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Not the Girl You Marry

Author : Andie J. Christopher
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"NOT THE GIRL YOU MARRY is funny, heartfelt, and super sexy!"—Jasmine Guillory, New York Times bestselling author How To Lose a Guy in 10 Days gets a millennial makeover in this romantic comedy by USA Today bestselling author Andie J. Christopher. Jack Nolan is a gentleman, a journalist, and unlucky in love. His viral success has pigeon-holed him as the how-to guy for a buzzy, internet media company instead of covering hard-hitting politics. Fed up with his fluffy articles and the app-based dating scene as well, he strikes a deal with his boss to write a final piece de resistance: How to Lose a Girl. Easier said than done when the girl he meets is Hannah Mayfield, and he's not sure he wants her to dump him. Hannah is an extremely successful event planner who's focused on climbing the career ladder. Her firm is one of the most prestigious in the city, and she's determined to secure her next promotion. But Hannah has a bit of an image problem. She needs to show her boss that she has range, including planning dreaded, romantic weddings. Enter Jack. He’s the perfect man to date for a couple weeks to prove to her boss that she’s not scared of feelings. Before Jack and Hannah know it, their fake relationship starts to feel all too real—and neither of them can stand to lose each other.

Not That Kind of Guy

Author : Andie J. Christopher
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An office attraction becomes something more when they're off the clock in this delightful romantic comedy by the USA Today bestselling author of Not the Girl You Marry. State attorney Bridget Nolan is successful in all aspects of her life—except romance. After breaking up with her longtime boyfriend, she's been slow to reenter the dating scene. To be honest, she has more important things to do like putting bad guys behind bars. But with her brother's wedding right around the corner, she suddenly needs a date and fast. Lucky for Bridget, the legal intern is almost done with his program. Matt Kido is dumbstruck by Bridget—total love at first sight—but there's one problem. She's totally off-limits while she's his boss. But the moment he no longer reports to her, Matt decides to take a chance. An impulsive decision takes them to Las Vegas where, as the saying goes, what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas. Unless you put a ring on it.

Egypt in the Future Tense

Author : Samuli Schielke
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Against the backdrop of the revolutionary uprisings of 2011–2013, Samuli Schielke asks how ordinary Egyptians confront the great promises and grand schemes of religious commitment, middle class respectability, romantic love, and political ideologies in their daily lives, and how they make sense of the existential anxieties and stalled expectations that inevitably accompany such hopes. Drawing on many years of study in Egypt and the life stories of rural, lower-middle-class men before and after the revolution, Schielke views recent events in ways that are both historically deep and personal. Schielke challenges prevailing views of Muslim piety, showing that religious lives are part of a much more complex lived experience.

Invisible Links

Author : Selma Lagerlöf
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Modern Eloquence

Author : Thomas Brackett Reed
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The girl he did not marry

Author : Iza Duffus Hardy
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Mortal Fear

Author : Greg Iles
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A man with a secret life risks everything to clear his name in this “ingenious suspense thriller”(The New York Times Book Review) from the bestselling author of the Penn Cage series. By day, Harper Cole trades commodities from his isolated home in the Mississippi Delta. By night he leads quite a different life, serving as a systems operator for an exclusive, annonymous erotic online service that caters to the rich and famous. But now a stranger has penetrated the network's state-of-the-art security, brutally murdering six celebrated female clients. Falsely accused of these horrible crimes, Harper realizes there's only one way to lure the elusive madman offline and into the open. But as he enacts his daring plan, Harper will put everything and everyone he holds dear directly in the path of a brilliant, unstoppable killer...

Protect the Butterflies

Author : Sherylyn B. Bailey, J.D.
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The story takes place in Sanson, Mississippi a fictitious town that has escaped the tumultuous events of the Civil Rights Movement and the Vietnam War by burying its head in the sand like an ostrich. In Sanson, people in the Southside don’t mix with those on the Northside, except for two kids Elizabeth, who is black, and Joseph, who is white. Elizabeth and Joseph learn about race, religion and life from each other. When the unthinkable happens to Elizabeth, Joseph must defend himself while trying to find the horrible person who savagely raped her.

The Wonderful Wizard of Oz

Author : L. Frank Baum
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Join Dorothy Gale, Toto, and all of her friends as they explore the incredible land of Oz. The Wonderful Wizard of Oz is American's most enduring fairy tale. From the moment Dorothy puts on the silver slippers (changed to ruby slippers by MGM to take advantage of their new advance in movie making: color) until the moment she clicks her heels and returns home to Kansas you will be swept away and captivated by her extraordinary story. This lavishing illustrated edition has more than one hundred and fifty of the original W. W. Denslow illustrations.

The Home

Author : John R. Rice
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Caribbean Quarterly

Author :
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Mad Jack

Author : Catherine Coulter
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The fifth book in the Bride Saga from the #1 New York Times bestselling author. Winifrede disguises herself as a male valet to Grayson St. Cyre’s aunts, but when Grayson discovers the truth, he uncovers feelings he never imagined he possessed.

The Girl of the period miscellany

Author :
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Cross Cultural Marriages and the Church

Author : J. Lawrence Driskill
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The Family Legacy of Henry Clay

Author : Lindsey Apple
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Known as the Great Compromiser, Henry Clay earned his title by addressing sectional tensions over slavery and forestalling civil war in the United States. Today he is still regarded as one of the most important political figures in American history. As Speaker of the House of Representatives and secretary of state, Clay left an indelible mark on American politics at a time when the country's solidarity was threatened by inner turmoil, and scholars have thoroughly chronicled his political achievements. However, little attention has been paid to his extensive family legacy. In The Family Legacy of Henry Clay: In the Shadow of a Kentucky Patriarch, Lindsey Apple explores the personal history of this famed American and examines the impact of his legacy on future generations of Clays. Apple's study delves into the family's struggles with physical and emotional problems such as depression and alcoholism. The book also analyzes the role of financial stress as the family fought to reestablish its fortune in the years after the Civil War. Apple's extensively researched volume illuminates a little-discussed aspect of Clay's life and heritage, and highlights the achievements and contributions of one of Kentucky's most distinguished families.

Woman the Actuality

Author : A.K. Pant
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Marriage is not a moral sexual debauchment consented by the society instead it describes an ethical limit of morality in sexual relations beyond which the sexual relations are considered to be illicit or adultery. Marriage is a great attempt to keep the society free from sexual debauchment by assigning one man for one lady and one lady for one man. Marriage is not a compulsion instead it is a confession done with mutual consent to live a peaceful life devotedly with each other. From the point of view of sexual relations, marriage is a factor which distinguishes human from animals. It is sacred tribute to ancestors. It is an indication of family succession or genealogy. Marriage is a ritual to provide social as well as legal acceptance to the child in the womb. Marriage is an indication of the death of the parents in the form of coming generations as it assures the eternal truth that older one has to end to provide the life and opportunities to the incoming generations. For men, marriage is in fact performing the moral, ritualistic and materialistic duties while for women this is mere the accomplishing of sanctifying rites and following the codes of conduct. Marriage is not an agreement done on behalf of a legal contract instead it is a complete dedication free from compulsions. Wherever forementioned feelings do not exist in the background of the objectives of marriage, there marriage means mere accomplishment of sexual satisfaction and false ego and in this situation, marriage is just like a contract which if done by a man with one lady or four ladies, is mere sexual debauchment in the point of view of the morals and ethics.

The Reader s Digest

Author :
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We Pointed Them North

Author : E.C. "Teddy Blue" Abbott
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E. C. Abbott was a cowboy in the great days of the 1870's and 1880's. He came up the trail to Montana from Texas with the long-horned herds which were to stock the northern ranges; he punched cows in Montana when there wasn't a fence in the territory; and he married a daughter of Granville Stuart, the famous early-day stockman and Montana pioneer. For more than fifty years he was known to cowmen from Texas to Alberta as "Teddy Blue." This is his story, as told to Helena Huntington Smith, who says that the book is "all Teddy Blue. My part was to keep out of the way and not mess it up by being literary.... Because the cowboy flourished in the middle of the Victorian age, which is certainly a funny paradox, no realistic picture of him was ever drawn in his own day. Here is a self-portrait by a cowboy which is full and honest." And Teddy Blue himself says, "Other old-timers have told all about stampedes and swimming rivers and what a terrible time we had, but they never put in any of the fun, and fun was at least half of it." So here it is—the cowboy classic, with the "terrible" times and the "fun" which have entertained readers everywhere. First published in 1939, We Pointed Them North has been brought back into print by the University of Oklahoma Press in completely new format, with drawings by Nick Eggenhofer, and with the full, original text.


Author : Luanne Rice
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Luanne Rice is that rarest of all novelists who indelibly captures the defining moments in our lives. In this acclaimed bestseller, she takes readers on an unforgettable exploration of the most elusive miracle of all: how a broken family might be made whole again. Painter Honor Sullivan had the perfect love and the perfect life with her husband, a renowned photographer and sculptor—until the day John’s passions led him to disaster, shattering their family and her heart. Since then, Honor has struggled to make a safe haven for herself and their three daughters at Star of the Sea Academy on the magical Connecticut shore. Now, years later, a mysterious letter in a familiar hand hints at John’s return to the family he’s always loved more than anything on earth. It will take nothing short of a miracle to heal the rift between father and daughters, husband and wife, the past and the present—but a miracle is exactly what is in the making at Star of the Sea Academy. The only question is: Do you believe?

Little Shot

Author : Carol Partner Holmes
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George runs eagerly to the schoolyard to celebrate the Fourth of July. He is wearing new shoes and can hardly wait to show them to his classmates. George has never before had new shoes and is surprised that his father bought them for him. Shortly after arriving at the school grounds, a few boys invite him to join them. George is pleases to be invited . The boys talk about George’s news shoes and say they are sure his is going to win the foot race. Two of the boys, Calvin and Tom, are the town bullies, and George is surprised that they are being so nice to him. One of the bullies suggests they all have a practice race. George agrees, but as soon as he begins to run, something hard hits his legs and he falls. When he falls, the nickels he is holding fly from his hand. The boys laugh and call him a dumb immigrant. Though he begs for his nickels, they laugh and toss the coins back and forth to each other. George runs from the schoolyard and follows a dry wash (gully) bed back to the family ranch. He climbs a small hill where he can look down at the valley below. As he sobs and prays, his sobs are interrupted by the whinny of a horse. George looks up and sees a herd of wild horses grazing in the valley. He notices a little black horse that seems to be looking right at George. “Are you lonely like me?” Do you need a friend?” George whispers to himself. Instantly the horses begin to gallop away and soon disappear in a nearby canyon. From that day forward, George often thinks about the little black horse. One morning when he hides behind a big rock to watch the wild horses drink at the creek, he does not see the little black horse. A terrible, empty feeling fills his heart. Suddenly, he hears a snorting sound and turning carefully around, he see the beautiful, black horse standing behind him. George and the horse stare quietly at one another until the leader of the herd calls and the little horse races off to join his companions. A few weeks later, George and his brothers are asked help their father’s friends, the Johansens, catch some wild horses. “You’re too young to be catching a wild horse,” his dad warns. “You can only go along to keep the horses from running west.” After the roundup, George looks for the little black horse and sees him walking very slowly and alone toward Coal Canyon. George runs to the canyon and finds the horse standing quietly on a side hill. The horse is exhausted and allows George to herd him down the canyon and into the family corral. With Dad’s help, George trains the little horse, and on his eleventh birthday he rides the horse triumphantly out of the corral. The following year, George rides his horse in the Fourth-of-July horse race. Before the race begins, he sits nervously on his horse. Calvin and Tom Meens point at George and laugh. The race starts and George’s horse runs so fast that George feels like he is flying. When the race ends, George hears a lot of cheering. However, until the mayor runs toward him shouting, “You won,” George doesn’t realize his horse is the winner. That day, George decides to name his horse Little Shot because the mayor says the horse runs like a bullet out of a 30-30 rifle. Winning the horse race was the start of many exciting experiences, challenges and adventures George has with his wonderful horse. The third year of riding Little Shot in the Fourth of July horse race, the running horses are startled when a motor car honks its horn. Frightened, the horses rear and bumped into each other. Angry people shout at the driver. Trying to get away from the commotion, Little Shot runs off the road. Sadly, he bangs his shoulder against a tree. The tree has a limb that has been cut but is sticking out like a knife. The sharp point of the limb stabs Little Shot. Blood immediately oozes out of the horse’s shoulder and down his front leg. In the meantime, another horse has calmed and is running down the