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NASH and Nutritional Therapy

Author : K. Okita
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The liver has an important role in nutritional homeostasis, and it is well known that liver diseases can lead to abnormalities in the nutrient metabolism and to subsequent malnutrition . Because malnutrition is particularly prevalent in patients with liver cirrhosis, proper nutritional assessment and support for cirrhotic patients is essential. This collection of research and clinical findings on nonalcoholic steatchepatitis (NASH) and nutritional therapy contains significant new findings in several fields . As NASH frequently causes liver cirrhosis, the nutritional aspects of its treatment are discussed . Other areas covered include nonalcoholic fatty liver, the role of leptin in the pathogenesis of NASH, restricted diets and exercise therapy, mammalian targets of the peptide rapamycin, and genetic factors influencing the development of NASH. This book is intended to be of particular relevance to researchers and those practicing in the field.

Nutrition Counseling Skills for Medical Nutrition Therapy

Author : Linda G. Snetselaar
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Health Sciences & Nutrition

AIDS Counselling and Nutritional Therapy

Author : Augustine Nwoye
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Nutrition and Nutritional Therapy in Nursing

Author : Clara M. Lewis
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Integrative and Functional Medical Nutrition Therapy

Author : Diana Noland
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This textbook is a practical guide to the application of the philosophy and principles of Integrative and Functional Medical Nutrition Therapy (IFMNT) in the practice of medicine, and the key role nutrition plays in restoring and maintaining wellness. The textbook provides an overview of recent reviews and studies of physiological and biochemical contributions to IFMNT and address nutritional influences in human heath overall, including poor nutrition, genomics, environmental toxicant exposures, fractured human interactions, limited physical movement, stress, sleep deprivation, and other lifestyle factors. Ultimately, this textbook serves to help practitioners, healthcare systems, and policy makers better understand this different and novel approach to complex chronic disorders. It provides the reader with real world examples of applications of the underlying principles and practices of integrative/functional nutrition therapies and presents the most up-to-date intervention strategies and clinical tools to help the reader keep abreast of developments in this emerging specialty field. Many chapters include comprehensive coverage of the topic and clinical applications with supplementary learning features such as case studies, take-home messages, patient and practitioner handouts, algorithms, and suggested readings. Integrative and Functional Medical Nutrition Therapy: Principles and Practices will serve as an invaluable guide for healthcare professionals in their clinical application of nutrition, lifestyle assessment, and intervention for each unique, individual patient.

Nutritional Treatment of Chronic Renal Failure

Author : Sergio Giovannetti
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Enormous progress has been made in the treatment of chronic renal failure over the last decades. Until the 1950s, chronic renal failure was considered to be an inexorably lethal condition. This is no longer the case. In addition, the disease, severe uremic syndrome, is now extremely rare, if existent at all, in industrialized countries. Physicians of my generation who saw patients hospitalized with hemor raghes, pericarditis, severe anemia, cardiac failure, "malignant hypertension," pruritus, vomiting, generalized edema, and convulsions are particularly grate ful for this progress. I well remember seeing such patients hospitalized in the last days or weeks of their lives and also remember the sense of impotence I suffered for the com plete lack of efficient measures I had at my disposal to manage their condition. Nowadays, hemodialysis, peritoneal dialysis, and kidney transplantation allow patients with chronic renal failure to survive for very long periods of time in a satisfactory condition. Why then is there still a sense of dissatisfaction and why should we study dietary management? The drawbacks of dialysis and transplantation are the main reasons, but the certainty that dietary therapy is complementary to dialysis and even better than dialysis in certain conditions, is also very important.

Nutrition Therapy for Urolithiasis

Author : Patrick Lowry
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Nutrition Therapy for Urolithiasis provides evidence based recommendations, established by a comprehensive, state of the art review of the available literature to help clinicians with nutritional counseling for dietary stone prevention. The text is edited by a Urologist and a Registered Dietician and individual chapters are written by experts in the three fields of Urology, Nutrition, and Nephrology. The book not only includes chapters that comprehensively cover the topic, but also includes practical appendices to guide the reader on: individual nutrient recommendations, examples of balanced dietary patterns (Mediterranean, DASH, U.S. Dietary Guidelines, Weight Watchers, diabetes meal planning, etc.), tables of foods rich in food that affect stone risk (calcium, phytate, sodium, etc); diet assessment tools; and guides to over-the-counter supplements that may be used in nutrition therapy for stone prevention: (calcium, probiotics, fish oil etc). This book provides a new resource to assist in the prevention of Urolithiasis and will be of great value to professionals in the fields of Urology, Nephrology, and Nutrition.

Nutrition Therapy for Chronic Kidney Disease

Author : Lynn K. Thomas
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Kidney disease is a global health concern that affects people of all ages and races. Based on the work of the National Kidney Foundation and the Kidney Disease: Improving Global Outcomes foundation, guidelines have been developed outlining the parameters for patient care. Nutritional Therapy for Chronic Kidney Disease builds upon the discoveries ma

Critical Care Nutrition Therapy for Non nutritionists

Author : Mette M. Berger
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This book offers a pragmatic approach to day-to-day metabolic and nutritional care based on physiological considerations. Due to the numerous controversial trials published in the last 15 years, there is no clear guidance for intensive care physicians regarding the metabolic and nutritional management of patients. This has resulted in a return to underfeeding and related complications in most ICUs worldwide as shown by the latest Nutrition Day data. Using a structured, logical approach, the book examines practical solutions for artificial feeding in complex areas of critical care (brain injuries, burns, cardiac failure, ECMO, intestinal failure, long term patient, renal failure, metabolic diseases, obesity, old patients) and discusses measurement of the results of metabolic interventions. It also includes dedicated chapters focusing on specific problems, in order to avoid complications. Critical Care Nutrition Therapy for Non-nutritionists is a valuable resource for all general ICUs and ICU subspecialties such as cardiovascular, neuro, gastrointestinal and burns ICUs.

Nutritional Care of HIV Positive Persons

Author : James F. Hickson, Jr.
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As the AIDS crisis continues, nutrition therapy has taken an important role in maximizing the body's capacity to fight HIV infection and AIDS as well as improving the quality of life when living with AIDS. Nutritional Care of HIV-Positive Persons: A Manual for Individuals and Their Caregivers presents principles, rules, and directions needed to address diet and nutrition issues for those living with HIV, with or without a diagnosis of AIDS. Written by nutritionists who have experience with AIDS, this "how-to" manual balances traditional sources of information with common experiences. Although written for the layman, the book is unusual in its inclusion of scientific and medical information. It addresses all groups, including women, infants, and children, reflecting the spread of the disease into all segments of the population. Discussion of selected topics are spiced with "how to" specifics that provide information on how nutrition can be used to maximize the body's capacity to fight HIV infection and AIDS. Focusing only on nutrition, Nutritional Care of HIV-Positive Persons fills the gap between "brochures" and scholarly research publications. It is an authoritative, practical guide for those living with HIV.