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Not the Same God

Author : Sam Solomon
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This intense and carefully researched book deals with the question that is increasingly on the minds of many, Is the Allah of the Qur an one and the same as the LORD God of the Bible? Although it may seem to some that this book is a response to the recent controversy at Wheaton College regarding what political science professor Larycia Hawkins stated in a Facebook page addressing a closely related question, Do Muslims and Christians worship the same God, (http: // ) in reality it was completed in December 2015 on the very eve of this controversy after a two year research effort. This coincidence, however, heightens the timeliness and underlines the importance of this issue. The book deals with this question using authoritative Islamic and Christian sources thus giving the reader a clear understanding of the Qur anic Allah and the reasons he is not the same or even similar to the LORD God of the Bible. This book addresses the core differences, such that many will be enlightened and helped in understanding the issues objectively."

Same God Different Churches

Author : Katie Meier
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Church is church, right? Well, not so much, as any Baptist teen will find when visiting a friend's Episcopal church, or any Lutheran visitor to a Pentecostal service will discover. So what's the difference? Why are there any differences at all? Though churches are as individual as the members they serve, Katie Meier clears up some of the confusion regarding the basic Christian denominations. Written for everyday teens (rather than, say, theology majors) this guide clearly spells out the unique qualities of each sect, while at the same time underlines the unifying principles of Christian faith. Practically, it takes the scare out of accompanying a friend to a different church; but even better, and maybe more importantly, it inspires a greater understanding of and love for fellow Christians.

Do Muslims and Christians Worship the Same God

Author : Zachary W. Casey
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In this thesis I probe the question of whether Muslims and Christians worship the same God primarily through the discipline of philosophy of language. Though a multifaceted question at its core (e.g., theological, historical), the question directly ties into how language operates in relation to God. That is, the ways in which Muslims and Christians make predications of God have a significant role in delineating whether they worship the same God. By working from the perspective of predication, I argue that Muslims and Christians refer to but do not worship the same God. In this sense, Muslims and Christians refer to the same God with the use of generic predicates (e.g., God is good); however, they do not worship same God given that worship entails the use of specific predicates (e.g., God is Triune). Muslims and Christians thus meet the criteria for common reference but cannot be regarded as maintaining the same referent in their worship.

Allah and Elohim

Author : Sherly Isaac
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It has been said that the opposite of faith is not doubt, but certainty. Drawing on this notion, Stories of a Recovering Fundamentalist: Understanding and Responding to Christian Absolutism recounts the author's journey as a member of the fundamentalist subculture as a child and his life among the Jesus Freaks (Jesus Movement)-- a congregation of deserters from the hippie drug culture of the late 1960's and early 1970's. This movement, though of great importance in the culture of the times, now largely goes unrecognized--although the Jesus Movement provided the cover stories for many prominent secular magazines chronicling the youth culture of the late 60's and early 70's. While, not devoted to a history of the Jesus Movement, the book does a service in bringing a discussion of the Jesus Freak phenomenon to the attention of today's readers. The book goes on to recount the author's eventual abandonment of fundamentalism. As the story unfolds, critical research related to the psychology, sociology, and history of the subculture provides a framework for understanding Christian fundamentalism. Stories of a Recovering Fundamentalist recounts a gripping personal pilgrimage at times both humorous and painful that is rooted in honest reflection and informed by theory and research. It offers worthwhile reading for mainline Christians, curious evangelicals, recovering fundamentalists or anyone wanting to understand this timely topic.

Do We Worship the Same God

Author : Miroslav Volf
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Often the differences between the three Abrahamic religions -- Judaism, Christianity, and Islam -- seem more obvious than their commonalities, leading to the question "Do we worship the same God?" Can the answer be "yes" without denying our differences? This volume brings Jewish, Christian, and Muslim philosophers and theologians together to answer this question, offering rare insight into how representatives of each religion view the other monotheistic faiths. Each of their contributions uniquely approaches the primary question from a philosophical perspective that is informed by the practice of worship and prayer. Concepts covered include "sameness" and "oneness," the nature of God, epistemology, and the Trinity. Do We Worship the Same God? models serious-minded, honest, and respectful interreligious dialogue and gives us new ways to address an ongoing question.

Do Christians Muslims and Jews Worship the Same God Four Views

Author : Zondervan,
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During a time of global conflict, the theological question of whether Muslims, Jews, and Christians worship the same God carries political baggage. Is the God of ISIS the same as the God of Israel? Do Sunni Muslims and Protestant Christians pray to the same Creator and Sustainer of the universe? In this Counterpoints volume, edited by Ronnie P. Campbell, Jr., and Christopher Gnanakan, five leading scholars present the main religious perspectives on this question, demonstrating how to think carefully about an issue where opinions differ and confusion abounds. They examine related subtopics such as the difference between God being referentially the same and essentially the same, what "the same" means when referring to God, the significance of the Trinity in this discussion, whether religious inclusivism is inferred by certain understandings of God's sameness, and the appropriateness of interfaith worship. The four main views, along with the scholars presenting them, are: All Worship the Same God: Religious Pluralist View (Wm. Andrew Schwartz and John B. Cobb, Jr.) All Worship the Same God: Referring to the Same God View (Francis J. Beckwith) Jews and Christians Worship the Same God: Shared Revelation View (Gerald R. McDermott) None Worship the Same God: Different Conceptions View (Jerry L. Walls) Additionally, essays by Joseph Cumming and David W. Shenk explore the implications of this question specifically for Christians wanting to minister among and build relationships with Muslims. Cumming stresses that finding common ground is key, while Shenk advocates for a respectful focus on differences. Insightful, gracious, and relevant, Do Christians, Muslims, and Jews Worship the Same God? sheds light on one of the most important theological issues of our day.

Same God Other god

Author : Alon Goshen-Gottstein
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Jews often consider Hinduism to be Avoda Zara, idolatry, due to its worship of images and multiple gods. Closer study of Hinduism and of recent Jewish attitudes to it suggests the problem is far more complex. In the process of considering Hinduism's status as Avoda Zara, this book revisits the fundamental definitions of Avoda Zara and asks how we use the category. By appealing to the history of Judaism's view of Christianity, author Alon Goshen-Gottstein seeks to define what Avoda Zara is and how one might recognize the same God in different religions, despite legal definitions. Through a series of leading questions, the discussion moves from a blanket view of Hinduism as idolatry to a recognition that all religions have aspects that are idolatrous and non-idolatrous. Goshen-Gottstein explains how the category of idolatry itself must be viewed with more nuance. Introducing this nuance, he asserts, leads one away from a globalized view of an entire tradition in these terms.

Do Jews Christians and Muslims Worship the Same God

Author : Jacob Neusner
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What lies ahead for the troubled family of Abraham?

Both Prayed to the Same God

Author : Robert J. Miller
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Both Prayed to the Same God is the first book-length, comprehensive study of religion in the Civil War. While much research has focused on religion in a specific context of the civil war, this book provides a needed overview of this vital yet largely forgotten subject of American History. Writing passionately about the subject, Father Robert Miller presents this history in an accessible but scholarly fashion. Beginning with the religious undertones in the lead up to the war and concluding with consequences on religion in the aftermath, Father Miller not only shows us a forgotten aspect of history, but how our current historical situation is not unprecedented.

God Is Not One

Author : Stephen Prothero
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fascinating guide to religion and its place in the world today. In God Is Not One, bestselling author Stephen Prothero makes a fresh and provocative argument that, contrary to popular understanding, all religions are not simply ''different paths to the same God.'' Instead, he shows that the differences between the major religions are far greater than we think: they each ask different questions, tackle different problems, and aim at different goals. God Is Not One highlights the unique aspects of the world's major religions, with chapters on Islam, Christianity, Confucianism, Hinduism, Buddhism, Yoruba religion, Judaism, Daoism and atheism. Lucid and compelling, God Is Not One offers a new understanding of religion for the twenty-first century.

The Faith of One God who is Only the Father and of One Mediator Between God and Men who is Only the Man Christ Jesus and of One Holy Spirit the Gift and Sent of God

Author :
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Jew Gentile Serving The Same God The Shocking Revelation of Truth

Author : Arch Bishop D. A. Miller, DD
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I Exist in All Planes at the Same Time Anthology Three Volume One

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The gospels of Leader Olumba Olumba Obu constitute the Tree of Life whose fruit Adam and Eve were not allowed to taste of. Do you want to eat of the tree of life? Then read this book, and it will give you access to the tree of life.

Creatures of the Same God

Author : Andrew Linzey
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"I don't know why you're spending all your time on this. They re only animals--for heaven's sake That was the reaction of one of Andrew Linzey's fellow students at King s College, London, when he was studying theology in the 1970s. Since then, the now Rev. Dr. Andrew Linzey has been arguing that animals aren't "only" anything, but rather that they matter to God, and should do so to us. In this collection of essays, Linzey counters with his customary wit, erudition, and insight, some contemporary (and perhaps surprising) challenges to animal rights--from ecotheologians, the Church, and politicians. He contends that far from the sometimes shallow judgments of those who think animals unworthy of theological consideration, the Christian tradition has a wellspring of sources and resources available to taking animals seriously. Instead of being marginal to the Christian experience, Linzey concludes, animals can take their rightful place alongside human beings as creatures of the same God. There is a long forgotten spiritual tradition that two children, both named Jesus, were born in Bethlehem to two sets of parents named Joseph and Mary. This tradition is supported by the different accounts of the nativity and life of Jesus Christ in the gospels of Matthew and Luke. Although the Church chose to ignore this tradition, something of it survived in early Christian art and symbolism. The full tradition was preserved only in the literature of esoteric sects such as Gnosticism, which remained outside the official teachings of institutionalized Christianity."

Jonah The Man Whose God and Heart Were Too Small

Author : Dr. Dean Cook
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E. Dean Cook is a retired Navy chaplain who also taught at Roberts Wesleyan College, Rochester, New York, and was its first campus chaplain. For ten years, he was senior pastor of the Wilmore Free Methodist Church near Lexington, Kentucky, where he also taught, mentored, and supervised ministerial students at Asbury Theological Seminary and Asbury University. During his long and varied career as a clergyman, he served as senior chaplain at the Naval Base Pearl Harbor, Hawaii; the Naval Postgraduate School, Monterey, California; serving also on the aircraft carrier USS America and several other naval ships and installations. He was appointed Director of his denomination's chaplains. He holds a bachelor's degree in Biblical Literature from Seattle Pacific University, master's and doctoral degrees from Asbury Theological Seminary, and an honorary doctor's degree from Roberts Wesleyan College. He holds the rank of Captain in the Navy Chaplain Corps and was made an Honorary Admiral by the Commonwealth of Kentucky. He has been married to his wife, Ruth, for 55 years. They have four sons and six grandchildren. Cook is the author of two other books: Salt of the Sea (an account of his chaplain career) and Being God's Presence in Closed Communities, a history of his denomination's chaplaincy ministries. His interest in and study of the book of Jonah was ignited by the wide variety of interpretations given the book. The writer believes that Jonah has a clear and powerful message for this generation and the Church, who are prone to follow the god they want rather than the God that is.

Treatise on the Love of God

Author : Saint Francis of Sales
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Seed 4 Are ALL Religions EQUAL

Author : Maanoj Rakhit
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We must realize that if we raise our children with a belief system infested with substantial untruth, we cannot expect them to grow up to be truthful towards themselves and towards the society as a whole.

God s Eternal Gift a History of the Catholic Doctrine of Predestination from Augustine to the Renaissance

Author : Guido Stucco
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Guido Stucco holds a Ph.D. in Historical Theology from Sait Louis University. He is currently working on a book documenting the developments in the doctrine of predestination, from the Council of Trent to the Jansenist controversy.

A Scripture catechism

Author : Sarah Trimmer
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An Exposition of the Thirty nine Articles of the Church of England

Author : Church of England
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