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Nose and Viral Cancer

Author : Aloisio Medeiros
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Various nasal and paranasal sinuses malignancies comprise approximately 15% of upper aerodigestive tract neoplasms. Chronic exposure to metals like nickel and chromium, and a variety of organic chemicals used in manufacturing greatly increase the risk of developing nose cancer. Early nasal cavity cancer can produce symptoms that are very similar to less serious nasal diseases such as swelling of the sinuses, headache, chronic infections, and/or blurred vision. In addition to the malignancies described above, this book examines three types of malignancies, which are not unique but are quite rare in the nasal region - lymphoepithiliomas, primary non-Hodgkin lymphomas and mixed tumours. Furthermore, viral cancers have been linked to approximately 15-20% of all human tumours world-wide. This new book gathers the latest research from around the globe on these cancer profiles and related topics such as nasopharyngeal carcinoma, malignant sinonasal tumours, the aetiology, pathogenesis and prevention of cervicouterine cancer (CCU) and oesophageal cancer, nasal reconstruction after nose cancer, and an innovative approach to cervical cancer prevention.

Vaccines Against Virally Induced Cancers

Author : Derek J. Chadwick
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An interdisciplinary and multinational group of specialists present contributions describing the current status of vaccines against virally induced tumors and discuss the means by which they can be improved.

Excerpta Medica

Author :
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Nasal Tumors in Animals and Man Vol III 1983

Author : Gerd Reznik
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This Monograph brings together within one cover the current knowledge about tumors of the nasal passages in man, in domestic and nondomestic animals. and in the rodents which are commonly employed in carcinogenesis studies in the laboratory.

Cancer Explained

Author : Frederick Stephens
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Australian origin.

Vaccines Against Virally Induced Cancers

Author : CIBA Foundation Symposium
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An interdisciplinary and multinational group of specialists present contributions describing the current status of vaccines against virally induced tumors and discuss the means by which they can be improved.

Diagnostic Surgical Pathology of the Head and Neck

Author : Douglas R. Gnepp
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This resource is the authoritative guide to problematic areas of the head and neck for the surgical pathologist. The updated second edition features new coverage and a more user-friendly layout. Expert Consult functionality allows access to the entire contents of the book online.

Encyclopedia of Cancer and Society

Author : Graham A. Colditz
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Three volumes collect 750 entries that provide information on the impact of cancer on different countries, along with the causes and strategies for prevention around the world.

Papillomaviruses and Human Cancer

Author : Herbert Pfister
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This volume gives special reference to papillomaviruses in benign precursor lesions related to genital tumors, plus it provides a basis for a more reproducible evaluation of the pathology of papillomavirus-induced lesions. It deals with the molecular biology of papillomaviruses as it relates to our understanding of viral cell transformation and malignant conversion. Written in a comprehensive, easy-to-read format, this book covers points of medical interest such as diagnosis, therapy, and prospects for vaccination. This fascinating text provides current, state-of-the-art practices for immediate and future medical research. Virologists, microbiologists, and cancer researchers will find this work interesting and resourceful.

Papillomaviruses and Human Disease

Author : Kari J. Syrjänen
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In recent years, papillomaviruses in general and human papillo maviruses in particular have been recognized as possible agents of important diseases, including some forms of human cancer. The purpose of this book is to present a concise panorama of the pre sent status of knowledge of this topic. This knowledge is as impor tant to molecular biologists and virologists as it is to clinicians and pathologists. To bridge the gap among these diverse groups of investigators, we conceived of a book covering a broad spectrum of the basic scientific, clinical, and pathological aspects of diseases associated with papillomaviruses. Although the principal thrust of this book is directed at human papillomaviruses, fundamental knowledge of animal viruses is essential to the current understand ing of the molecular mechanisms of cell transformation. For this reason, a chapter on animal viruses has also been included. Some of the experimental work having to do with the elucidation of transformation and other aspects of interaction between the virus and the cell cannot be based on human papillomaviruses because of a lack of suitable experimental models. Hence, some of the chapters dealing with fundamental aspects of viral molecular biol ogy are based on animal models. We were very fortunate in having persuaded a number of distin guished colleagues to contribute to this work.