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When Skies Have Fallen

Author : Debbie McGowan
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Winner of the 28th Lambda Literary Award (Gay Romance). For many in war-torn 1944, love blossoms in the dance hall, and airman Arty Clarke is no exception. He's a thinker and a dreamer; however, it's not the beautiful, talented dancer in his arms - his best friend Jean - who inspires his dreams. For when his gaze meets that of Technical Sergeant Jim Johnson, Arty dares to imagine a different dance. Their love is forbidden, by both the armed forces and the law, but with Jean's cunning and support, Arty and Jim try to bridge the distance between them and find true love despite the danger and a life-threatening disaster that could destroy Arty's dreams for good. Can the pair stand strong together, no matter how many skies have fallen? ---- Part of Love is an Open Road (Don't Read in the Closet 2015) MM Romance Group

The Business of Reading

Author : Julian Lovelock
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In The Business of Reading, Julian Lovelock charts the development of the English novel over the past hundred years. Smuggling in titles from Scotland, Ireland and the Caribbean, he focuses on twenty texts written since the end of the First World War, some well-known but others less so, placing them in their historical context. Novelists represented range from D.H. Lawrence, E.M. Forster and Virginia Woolf, through Graham Greene, Kingsley Amis and Iris Murdoch, to such contemporary writers as Ian McEwan, Maggie O'Farrell and Graham Swift. Written in a lucid style that reflects his expertise and enthusiasm, Lovelock's innovative selection, perceptive analysis and lightness of touch will appeal to the general reader, the book club member and the student. He argues that our response as readers is an important part of the creative process, and while he mainly avoids the critical '-isms' that have characterised recent academic debate, he introduces such concepts as intertextuality, metafiction and the role of the often unreliable narrator, showing how an appreciation of the way the language of fiction works can only add to our understanding and enjoyment.

Fallen Skies

Author : Philippa Gregory
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Terrific novel set in the Roaring Twenties, reissued to accompany Philippa Gregory’s bestselling novel, The Other Boleyn Girl

Oh Joe

Author : Joseph LeBlanc, Jr.
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Oh Joe! is a must read for anyone who has experienced grief and loss and struggles to survive. Other books have been written about the stages of grief. This one eloquently conveys in poem the complex feelings of the grieving process that others describe with clinical observation. There are no platitudes, no easy answers here. Joseph LeBlanc speaks from the heart about the anguish of loss and how it feels. It is a father's personal struggle to survive the loss of his son so piercing you will feel you are there and fall to your knees in thanks that you are not. He speaks to us of feelings of loss we all have in a way that cannot help but leave you touched. It is rare that a man would expose this much of himself. It is rarer still that he would write about it for all to read. We should be thankful for this glimpse into the recesses of soul within us all.

The Spirituality Revolution

Author : David John Tacey
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The Spirituality Revolution : The emergence of contemporary spirituality recognises that we have outgrown the ideals and values of previous times and reveals an image of the spiritual situation of our era. Recent discoveries in physics, biology, psychology and ecology have begun to restore status to previously discredited spiritual visions of reality and this book illustrates the ways in which we might uncover a universal spiritual wisdom that could transform our splintered world. Topics explored include the current state of the Western experience of spirit, our need for spiritual guidance when we cannot turn to organised religion in their traditional forms, and the creative potentials of spirit in education, personal experience, contemporary philosophy and popular feeling for the environment.

The Art of Not Falling Apart

Author : Christina Patterson
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New Statesman's Best Books of the Year, 2018 Mail on Sunday, Books of the Year, 2018 We plan, as the old proverb says, and God laughs. But most of us don't find it all that funny when things go wrong. Most of us want love, a nice home, good work, and happy children. Many of us grew up with parents who made these things look relatively easy and assumed we would get them, too. So what do you do if you don't? What do you do when you feel you've messed it all up and your friends seem to be doing just fine? For Christina Patterson, it was her job as a journalist that kept her going through the ups and downs of life. And then she lost that, too. Dreaming of revenge and irritated by self-help books, she decided to do the kind of interviews she had never done before. The resulting conversations are surprising, touching and often funny. There's Ken, the first person to be publicly fired from a FTSE-100 board. There's Winston, who fell through a ceiling onto a purple coffin. There's Louise, whose baby was seriously ill, but who still worried about being fat. And through it all, there's Christina, eating far too many crisps as she tries to pick up the pieces of her life. The Art of Not Falling Apart is a joyous, moving and sometimes shockingly honest celebration of life as an adventure, one where you ditch your expectations, raise a glass and prepare for a rocky ride.

Labour of Love

Author : James Graham
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Labour MP David Lyons cares about modernisation and "electability"... his constituency agent, Jean Whittaker cares about principles and her community. Set away from the Westminster bubble in the party's traditional northern heartlands, this is a clash of philosophy, culture and class against the backdrop of the Labour Party over 25 years, as it moves from Kinnock through Blair into Corbyn... and beyond? This razor-sharp political comedy from James Graham was produced by Michael Grandage Company and Headlong and received its world Premiere at the Noël Coward Theatre in September 2017.

Post apocalyptic Culture

Author : Teresa Heffernan
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Heffernan uses modernist and post-modernist novels as evidence of the diminished faith in the existence of an inherently meaningful end.

Skulls Renegade MC First Generation

Author : Elizabeth Knox
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Skulls Renegade MC: First Generation is a boxset filled with ten full length novels and a bonus content piece that concludes the Skulls Renegade MC series. Reign A woman on a mission to take down a big, bad biker club gets more than she bargains for. Redemption He's loved her for years after her heart was broken by another. Now it's their chance to see how things go. Revenge Even in the dark, some find the light. A quest for revenge brings some people together and tears others apart. Relentless A biker is sent to be security for an up and coming pop artist. Absolutely nothing could go wrong . . . until it does. Reckoning Two misunderstood monsters find love in one another's arms. Rectified . . . the bonus content piece that you've been waiting for. What happens when the Romanian Clans meets the outcasts? Reclaimed They tried it once and failed, but the years have passed and hearts have been molded. Will these two have their happily ever after? Reckless Two brothers and one woman. They're each what she needs, but will one make her question everything? Regret Chaos refuses to live with regret, so he'll do everything he can to make sure it works. Reclusive Claiming a woman he's never met before, he's sure to find out what the true meaning of love is. Retribution He's loved her from afar, but now it's time for their romance to fully blossom.

Literature and Culture in Modern Britain Volume 1

Author : Clive Bloom
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The first in a three-volume sequence, this book covers the period between 1900 and 1929, providing a perceptive and thorough analysis of British literature within its historical, cultural and artistic context. It identifies the crucial, interwoven relationships between literature and the visual arts, modern poetry, popular fiction, journalism, cinema, music and radio. Much factual detail and a literary chronology guide the reader through the text.