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The Day the Internet Died full length version

Author : Jason Pizzarello
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On a sunny day in the town of Bloomington, a devastating occurrence happens. No, it’s not famine, or floods, or loss of your basic rights. The internet has gone down! And it will continue to be down! For a week! A whole week! Pandemonium! In a world that is so dependent on the internet for shopping, mailing, and posting pictures of cute babies, how will society function? Not well as it turns out. The Day the Internet Died hilariously explores how inept we are at dating, research, and basic human interactions when we don’t have a screen to look at. (A one-act version is also available.) Comedy Full-length. 70-85 minutes 10-50 actors, gender flexible

Off the Day the Internet Died

Author : Chris Colin
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One day all the screens went dark--and we couldn't even post about it. We all dream about it: a life free of scrolling, tweeting, liking, faving, streaming, replying, apologizing for not replying, and other assaults on our poor, saturated brains. But what would an analog world actually look like? Chris Colin, author of What to Talk About, paints a picture that's a little Edenic and a little demented. Un-barraged by celeb gossip and political news, we begin to notice nature again. We take walks, stare at the clouds, and listen to podcasts consisting of our own thoughts. Snapchatting gives way to endless rounds of Go Fish. Minecraft is a game involving sticks and leaves. We talk to our neighbors--not about the TV shows we're streaming--and occasionally we fall in love. Delivered in a pitch-perfect, tongue-in-cheek biblical style, this little book imagines an alternate reality that will hit home in our tech-addled worlds. Rinee Shah's playful illustrations perfectly capture the absurdity of life reflected in our screens. Whether you're addicted to tech or not, you'll see something of yourself when you put down your phone and pick up this smart, funny book.

Spoon River virtual one act version

Author : Jason Pizzarello
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This brand new version of Spoon River was created specifically to be performed on a virtual platform, but could also be performed live on stage. Former citizens of a mythical Midwestern town speak from the grave of the day-to-day hopes and dreams of their lives. Touching, anguished, and contemptuous, their voices and stories weave together in this fresh new take on a modern American classic. You won't forget what you've heard from these distinctively small-town folk as they evoke universal themes of hope, despair, and love. Drama One-act. 35-45 minutes 8-26 actors, gender flexible

Cyber Warfare and the Laws of War

Author : Heather Harrison Dinniss
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The information revolution has transformed both modern societies and the way in which they conduct warfare. Cyber Warfare and the Laws of War analyses the status of computer network attacks in international law and examines their treatment under the laws of armed conflict. The first part of the book deals with the resort to force by states and discusses the threshold issues of force and armed attack by examining the permitted responses against such attacks. The second part offers a comprehensive analysis of the applicability of international humanitarian law to computer network attacks. By examining the legal framework regulating these attacks, Heather Harrison Dinniss addresses the issues associated with this method of attack in terms of the current law and explores the underlying debates which are shaping the modern laws applicable in armed conflict.

Reimagining Journalism in a Post Truth World How Late Night Comedians Internet Trolls and Savvy Reporters Are Transforming News

Author : Ed Madison
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In a world of "alternative facts" and "post-truth" politics, producing public-interest journalism is more important than ever—but also more complex. This book examines how journalism is evolving to meet the demands of the digital media ecosystem, where lies often spread faster than truth, and where modern news consumers increasingly expect journalism to be a conversation, not a lecture. • Examines the historical roots of journalism's crisis while pushing the conversation toward promising experiments and solutions • Offers insights from digital-era disruptors and innovators, as well as long-time veterans of the news business • Provides context for the 2016 election's "fake news" phenomenon and explains—in clear and compelling prose—what savvy journalists are doing to rebuild trust in the real thing

Advanced Topics in End User Computing Volume 1

Author : Mahmood, Mo Adam
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Advanced Topics in End User Computing features the latest research findings dealing with end user computing concepts, issues, and trends. It provides a forum to both academics and information technology practitioners to advance the practice and understanding of end user computing in organizations. Empirical and theoretical research concerned with all aspects of end user computing including development, utilization and management are included.

Between Life and Death The Book of Sam

Author : Ann Christy
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Sam’s first year of teaching is over and life is smooth sailing. He couldn’t be happier if he tried. Then everything changes in one terrible day and he’s not ready for any of it. The world has gone mad. Millions of people run the streets, ravenous and filled with an unthinking rage. The government almost immediately falls, leaving survivors entirely on their own. Left with one student and no safe place to turn, mild-mannered Sam must learn to be strong if he’s to survive and keep the young child in his care safe. As the world unravels and grows dark, he strives to keep one bright spark of humanity alive. Others are drawn to that light and a new kind of family develops. Through it all, only Sam stands between this new, small ray of hope and the eternal nightmare beyond their walls. If he fails, they’ll all be trapped forever between life and death. Readers asked for more Sam and now he’s here. Adventure with beloved Sam and feisty Veronica from the beginning of the nanite apocalypse. Between Life and Death: The Book of Sam is the exciting prequel to the main Between Life and Death trilogy. It can be read as a stand-alone, as a prequel to the main series, or after the main series.

New Scientist

Author :
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Dying to Live

Author : Ian Murphy
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When high school valedictorian Ian Murphy was writing his graduation address, a teacher told him that he could not mention Jesus in his speech. She even threatened to pull the plug on the microphone if he tried to do so. Murphy’s defiance, in the name of his constitutional rights, made national news, and his zeal to spread the Gospel, no matter the cost, became the defining passion of his life. Murphy's public battle for his freedom of speech is where this conversion story begins, but then it retraces the other important experiences of his youth. He describes his free-spirited Christian parents, his early doubts, the influence of faith-filled relatives and friends, and the spiritual encounter that made him a believer. At a young age, Murphy went from strength to strength as he sought after truth, grew in prayer, and shared his faith with others. But his doubts resurfaced when his friend and mentor, the leader of a Protestant college group, was murdered. After his trust in God was restored, Murphy became a Baptist minister in the Bible Belt, and from there his spiritual journey led him into the Catholic Church. The unexpected twists and turns in Murphy's extraordinary story show that when a man gives his life to Christ, the Lord never lets him go.

Dying to Remember

Author : James M. Diclerico
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When a drug company CEO disappears in the hills of New England, his wife hires neophyte P.I. Harley Napoleon to find him. The plot deepens when Napoleon has a gun stuck in his face at the CEO's hunting cabin. Then the executive perishes in a questionable auto incident and patients at a nearby clinic die after getting a new Alzheimer's drug made by the CEO's firm. While solving the mystery, Napoleon winds up in the clutches of rogue G-men, dodges the local police chief, and teams reluctantly with an over-the-top female reporter.