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Nurse Burnout Overcoming Stress in Nursing

Author : Suzanne Waddill-Goad
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Nursing is more than a job. It is a profession that attracts those who value compassion, want to make a difference in other people’s lives, and want to do greater good in the world. While the profession provides endless options of practice, settings, and flexibility, nurses are burning out due to schedules, long shifts, mental and physical exhaustion, workload, conflict and bullying, challenging patients, rapid advances in technology, and lack of control. And when stress and fatigue take over a nurse’s ability to prioritize self-care and recovery time, patient safety and quality is greatly affected and compromised. Nurse Burnout: Overcoming Stress in Nursing explores the stress-fatigue-burnout connection, the risks involved, and defines the health concerns and practice considerations for how to move the profession forward. Author Suzanne Waddill-Goad provides nurses with the tools they need set boundaries and combat compassion fatigue in order to renew energy to be at your personal and professional best.

Rx for RNs

Author : Terry Maluk
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A step-by-step guide to reduce stress, overwhelm, and burnout. You'll learn: The #1 way to find calm when you need it so you respond with clarity and confidence in any situation. How to set healthy boundaries so you can take your life back. How to give yourself the gift of guilt-free 'me time' so you can be your best self each day.

Business Basics for Nurses

Author : Suzanne Waddill-Goad
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Business Basics for Nurses is a practical guide that informs and expands thinking for nurses considering or already involved in business. Written to stimulate and enhance creative thinking and showcase how business acumen will make any nurse a better practitioner, author Suzanne Waddill-Goad establishes that the behind-the-scenes business of healthcare can be just as important as clinical care. Filled with tips, exercises, and real-world case studies, Business Basics for Nurses is a shortcut to familiarity with business processes prevalent in healthcare systems today. This excellent resource provides guidance on: · Evaluating business processes · Understanding marketing, demonstrating leadership, and leveraging technology · Determining value · Building business plans · Creating or assessing infrastructure · Ensuring compliance, understanding finance, and capitalizing on expertise · Influencing external and internal environments

The Path to Building a Successful Nursing Career

Author : Jennifer M. Manning
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Leadership and Nursing Care Management E Book

Author : Diane Huber
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Develop your management and nursing leadership skills! Leadership & Nursing Care Management, 7th Edition focuses on best practices to help you learn to effectively manage interdisciplinary teams, client needs, and systems of care. A research-based approach includes realistic cases studies showing how to apply management principles to nursing practice. Arranged by American Organization for Nursing Leadership (AONL) competencies, the text addresses topics such as staffing and scheduling, budgeting, team building, legal and ethical issues, and measurement of outcomes. Written by noted nursing educators Diane L. Huber and Maria Lindell Joseph, this edition includes new Next Generation NCLEX® content to prepare you for success on the NGN certification exam. UNIQUE! Organization of chapters by AONL competencies addresses leadership and care management topics by the five competencies integral to nurse executive roles. Evidence-based approach keeps you on the cutting edge of the nursing profession with respect to best practices. Critical thinking exercises at the end of each chapter challenge you to reflect on chapter content, critically analyze the information, and apply it to a situation. Case studies at the end of each chapter present real-world leadership and management vignettes and illustrate how concepts can be applied to specific situations. Research Notes in each chapter summarize current research studies relating to nursing leadership and management. Full-color photos and figures depict concepts and enhance learning. NEW! Updates are included for information relating to the competencies of leadership, professionalism, communication and relationship building, knowledge of the healthcare environment, and business skills. NEW! Five NGN-specific case studies are included in this edition to align with clinical judgment content, preparing you for the Next Generation NCLEX® (NGN) examination. NEW contributors — leading experts in the field — update the book’s content.

Anatomy of Medical Errors The Patient in Room 2

Author : Donna Helen Crisp
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A surgeon unknowingly damages the intestines of a nurse expecting only an overnight stay after surgery, beginning a chain of more tragic and preventable errors. The consequences result in the nurse spending several weeks on an ICU ventilator in a drug-induced coma, having four additional surgeries, and requiring a pump to drain the raging infection from her open abdomen. As she awakens and tries to come to terms with what happened to her, she realizes the hospital and doctors will never tell her the whole truth; she has to find out what went wrong on her own. In order to heal, she determines to write and share her story so others may learn how infections, adverse events, and medical errors occur frequently in hospitals, sometimes resulting in death. More than a narrative, Anatomy of Medical Errors: The Patient in Room 2 shines light on the dysfunction that underpins many hospital organizations, especially teaching hospitals, including silencing of the patient, provider arrogance, flawed coordination of care, poor communication, and lack of ownership for outcomes. Forever changed by the experience, author Donna Helen Crisp uses her struggles to teach nurses, doctors, and other healthcare professionals how to prevent or avoid potentially dangerous situations, recognize warning signs, and work collaboratively to provide transparent patient care. This book provides an ethical and critical thought process framework for care providers and others through a compelling story about hospital culture. Readers who want to understand how delivery of care works in fast-paced and complex healthcare environments will come away engaged and informed.

Overcoming Secondary Stress in Medical and Nursing Practice

Author : Robert J. Wicks
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"Against the backdrop of the COVID-19 pandemic, the second edition of Overcoming Secondary Stress in Medical and Nursing Practice explores the phenomenon of secondary stress experienced by clinicians on the frontlines of care. The book integrates concepts, assessment tools and self-care insights from the first edition with new concepts, evidence, strategies, and vignettes from the field concerning secondary stress experienced specifically by physicians, physician assistants and nurses. The findings and efforts of medical and nursing professional organizations to address and ameliorate endemic secondary stress are explored. Strategies for identifying, reframing, and intervening in stressful problems of practice, including wicked problems are also addressed. Tools for enhancing self-knowledge and developing a personal, self-care protocol to recognize and prevent secondary stress are the book's core feature. This book highlights the importance of interprofessional communication and support in ameliorating the stressors of clinical work, an effort enhanced by the book's interdisciplinary co-authorship. The extreme stressors of the COVID-19 pandemic on health care practitioners and the health care system illustrate the interconnectedness of health-enhancing personal self-care strategies, quality patient care, and renewed career commitment - the goal of this second edition"--

Beating Burnout

Author : Maria E. Gonzalez
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Emotional exhaustion, depersonalization and the decreased feeling of personal accomplishments are three factors that lead to nurse burnout (Kravits, K, 2010). Nurse burn out can lead nurses to leave the nursing profession. This project evaluates the effectiveness of showing appreciation towards nurses in order to reduce stress and/or preventing burnout. There were two parts to this study, a literary review and a qualitative study. Seventeen articles were reviewed as part of the literary review. The sample group for the qualitative study consisted of ten emergency room nurses. The nurses were asked ten questions prior to implementing changes and then re-interviewed one week after the changes were made. Nine of the ten questions asked were yes and no answers, the answer to the remaining question was put into one of three possible categories. Results from this questions were plotted out into two charts. First chart, bar column chart with the results from 9 out of the 10 questions. Second chart, a pie chart with the results of hours of sleep. Two changes were made to increase nurse appreciation. Recognition at monthly staff meetings and a staff appreciation bulletin board were both created with the intentions to increase morale, and show appreciation towards staff. Results from the changes showed an increase in job satisfaction and a decrease in stress. Study limitations were the size of group surveyed, all nurses worked in a local area hospital, and all nurses surveyed worked evenings and nights. Nursing is a career of many sacrifices, hard work and high levels of stress. Burn out can happen to anyone but management can help prevent burnout with simple gestures of great importance. The intention of this study is to show how appreciation techniques can help decrease stress, and prevent burnout by increasing morale.

Care Coordination in the NICU

Author : Sara L. Mosher, RN, MSN, MHA
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Focuses on nurturing the emotional health of patients and families to ensure improved outcomes This innovative clinical practice resource for neonatal nurses embodies family-centered care strategies for optimal outcomes through every phase of the NICU experience. While rigorous programs provide the knowledge and skills to care for the physical needs of high-risk mothers and neonates, NICU practitioners often find themselves unprepared to support the emotional health of these patients and their families. Care Coordination in the NICU provides the education, inspiration, and resources to NICU health professionals so they can learn how to be emotionally supportive to their patient’s entire family unit. The book addresses a variety of challenging patient and family issues that occur in the NICU as they relate to care coordination throughout the process. Each chapter focuses on a particular area of the perinatal/neonatal family journey, and includes current medical research, clinical examples, and recommendations for best practice alongside case studies that depict families experiencing a perinatal challenge. Most valuable of all, each chapter also includes stories directly from the source, the families, who have experienced the fear, isolation, and uncertainly of an NICU experience, and have greatly benefited from the emotional support of caring practitioners. Key Features: Examines the gamut of challenging patient and family issues that occur in the NICU as they relate to care coordination throughout the process Helps practitioners to incorporate family-centered care into their daily practices Discusses effective listening and communication strategies for families in crisis Includes examples of practice improvement strategies to improve clinical outcome and reduce the risk of re-hospitalization Provides a Case-Based Learning section depicting real-world scenarios for discussion and problem-solving Includes links to abundant resources and educational material Contains chapters on palliative care and bereavement and supporting patients with special challenges.

Foundations of Nursing Enrolled Nurses

Author : Susie Gray
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Designed for the Diploma of Nursing, Foundations of Nursing, Enrolled Nurses, Australia and New Zealand edition is mapped to the HLT54115 training package competencies, and aligns to the revised Standards for Practice for the Enrolled Nurse. Written to equip the enrolled nurse with current knowledge, and basic problem-solving and critical-thinking skills to successfully meet the demanding challenges of today’s health care, the text clearly explains concepts and definitions, and scaffolds knowledge. The student-friendly text provides a clear and fresh approach to the study of nursing; it is straightforward and heavily illustrated with colour photos of procedures.

Psychiatric and Mental Health Nursing

Author : Ruth Elder
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"The 2nd edition of "Psychiatric and Mental Health Nursing" continues to takes its popular holistic approach, helping students and beginning practitioners understand the complex causation of mental illness, its diagnosis, effective interventions and treatments, and the client's experience of mental illness. Written by an experienced team of contributors from Australia and New Zealand, the client and student centred approaches have been enhanced in this edition to focus even more closely on providing students with practical examples and guidance on helpful and transformative communication. New content has also been included on indigenous mental health, mental health education and health promotion."--Provided by publisher.

Leading and Managing in Canadian Nursing E Book

Author : Patricia S. Yoder-Wise
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Prepare for licensure and your transition to practice! Organized around the issues in today's constantly changing healthcare environment Yoder-Wise's Leading & Managing in Canadian Nursing, 2nd Edition offers an innovative approach to leading and managing by merging theory, research, and practical application. This cutting-edge text is intuitively organized around the issues that are central to the success of Canadian nurses including cultural diversity, resource management, advocacy, patient safety, delegation, and communication. In addition, it provides just the right amount of information to equip you with the tools you need to master leadership and management – all to help prepare you for clinical practice! UNIQUE! Each chapter opens with A Challenge, where practicing nurse leaders/managers offer their real-world views of a concern related in the chapter, encouraging you to think about how you would handle the situation. UNIQUE! A Solution closes each chapter with an effective method to handle the real-life situation presented in A Challenge and demonstrates the ins and outs of problem-solving in practice. Innovative content and presentation, merge theory, research and professional practice in key leadership and management areas. An array of pedagogical elements includes chapter objectives, glossary terms, exercises, Research Perspectives, Literature Perspectives, Theory Boxes, chapter checklists, tips, and references. Intuitively organized content and clear and unbiased writing style facilitates learning of theory and complex concepts. Inviting and well-structured full-colour design enhances your learning by being able to find information quickly and easily, providing visual reinforcement of concepts. UNIQUE! Two NEW chapters help build your leadership skills within your academic program - one of which is authored by an undergraduate student and an early career alumnus. NEW! UNIQUE! Chapter on nursing leadership in Indigenous health explains the leadership role and is also integrated into relevant topics throughout the text. NEW! Expanded and updated coverage of topics includes workplace violence and incivility, strength-based nursing and the role of nurses as change agents - visioning, shaping culture, leading change. NEW! Expanded discussion on the interdependence of leadership and management roles and competencies clearly fosters leadership ideas for effective and responsive health care environments. NEW! Additional examples of real life practice cases and examples help you to examine and apply theoretical concepts.

Caring in Crisis

Author : Jacqueline Zalumas
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Format : PDF, Kindle
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Patient and Person

Author : Jane Stein-Parbury
File Size : 64.40 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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Patient & Person provides a practical guide to establishing and building relationships in nursing practice. It systematically addresses the theoretical, practical and personal dimensions of relating to patients and provides guidelines for determining when and how to act. It encourages meaningful nursing practice by focusing on patients as individuals.

Stress Burnout and Addiction in the Nursing Profession

Author : Herbert R. Warner Ph.D
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This book is about the most common issues that confront a nurse on a daily basis. It can cause him or her heartaches, heartbreaks, and heart troubles. Stress is, by far, in my opinion, a leading cause of heart problems, sickness, and depression in this country. In this book, I talk about awareness in our hospitals, clinics, and emergency departments. Everyone should feel comfortable and be confident of the nurse treating you or your loved ones; we must also remember that nurses are also human beings with issues and problems like everyone else in this world. This book is also a valuable asset to any nursing student considering going to nursing school or college to study medicine.

Tabbner s Nursing Care

Author : Rita Funnell
File Size : 32.86 MB
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"Tabbner's Nursing Care: Theory and Practice is the only Australian and New Zealand textbook written specifically for the enrolled nurse student. The new 5th edition of this best-selling text has been fully revised and updated throughout to reflect the content of the new National Curriculum. Unit 1 The evolution of nursing Unit 2 The health care environment Unit 3 Cultural diversity and nursing practice Unit 4 Promoting psychosocial health in nursing practice Unit 5 Nursing individuals throughout the lifespan Unit 6 The nursing process Unit 7 Assessing health Unit 8 Important component of nursing care Unit 9 Health promotion and nursing care of the individual Appendices."--Provided by publisher.

Managing Burnout in the Workplace

Author : Nancy McCormack
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Information professionals are under constant stress. Libraries are ushering in sweeping changes that involve the closing of branches and reference desks, wholesale dumping of print, disappearing space, and employment of non-professional staff to fill what have traditionally been the roles of librarians. Increasing workloads, constant interruptions, ceaseless change, continual downsizing, budget cuts, repetitive work, and the pressures of public services have caused burnout in many information professionals. Managing Burnout in the Workplace concentrates on the problem of burnout, what it is and how it differs from chronic stress, low morale, and depression. The book addresses burnout from psychological, legal, and human resources perspectives. Chapters also cover how burnout is defined, symptom recognition, managing and overcoming burnout, and how to avoid career derailment while coping with burnout. Focuses on burnout in relation to information professionals and their work Explores how burnout is identified and diagnosed and how it is measured in the workplace Provides an overview of interdisciplinary research on burnout, incorporating studies from various areas

Leading and Managing in Nursing E Book

Author : Patricia S. Yoder-Wise
File Size : 90.65 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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Leading and Managing in Nursing, 6th Edition offers an innovative approach to leading and managing by merging theory, research, and practical application to better prepare you for the NCLEX® exam and the transition to the practice environment. This cutting-edge text is organized around the issues that are central to the success of professional nurses in today's constantly changing healthcare environment, including consumer relationships, cultural diversity, resource management, delegation, and communication. UNIQUE! Each chapter opens with The Challenge, where practicing nurse leaders/managers offer their real-world views of a concern related in the chapter, encouraging you to think about how you would handle the situation. UNIQUE! The Solution closes each chapter with an effective method to handle the real-life situation presented in The Challenge, and demonstrates the ins and outs of problem solving in practice. The Evidence boxes in each chapter summarize relevant concepts and research from nursing/business/medicine literature. Theory boxes highlight and summarize pertinent theoretical concepts related to chapter content. Research and Literature Perspective boxes summarize timely articles of interest and point out their relevance and applicability to practice. Separate chapters on key topic areas such as cultural diversity, consumer relationships, delegation, managing information and technology, legal and ethical issues, and many more. End-of-chapter Tips offer guidelines for applying information presented in the chapter. Numbered exercises challenge you to think critically about concepts in the text and apply them to real-life situations. Eye-catching full-color design helps engage and guide you through each chapter. Glossary alphabetically lists and defines all the boldfaced key terms from the chapters. Chapter Checklists provide a quick summary of key points and serve as a handy study tool. NEW! QSEN competencies incorporated throughout the text emphasize the importance of providing safe, high-quality nursing care. NEW! What New Graduates Say section at the end of each chapter provides you with a real-world perspective on the transition to clinical practice. NEW! Expanded content on legal and ethical issues, care delivery strategies, staffing, quality, and consumer relationships. NEW! Updated photos throughout the book maintain a contemporary and visually appealing look and feel.

Palliative Care Nursing

Author : Marianne Matzo, PhD, APRN-CNP, FPCN, FAAN
File Size : 32.32 MB
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“This 5th edition is an important achievement; it is a symbol of commitment to the field of palliative nursing, where we have been and where we are going.” - Betty Rolling Ferrell, PhD, MA, FAAN, FPCN, CHPN From the Foreword The aging population has only grown since the first edition of this comprehensive and seminal publication nearly 20 years ago. Based on the need to humanize rather than medicalize the illness experience for patients, this text delves into palliative care beyond the specific diseases affecting the patient. Instead, content focuses on the whole person and family. Palliative patients struggle with chronic, debilitating, and painful conditions, and grapple with the fact that life as they knew it has already passed away. Families and friends reciprocally suffer, not knowing how to help and therefore become the secondary victims of the disease. This is not the challenge of a lone nurse, or a single physician, therapist, or social worker. Rather, palliative and hospice care requires the expertise and unique roles of an interprofessional team to help the patient and family strengthen their resilience, continue to find meaning and purpose in life, and cure what can be cured. Palliative Care Nursing, Fifth Edition, delivers advanced empirical, aesthetic, ethical and personal knowledge. This new edition brings an increased focus on outcomes, benchmarking progress, and goals of care. It expounds upon the importance of the cross-disciplinary collaboration introduced in the previous edition. Every chapter in Sections I, II, and III includes content written by a non-nursing member of the interprofessional team. Based on best-evidence and clinical practice guidelines, this text presents comprehensive, targeted interventions responsive to the needs of palliative and hospice patients and family. Each chapter contains compassionate, timely, appropriate, and cost-effective care for diverse populations across the illness trajectory. Key Features The expanded new edition offers current, comprehensive, one-stop source of highly-relevant clinical information on palliative care Life-span approach: age-appropriate nursing considerations (e.g. geriatric, pediatric and family) Includes disease-specific and symptom-specific nursing management chapters Promotes a holistic and interdisciplinary approach to palliative care Offers important legal, ethical and cultural considerations related to death and dying Case Studies with Case Study Conclusion in each clinical chapter New to The Fifth Edition: An expanded chapter on Palliative Care incorporates most up to date scope and standards, information on Basic and Advanced HPNA certification, self-reflection and self-care for nurses. A chapter on Interprofessional Collaboration Instructor Resources: Power points and Test bank

Stress and Burnout Among Providers Caring for the Terminally Ill and Their Families

Author : Lenora F Paradis
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Written primarily by individuals with hands-on hospice experience, this crucial volume identifies sources of stress among hospice workers and provides workers and managers with strategies to cope with those stressors. It is an enlightening examination of diverse theoretical perspectives and a much needed investigation on stress and burnout for hospice providers and caregivers. Readers will find concrete suggestions for the alleviation of stress and burnout in their work with the terminally ill, as well as theoretical and research discussions. The authors explore a wide range of subjects and problems faced by nurses, physicians, social workers, caregivers, hospice directors, and volunteers. They also discuss the many factors in hospice care that may foster unfavorable stress reactions and eventual burnout among hospice professionals. Current literature on job stress and burnout among those who care for the terminally ill is examined and a model of stress and burnout specific to hospice caregivers is presented. The authoritative chapters also identify theories of stress and burnout and the distinction between the two. Anyone who deals with chronic and terminal illness should read Stress and Burnout Among Providers Caring for the Terminally Ill and Their Families. Hospice caregivers and volunteers, social works, clergy, and health care professionals who work with cancer, renal dialysis, and heart and stroke patients will appreciate the attention given to a subject that has received little study.