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Number Theory Madras 1987

Author : Krishnaswami Alladi
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Analytic Number Theory for Undergraduates

Author : Heng Huat Chan
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This book is written for undergraduates who wish to learn some basic results in analytic number theory. It covers topics such as Bertrand's Postulate, the Prime Number Theorem and Dirichlet's Theorem of primes in arithmetic progression. The materials in this book are based on A Hildebrand's 1991 lectures delivered at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign and the author's course conducted at the National University of Singapore from 2001 to 2008.

Number Theoretic Analysis

Author : Edmund Hlawka
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K theory and Homological Algebra

Author : Hvedri Inassaridze
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Singularity Theory and its Applications

Author : David Mond
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A workshop on Singularities, Bifurcation and Dynamics was held at Warwick in July 1989 as part of a year-long symposium on Singularity Theory and its applications. The proceedings fall into two halves: Volume I mainly on connections with algebraic geometry and volume II on connections with dynamical systems theory, bifurcation theory, and applications in the sciences. The papers are orginal research, stimulated by the symposium and workshops: All have been refereed, and none will appear elsewhere. The main topic, deformation theory, is represented by several papers on descriptions of the bases of versal deformations, and several more on descriptions of the generic fibres. Other topics include stratifications, and applications to differential geometry.

Geometric Aspects of Functional Analysis

Author : Joram Lindenstrauss
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The scope of the Israel seminar in geometric aspects of functional analysis during the academic year 89/90 was particularly wide covering topics as diverse as: Dynamical systems, Quantum chaos, Convex sets in Rn, Harmonic analysis and Banach space theory. The large majority of the papers are original research papers.

Commutative Algebra

Author : Winfried Bruns
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The central theme of this volume is commutative algebra, with emphasis on special graded algebras, which are increasingly of interest in problems of algebraic geometry, combinatorics and computer algebra. Most of the papers have partly survey character, but are research-oriented, aiming at classification and structural results.

Non Archimedean L Functions

Author : Alexei A. Panchishkin
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1) p n=1 The set of arguments s for which ((s) is defined can be extended to all s E C,s :f:. 1, and we may regard C as the group of all continuous quasicharacters C = Hom(R~, c>

Mathematical Research Today and Tomorrow

Author : Springer-verlag
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In many fields of scientific research, the highest distinction is the Nobel Prize. In mathematics, there is for historical reasons no Nobel Prize, however, the so-called Fields Medal awarded every 4 years for "Outstanding Discoveries in Mathematics" carries similar prestige and distinction. In this book 7 Fields Medalists have each written down their view of the current development of research in their respective fields. The book will appeal to every mathematician and graduate students of mathematics, and provides a fascinating insight and commentary on present-day mathematics as a growing and moving research discipline.

Topics in Invariant Theory

Author : Marie-Paule Malliavin
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These proceedings reflect the main activities of the Paris Séminaire d'Algèbre 1989-1990, with a series of papers in Invariant Theory, Representation Theory and Combinatorics. It contains original works from J. Dixmier, F. Dumas, D. Krob, P. Pragacz and B.J. Schmid, as well as a new presentation of Derived Categories by J.E. Björk and as introduction to the deformation theory of Lie equations by J.F. Pommaret. J. Dixmier: Sur les invariants du groupe symétrique dans certaines représentations II.- B.J. Schmid: Finite groups and invariant theory.- J.E. Björk: Derived categories.- P. Pragacz: Algebro-Geometric applications of Schur S- and Q-polynomials.- F. Dumas: Sous-corps de fractions rationnelles des corps gauches de séries de Laurent.- D. Krob: Expressions rationnelles sur un anneau.- J.F. Pommaret: Deformation theory of algebraic and Geometric structures.- M. van den Bergh: Differential operators on semi-invariants for tori and weighted projective spaces.