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Dungeness Crabs and Blackberry Cobblers

Author : Jane Hibler
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The gifts of the Great Northwest inspired Janie Hibler to write Dungeness Crabs & Blackberry Cobblers, a celebration of the region's diverse culinary heritage. With 220 recipes, both old and new, Hibler offers a zesty menu of dishes, some born in the Northwest, other imported by settlers from New England, France, Scandinavia, Germany, Italy, and Asia. Featuring more than 240 historical photographs and illustrations, along with regional legends, personal remembrances, and tips, Hibler's collection of Northwest flavors is further seasoned with her passion for cooking and love of place. A James Beard Foundation/Kitchenaid Book Award Nominee.

The Pacific Northwest Seafood Cookbook Salmon Crab Oysters and More

Author : Naomi Tomky
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From Coho and sockeye to Dungeness and Kumamoto For thousands of years, the abundance of fish and shellfish in the Pacific Northwest created a seafood paradise for the Indigenous peoples hunting and gathering along the region’s pristine waterways, and, later, for the Chinese, Scandinavian, Filipino, and Japanese immigrants (along with many others), who have made this region home. Drawing on these diverse influences, the region fostered a cuisine that is as varied as its people, yet which remains specifically Northwestern. Here, food writer Naomi Tomky leads readers through an exploration of this cuisine. She starts with the basics of buying great-tasting and sustainable seafood, surveys the variety of seafood on offer—from stars like halibut and oysters to unsung heroes like lingcod and smelt—and shares 75 delicious recipes reflecting the people who live in the region today, including Red Curry Mussels, IPA-Battered Cod, Dungeness Crab Deviled Eggs, and Pink Scallop Ceviche. From the first cut of salmon, prized for its rich flavor and versatility, to the last crack of the sweet Dungeness crab, Tomky covers grilling, curing, and baking, and shares secrets for tricky tasks like removing pin bones and mussel beards. She explains how flavor-packed spot prawns put other shrimp to shame and why the region’s razor clams are unparalleled. For curious seafood rookies in search of the perfect fool-proof salmon and barnacled fish-cooking veterans looking for a new way to enjoy their favorite catch, The Pacific Northwest Seafood Cookbook is a must-have guide to cooking, and eating, the region. Including recipes from Tom Douglas, Shiro Kashiba, Bonnie Morales, Mutsuko Soma, Ethan Stowell, Jason Stratton, John Sundstrom, and more.


Author : Cynthia C. Nims
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Watch for upcoming books in this mouthwatering series as Nims celebrates the foods that the Northwest does best -- the specialties that have broken the boundaries of regional cooking. And in the meantime, think Crab! Book jacket.

The Alaska Homegrown Cookbook

Author :
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Compiled by the editors of Alaska Northwest Books, The Alaska Homegrown Cookbook contains the best recipes from dozens of Alaska Northwest cookbooks published over the past forty years. It includes appetizers, salads and soups, native fruits and vegetables, baking and desserts, beef, poultry and of course, seafood. In addition there is a section on recipes for wild game as well as side dishes, and even beverages such as Alaska Cranberry Tea. Here are over 200 of the best recipes from the Last Frontier with an introduction by Alaskan chef, Kirsten Dixon. Illustrated with line drawings and black and white photos. A must have for Native Alaskans and visitors alike.

Best Places Northwest Cookbook 2nd Edition

Author : Cynthia Nims
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Northwest cuisine has in recent years received national attention, primarily for its focus on fresh, locally grown and raised ingredients. The Best Places Northwest Cookbook features more than 100 truly outstanding regional dishes from iconic restaurants and inns of Washington, Oregon, and British Columbia, all of which appear in the 16th and 17th editions of Best Places Northwest. Originally published in 1996, the best-selling cookbook has been revised, with added updates to establishments from the previous edition, as well as an array of new recipes from some of the most-celebrated places to have opened in recent years. Completely repackaged with a fresh design, and featuring the photography of Lara Ferroni, this cookbook is essential for any Northwest foodie's kitchen, as well as a great keepsake for visitors to the area.

The Crab Cookbook

Author : Cy Liberman
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Every crab connoisseur relishes the pleasure of sitting down to a delectable meal of hard or soft shell crabs. Many, however, think crab is a dish best enjoyed in a restaurant, prepared by a trained chef. For the past twenty years, Cy and Pat Liberman's The Crab Cookbook: How to Catch and Cook Crabs has shown crab lovers that they need not be deprived of their favorite food in their own homes. Now, in this revised and expanded edition, the authors make it even easier for experienced and amateur crab cooks-and eaters- to buy, prepare, and even catch their own crabs! This detailed guide, which now covers all American varieties of crab, explains what to look for and what to watch out for when purchasing crabs. For those whp prefer to catch their own, the Liebermans share tips on everything from the best bait to the laws that govern cra + catching throughout the U.S. They describe the intricacies of crab picking, the best accompaniments to a crab dish and much more!

Best Places Northwest Cookbook

Author : Cynthia C. Nims
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With the addition of color photos and over a dozen new recipes, this treasured cookbook is better than ever. It features more than 100 outstanding regional dishes from iconic inns and restaurants of Washington, Oregon, and British Columbia, all of which appear in recent editions of Best Places Northwest. Entries from the previous edition have be...

Pure Flavor

Author : Kurt Beecher Dammeier
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The creator of the award-winning Beecher’s Handmade Cheese in Seattle, Kurt Beecher Dammeier knows that great food begins with the highestquality ingredients prepared simply,so their natural, intense flavors shine through. In this, his first cookbook, you’ll discover that meals based on great raw materials require fewer ingredients,take less time to prepare, are healthier for you and your family, and taste phenomenal.In Pure Flavor,Kurt shares more than 125 favorite recipes from his popular gourmet food shops and restaurant. This is fresh food that celebrates the quintessentially American flavors of the Pacific Northwest region that Kurt calls home. He shows you how pan-searing locally grown broccoli brings out its unique flavor, how an outstanding aged American Cheddar turns a bowl of tomato soup into ameal to remember, how a simple marmalade sauce can effortlessly enliven pork chops, and how asplash of light vinaigrette punctuated with lemon and basil makes any fresh fish shine. Here are recipes for everything from a winning weekend breakfast dish of Apple-Hazelnut Waffles with Northwest Berry Syrup to hearty dinners like Dungeness Crab Mac & Cheese.Kurt knows where to find plump Washington cherries, crunchy Oregon hazelnuts,and fresh Puget Sound salmon and encourages home cooks to explore the culinary bounties of their area. He even includes helpful sidebars that demystify food terms, explaining the difference between Dungeness and peekytoe crabs,farmed and wild salmon, and “natural”and “organic.” Whether it’s the sweet-tart bite of a juicy blackberryor the pungent tang of awonderful blue cheese, natural and fresh flavors can be discovered anywhere. With stunning photography and irresistible recipes, Pure Flavor will inspire you to seek out America’s pure flavors, wherever you live. From the Hardcover edition.

I Love Crab Cakes

Author : Tom Douglas
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Where do you get the best crab cakes? Ask one hundred different people and you'll likely get one hundred different answers. Some swear by classic Chesapeake Bay crab cakes, and some by spicy Creole crab cakes, while others maintain that Pacific Northwest crab cakes can't be beat. In I Love Crab Cakes!, award-winning chef and cookbook author Tom Douglas brings the best of East, West, and Gulf coasts to the table and proves that the most delicious crab cakes of all come straight from your home kitchen. Tom thoroughly examines every thorny, crab cake–related issue. Bread crumbs, cracker crumbs, panko, or no crumbs at all? What kind of crabmeat: Dungeness, king, or Peeky Toe? Are the best crab cakes pan-fried, deep-fried, or not even cooked? Tom offers up dozens of his famous crab cake recipes, including classic crab cakes from East and West, North and South, plus newer innovations such as Wild Ginger Crab Cakes, Pesto Risotto Crab Cakes, and Crab Louie Cheesecakes. There are crab cake sandwiches, breakfast crab cakes, and crab cake sauces and salsas.

The Paley s Place Cookbook

Author : Vitaly Paley
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With an unquenchable ardor for local, luscious, sustainably produced food and drink, Vitaly and Kimberly Paley bring their elegant, soulful fare home in The Paley's Place Cookbook. Nestled in a converted Victorian in Portland's trendy Northwest District, Paley's Place Bistro and Bar has been serving Vitaly Paley's creative, beautifully executed cooking for over a decade. Co-owner Kimberly Paley's joyous hospitality has helped make their restaurant into a West Coast destination. Now, The Paley's Place Cookbook teaches you to create blissfully perfect dishes from the ground up, whether simple (Grilled Figs Wrapped in Prosciutto; Tomato-Bread Soup) or showy (Duck Wellington with Mole Sauce; Vegetable-Stuffed Morels with Green Garlic Confit and Parmesan Cream), the authors emphasize the building blocks of wonderful food: great ingredients and great technique. Chapters on appetizers; soups, salads, and sandwiches; pastas and grains; fish and shellfish; meat, game, and fowl; vegetable side dishes; and desserts are complemented by extras, including a primer on putting together a knockout Oregon cheese course and a bevy of recipes for hand-crafted and seasonal cocktails. Wine pairings point the reader to well-matched styles and makers from the Pacific Northwest and France. Throughout the book, the Paleys introduce us to some of the many skilled food producers who make the Pacific Northwest a culinary treasure trove, and also take us inside the chef's thought process as he creates and refines his recipes. Evocative photographs—of finished dishes, gorgeous local foodstuffs, and the people who produce the food that gives so much pleasure—round out this personal, passionate, enlightening, and utterly delicious cookbook.

Christina s Cookbook

Author : Christina Orchid
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Deeply evocative of the San Juan Islands, the recipes and ingredients of Christina's Cookbook give readers a flavorful tour through all of the area's eddies, bays, and gardens. Just for starters, readers can try recipes for Crab Fondue and Fennel Breadsticks, Mussels with Garden Lilies and Curry, or Singing Scallops with Sweet Cicely and Cider. Add to this a side dish of charming tales and worldwide adventures, and the innovative recipes become all the more enticing. Roasted Halibut comes with a story on how it got its glaze; a millionaire playboy in the South of France is behind the delicious lamb recipe; and if readers want to discover how icy Doug Fir Granitas came to be served at the James Beard House, they can open up to the chapter on desserts (which also includes Poached Cherries and Lavender Ice Cream). For fans of authentic Northwest cooking and seafood alike, this cookbook is deliciously entertaining.

The Northwest Essentials Cookbook

Author : Greg Atkinson
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Award-winning chef Greg Atkinson explores and savors the Northwest cuisine's signature ingredients including oysters, Dungeness crabs, king salmon, cherries, and hazelnuts. Without crisp apples, wild salmon, sweet hazelnuts, mint from the garden, and spot prawns, there would be no such thing as Northwest cuisine. In this big-hearted cookbook, Greg Atkinson celebrates these and other regional treasures with a cook's knowledge and a local's love of place. Join Atkinson on a culinary tour of these special ingredients as he explains which oysters can stand up to cooking, which apples make the best pies, and how to use cherries in both savory and sweet dishes. With more than 150 choice recipes, this is sure to become an essential cookbook.

McCormick Schmick s Seafood Restaurant Cookbook

Author : William King
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Freshness. Quality. Elegance. The McCormick & Schmick's Seafood Restaurants have been providing delightful seafood tailored to regional tastes for more than thirty years. Now, diners and chefs can bring home the bold flavors of Grilled Mahi with Rum Butter, the savor of Lobster and Shrimp Cr'pes, and the classic charm of Swordfish Ricotta. This beautiful book contains more than ninety recipes, ranging from the Oyster Po? Boy Sandwich to the Crab, Mango, and Avocado Tower. Fish lovers will delight in over 180 pages of tantalizing fresh seafood recipes, including full-color photography by renowned Northwest photographer, Rick Schafer, and recipe compilation by Chef William King, the executive chef of the McCormick & Schmick's Seafood Restaurants across the country. This cookbook is perfect for the home-cook, whether cooking for entertainment, or just for the family.

The Good Housekeeping Cookbook

Author : Susan Westmoreland
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Format : PDF
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We all need a little help in the kitchen, and there's no more reliable guidebook than the one you hold in your hands.

Hello 50 Idaho Recipes

Author : MR USA
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Format : PDF, Mobi
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During My 25 Years' Experience In Writing And Cooking, The United States Always Has An Active And Dynamic Culinary Scene.✩★✩ Read this book for FREE on the Kindle Unlimited NOW DOWNLOAD FREE eBook (PDF) included ILLUSTRATIONS of 50 Idaho Recipes right after conclusion! ✩★✩The American food culture in today's time has become more exciting and interesting. So why don't you try discover the American food culture in the cookbook "Hello! 50 Idaho Recipes: Best Idaho Cookbook Ever For Beginners" with the parts listed below 50 Amazing Idaho Recipes In this American cookbook series, I traveled in the Caribbean, Asia, Latin America, Europe and North Africa to explore their food cultures. I am very much interested in the rising popularity of the so-called exotic cuisines. The curiosity of the Americans was really something worth supporting as they search outside the country for inspiration and sustenance. Travelling the world has been an awesome experience, trying new dishes and gathering ideas, and taking all these back home to try in my own kitchen. Then a newfound passion for local American food has occurred to me soon after I finished writing the American cookbook series. I was in the Pacific Northwest starting my book tour when I felt a spark burning inside me. I don't know if it was the perfectly grilled Copper River salmon (season's first), paired with a flowery and fruity Oregon Pinot Noir had to do with it. Or maybe the colorful Pacific oysters in Seattle's Pike Place market. Or it could be at Seattle's Dahlia Lounge where it's my first experience ever to sample a Kasu cod that has been caramelized. It's hard to know what it is, but that inspired me to write a U.S. cookbook.For more different types of American recipes, you can also see: Cajun And Creole Recipes Jewish Recipes Us Recipes By State Crab Cookbook Sauces And Gravies Cookbook Clam Cookbook Clam Chowder Cookbook Mexican Sauces Cookbook Clam Recipes Idaho Cookbook ... ✩ Purchase the Print Edition & RECEIVE a digital copy FREE via Kindle MatchBook ✩Thank you for your support and for choosing "Hello! 50 Idaho Recipes: Best Idaho Cookbook Ever For Beginners". I hope that each book in the series be an inspiration when preparing American food in your kitchen.Cheers to happy life and may you taste the flavors of America!Hope you enjoy every page of this book.

The Pacific Northwest

Author : Jean Galton
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Format : PDF, Kindle
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Salmon and crab, and porcini and truffles are just a few of the foods available in the Pacific Northwest, and this title from Williams-Sonoma's New American Cooking cookbook series. Includes recipes and native cooking techniques. Color photos.

Jake s Seafood Cookbook

Author : William H. P. King
File Size : 24.30 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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Author : Cynthia C. Nims
File Size : 83.61 MB
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First she brought you CRAB-succulent and fresh. Then it was sweet STONE FRUIT, followed by WILD MUSHROOMS and now SALMON. What better way to continue the wildly popular Northwest Homegrown Cookbook Series by award-winning chef and author, Cynthia Nims? Perhaps you'd like to start your day with the Salmon, Potato and Sweet Onion Breakfast Bake, or get your party going with a Deviled Salmon Skewers appetizer, or really wow your guests with a main course of Sesame-Crusted Salmon Steaks with Wasabi Butter. As with her first three books, Cynthia tells the story of Northwest cuisine-in this case salmon-includes a long list of recipes to choose from and, as always, offers plenty of tips for buying, storing, and cooking salmon. A "calendar of events" appears as bonus material. Simple or challenging, fast or project-style, these recipes, helpful hints, and colorful illustrations will have beginner and expert chefs alike experimenting with Cynthia's inventive ideas. Featuring sumptuous watercolor illustrations by Don Barnett, the latest book in the Northwest Homegrown Cookbook Series is a reference that lovers of the Northwest cuisine should not-cannot-be without.

San Juan Classics II Cookbook

Author : Dawn Ashbach
File Size : 63.4 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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Nestled in the sparkling waters of the Pacific Northwest lies one of world's richest archipelagos -- the San Juan Islands. The natural beauty of this region is well known to visitors and residents alike. The bounty of its gentle land and surrounding seas provide the natural ingredients for fresh, mouth watering flavors. San Juan Classics II celebrates the abundance of the area offering a unique blend of cuisines created by people who love good food. Authors Dawn Ashbach and Janice Veal, after 10 successful years with their first book, San Juan Classics, now present a second book featuring new cooking styles, new restaurants and chefs of the region. San Juan Classics II is an eclectic collection of more than 250 recipes ranging from quick and healthy to complex and decadent. In the spirit of the first book, it melds Northwest fare with classic ethnic dishes. Using recipes as varied as Dungeness Crab with Lemon Risotto to Grilled Steak with Peppercorn Sauce, the authors have combined the best of the old and new. Naturalist Peter Capen has painted a colorful word picture of the region in an introduction that captures the essence of the islands and photographs of island scenes provide a finishing touch. Given such a splendid setting, it seems natural that chefs and cooks be inspired by the bounty that San Juan Classics II provides.

Savor Washington Cookbook

Author : Blanche Johnson
File Size : 60.60 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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A location map, culinary glossary, and list of sources for hard-to-find ingredients complements the more than 130 select recipes from Washington's premier restaurants.