the subject of this new work, the first study of its kind to be published in English. John Schechter presents a history of the harp in Spain, traces its introduction into colonial Latin America, and describes its modern roles in the diverse cultural centers of Mexico, Paraguay-Argentina-chile, Venezuela, and Peru. He then turns his focus to his own field research in the Quichua culture of northern highland Ecuador, an area that has receive considerably less scholarly attention than many of its Latin American neighbors. The reader will meet a community of harp maistrus on the slopes of Mt. Cotacachi and become familiar with their culture, their particular instrument and its tuning, and their performance practices. Numerous photographs, musical transcriptions, and diagrams illustrate and enliven the text. The Indispensable Harp is unique for its integration of aspects of music and cultural history, organology, and performance practice, treating in considerable depth both broadly established music-ethnographical practices. It speaks to the conclusion that the vital role of the harp in Latin American music history has now been properly acknowledged and documented.

Harps and Harpists

Author : Roslyn Rensch
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Six thousand years of lavishly illustrated harp history

Harp Music in the Nineteenth Century

Author : Hans Joachim Zingel
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Harp Music in the Nineteenth Century makes available a wealth of information on a vital period in the development of the harp and its music. In the early nineteenth century, Erard perfected the double-action mechanism, which allowed the harp to be played in all keys. Virtuosos and composers of the period were quick to exploit the lush harmonic modulations and new tone colors now possible. Book jacket.

The Paraguayan Harp

Author : Alfredo Colman
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This book discusses the historical and musical development of the diatonic harp in Paraguay, an analysis of the musical contributions by harp composers and performers, a survey of the various traditional genres associated with the instrument, and a discussion of the popular and academic settings where the instrument has been cultivated.

The American Harp Journal

Author :
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