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From Dawn to Dark in Italy

Author : Italy. [Appendix. - History & Politics.]
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Daughters of Justice Darkness of Dawn

Author : Frey Gray
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Darkness Before Dawn

Author : Anne Stuart
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After the shocking death of her husband, Maggie Bennett is out for revenge, but life keeps getting in the way. Her younger sister has a dead man in her bathtub, her former lover and nemesis Randall is suddenly hovering, and a crazed murderer is lurking. What’s a woman to do?

Darkness Before the Dawn

Author : J. N. Farrow
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This is the diary kept by Jack Farrow, a 30 year old sergeant in the 5th Roayl Norfolks, who in 1941 was expected to go to India to train troops. However, the fortunes of war turned the world upside down and he found himself in the jungles of Malaya fighting for his life, not only against the Japanese Imperial Army but the jungle itself. Having made it back to Singapore in time for the surrender he was taken with many others to the notorious Changi jail where he was put in charge of the grim task of burying his less fortunate comrades.

Darkness Before Dawn

Author : Ezriel Tauber
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Darkness Before Dawn

Author : Various Authors
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There’s no shortage of psychology self-help books on depression—but this collection, envisioned and edited by Sounds True founder Tami Simon, is not one of them. You won’t be revisiting familiar therapies or antidepressant options. What you will find is a gathering of 16 exceptional and compassionate teachers who have faced profound depression themselves. Their purpose? To radically shift the way that we perceive the experience. To offer insights and practices that reach beyond conventional models. And to help us receive depression’s uninvited yet singular gifts. The guidance presented here supports traditional psychotherapy and medication as valuable tools. But for those who’ve found these approaches incomplete—or seek to help others at an impasse—there’s much to discover within these pages, including: Thomas Moore, PhD, on Saturn’s gifts; Sally Kempton on shifting from suffering and into witnessing awareness; poet Mark Nepo on embracing both emptiness and aliveness; Mary Pipher, PhD, on how despair can open us to long-hidden joy; Christina Baldwin on “ineffable sorrow”; Parker J. Palmer, PhD, on finding meaning and connection through the experience of depression; plus exceptional contributions by Ann Marie Chiasson, MD; James Gordon, MD; Sandra Ingerman; Karla McLaren; Robert Augustus Masters, PhD; Amy Weintraub; Jeff Foster; Elizabeth Rabia Roberts, EdD; Michael Bernard Beckwith; and Reginald A. Ray, PhD.

Darkness Before Dawn

Author : Les Endrei
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Darkness Comes before the Dawn

Author : Terry Umphenour
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Fifteen-year-old Karina’s life has changed dramatically in the last year. After losing both her parents in an airplane accident, she is now living in a facility known for using adventure education to turn troubled adolescents into responsible adults. As Karina and other students enter Devil’s Icebox, a mazelike cave with a bad reputation for taking the lives of early explorers, they hope to experience a day of challenging spelunking. Instead, they soon are summoned by local authorities to rescue other spelunkers trapped inside—before it is too late. As the thrill and excitement of cave exploration transforms into a living nightmare, Karina makes a fateful decision that results in the death of a child. In the aftermath, she seeks escape from the emotional trauma and nightmares that plague her by traveling to Hawaii, where she hopes to heal while studying volcanoes. But when Karina connects with a terminally ill child whose last wish is to see a volcanic eruption, she has no idea her world is about to tumble toward disaster. In this captivating tale, a teenager puts her own life on the line in a perilous race against time—and flowing lava—in a desperate attempt to change a course of tragic events.

The Dark Before Dawn

Author : Lucas Lex DeJong
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Cynicism is a staple of Logan Galt’s life. But when his rational and stringent view of the world is disturbed by symbolic and horrifying dreams, perplexing daytime experiences, and an impossible romance with a mysterious and unnamed beauty, he is forced to question everything. Including himself; and including his past. As Logan begins to decipher these dreams, in hope of discovering the identity of his unnamed love, he finds himself dragged deeper into a dangerous and compelling mystery. He will discover more about himself and his world than he ever dreamt possible, but will it cost him the ultimate price? Combining elements of mystery, thriller and romance novels, 'The Dark before Dawn' is Lucas Lex DeJongs premier novel, published by Xlibris in 2011.

A Dark Place Until the Dawn

Author : Keith D. Godbey
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In 1944, while World War II still raged, a husband and wife left the comforts of America to move to Africa. Headhunters and cannibals roamed the jungles of “the dark continent,” as the land was still called then, and witchcraft and juju held people in the grip of fear and superstition. But dawn was about to break. In the midst of chaos, a story of love, dedication, commitment, hope, and encouragement began to unfold. This is the true life story of two people who dared to trust the God who called them. As you enter these pages, be prepared—you will find joy and tears, tension and suspense, raw terror, and good followed by evil of the darkest kind. You will walk with this couple as they were forced to make searing decisions in the presence of starving children. You’ll be by their side through the dark night when evil was prepared to kill. But most important, you will see the hand of a loving Heavenly Father guiding them every step of the way.