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The Story of the Western Railroads

Author : Robert Edgar Riegel
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On December 23, 1852, the first train on the first railroad west of the Mississippi River steamed proudly from St. Louis to Cheltenham?the immense distance of five miles. In that moment of exaltation, writes Robert Edgar Riegel, "flags waved, bands played, and orators prophesied the flowering of the West under the beneficent influence of the steam locomotive. For once the orators were right. An epoch was marked. Twenty-five years earlier the musical whistle of the locomotive was as yet unheard in the United States. Twenty-five years later steel tracks spanned the continent from New York to San Francisco." In this account of the railroad conquest of the United States, the author is primarily concerned with the western phase of the story. He follows the Iron Horse west through Indian trouble, labor difficulties, civil war, and farmer disillusionment to the completion of the western railroad net. All aspects of the subject?financial, industrial, engineering, as well as the development of railroad regulation?are covered in this classic work.

Official Explorations for Pacific Railroads

Author : George Leslie Albright
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Congress and business desired transcontinental routes to the Pacific coast to facilitate access to the opulent commerce of the Far East. Albright described the three main routes: extreme north, central, and extreme south and their explorers.

Roots of Ecology

Author : Frank N. Egerton
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"Ecological questions are at the center of many of the most important decisions faced by humanity. Roots of Ecology documents the deep ancestry of this enormously important science from the early ideas of Herodotus, Plato, and Pliny; up through those of Linnaeus and Dawin, to those that inspired Ernst Haeckel's mid-nineteenth-century neologism ecology. Based on a long-running series of regularly published columns, this important work gathers a vast literature that illustrates the development of the ecological concepts, environmental ideas, and creative reasoning that have led to our modern view of ecology. Roots of Ecology should be on every ecologist's shelf."--Back cover.

El Llano Estacado

Author : John Miller Morris
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Using historical writings of early explorers, the author captures the mystery and magic of the great Llano Estacado or "Staked Plains" that begin in West Texas and extend north and west. Particularly amusing is the effort of early railroad surveyors to find underground water at the edge of the Llano (aka the caprock) only to miss one of North America's largest aquifers (the Ogalla) by a matter of miles and in some cases yards.

The Quarterly Journal of Science

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The Journal of Science and Annals of Astronomy Biology Geology Industrial Arts Manufactures and Technology

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Official Explorations for Pacific Railroads 1853 1855

Author : George Leslie Albright
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The Valley of Opportunity

Author : Steven F. Mehls
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Isaac I Stevens

Author : Kent D. Richards
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Washington Territory's first governor remains as controversial today as he was to his frontier contemporaries during the Pacific Northwest's most turbulent era--the mid-1850s. Indian wars, martial law, and bitter political disputes, as well as the establishment of a new governmental system, characterized Isaac I. Stevens' years as governor (1853-57).

Report of explorations for a route for the Pacific railroad

Author : E. Griffin Beckwith
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Report of explorations for a route for the Pacific railroad by capt. J.W. Gunnison, topographical engineers,near the 38th and 39th parallels of north latitude, from the mouth of the Kansas River, Missouri, to the Sevier Lake, in the Great Basin.