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Norms and the Study of Language in Social Life

Author : Janus Mortensen
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Sociolinguistics and the social sciences more generally tend to take an interest in norms as central to social life. The importance of norms is easily discernible in the sociolinguistic canon, for instance in Labov’s definition of the speech community as ‘participation in a set of shared norms’ and Hymes’ concepts of ‘norms of interaction’ and ‘norms of interpretation’. Yet, while the notion of norms may play a central role in sociolinguistic theory, there is little explicit theoretical work around the notion of norms itself within the discipline. Instead, norms tend to be treated as conceptual primes – convenient building blocks, ready-made for sociolinguistic theorizing – rather than theoretical constructs in need of reflexive attention. The aim of this book is to assess and advance current understandings of norms as a theoretical construct and empirical object of research in the study of language in social life. The contributors approach the topic from a range of complementary disciplinary perspectives, including sociolinguistics, linguistic anthropology, EM/CA, socio-cognitive linguistics and pragmatics, to provide a multifaceted view of norms as a central concept in the study of language in social life.

Handbook of Pragmatics

Author : Jan-Ola Östman
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This encyclopaedia of one of the major fields of language studies is a continuously updated source of state-of-the-art information for anyone interested in language use. The IPrA Handbook of Pragmatics provides easy access – for scholars with widely divergent backgrounds but with convergent interests in the use and functioning of language – to the different topics, traditions and methods which together make up the field of pragmatics, broadly conceived as the cognitive, social and cultural study of language and communication, i.e. the science of language use. The Handbook of Pragmatics is a unique reference work for researchers, which has been expanded and updated continuously with annual installments since 1995. Also available as Online Resource:

The Social Life of Children in a Changing Society

Author : K. M. Borman
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This book developed from a symposium in which participants examined childhood socialization from a number of perspectives and with several disciplinary lenses. The major purpose of the symposium and thus of this volume is to provide an integrative, multidisciplinary discussion of the social development of preschool and young elementary school-aged children. As a result, there are contributions to this volume from anthropologists (Leacock, Ogbu), psychologists (Lippincott, Mueller, Ramey and Snow), sociologists (Borman, Denzin) and scholars who have self-consciously adopted an interdisciplinary framework. First published in 1984. Routledge is an imprint of Taylor & Francis, an informa company.


Author : Derrick Carey
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It’s the case study that shocked the world surrounding the events, along with criminal charges that spread throughout Florida, New York, and Nebraska of an American writer and research scientist. Breaking down his code to human behavior study with a psychological evaluation analysis report of his life... Presenting the keys to the resurrection of life after facing the tragic events of our day to day lives. His quest to rising in the eyes of defeat and to showcase the chaos that destroyed a real life Romeo and Juliet Story.... “Never Give Up”

Language and Social Relations

Author : Asif Agha
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Provides a way of accounting for the relationship between language and a variety of social phenomena.

Language Social Psychological Perspectives

Author : H. Giles
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Provides a comprehensive review of the relationships between language and social behaviour. The papers will be of interest not only to psychologists concerned with language and social behaviour, but also to linguists, sociologists and social workers, anthropologists and psychiatrists

The Role of the EU and Member States in the Arab Spring

Author : Seyma Ekiz
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Das Ziel der Autorin ist es darzulegen, ob die Interessen (sowohl normative als auch rationale) und Ziele der europäischen Außenpolitik mit den Aktionen/Handlungen der Union in Nordafrika während des Arabischen Frühlings übereinstimmen. Ist das außenpolitische Verhalten der EU in den Bereichen Sicherheit, wirtschaftliche Entwicklung und Wertesicherheit in Tunesien und Libyen mehr materiellen Interessen geschuldet oder ist es normativer Natur? Durch Einbeziehung von Erkenntnissen des neoklassischen Realismus verwendet die Autorin hierbei eine neue Methode. Die Studie beinhaltet eine weitreichende Analyse von EU Dokumenten, Experten Interviews und Primär- und Sekundärquellen. Die Autorin ist nach Abschluss der Doktorarbeit in Köln nach Ankara umgezogen. Ihre Forschungsinteressen liegen in der Europäischen und Türkischen Außenpolitik und der Außenpolitikanalyse.

Sociolinguistics Soziolinguistik Volume 1

Author : Ulrich Ammon
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Since the publication of the first edition of the handbook Sociolinguistics/Soziolinguistik , the then young discipline has changed and developed considerably. The field has left behind its status as an interdiscipline between sociology and linguistics and is now a worldwide established field. Sociolinguistics continues to contribute to solving practical problems in areas such as language planning and standardization, language policy, as well as in language didactics and speech therapy. Moreover, new topics and areas of application have arisen from the autonomy of the discipline - these have been systematically and extensively included in the second edition of the handbook. The new overall concept depicts the regional and disciplinary representativity of sociolinguistic research while offering an encyclopedia-like useablitiy for all its readers. This includes theoretical depth and stringency for readers interested in theory, as well as methodical abundance and detail for empirical researchers. The descriptions of methods are so informative and precise that they can directly be used in the preparation of project planning. Similarly, the descriptions in the practice-oriented articles are so precise that users can accurately assess to what extent they can expect a certain sociolinguistic approach to help solve their problems. With an extensive description as its goal, the second edition of the handbook Sociolinguistics/Soziolinguistik takes into account the current standing of the discipline and the modified structure of the field.

An Introduction to Sociolinguistics

Author : Ronald Wardhaugh
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This comprehensive new edition of Wardhaugh’s textbook incorporates additional study features and numerous new and updated references to bring the book completely up-to-date, whilst maintaining the features that made the book so popular with lecturers and students: accessible coverage of a wide range of issues, clearly written, and with useful student study features. A fully revised new edition of Ronald Wardhaugh’s popular introduction to sociolinguistics, which now includes over 150 new and updated references and new study features throughout Features new “Explorations” sections in each chapter incorporating suggested readings, discussion sections, and exercises – all designed to encourage students to develop their own skills and ideas Reflects new developments in the field, providing greater focus on ideas such as identity, solidarity, and markedness Provides balanced coverage of a range of topics, including: language dialects, pidgins and Creoles, codes, bilingualism, speech communities, variation, words and culture, ethnographies, solidarity and politeness, talk and action, gender, disadvantage, and planning Comprehensive and accessible, it is the ideal introduction for students coming to sociolinguistics for the first time

Engaging Superdiversity

Author : Karel Arnaut
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This book is the fruition of five years’ work in exploring the idea of superdiversity. The editors argue that sociolinguistic superdiversity could be a source of inspiration to a wide range of post-structuralist, post-colonial and neo-Marxist interdisciplinary research into the potential and the limits of human cultural creativity and societal renewal under conditions of increasing and complexifying global connectivity. Through case studies of language practices in spaces understood as inherently translocal and multi-layered (classrooms and schools, youth spaces, mercantile spaces and nation-states), this book explores the relevance of superdiversity for the social and human sciences and positions it as a research perspective in sociolinguistics and beyond.