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A History of Socialist Thought Communism and social democracy 1914 1931

Author : George Douglas Howard Cole
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Democratic Socialist Aims Values

Author : Labour Party
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A History of Socialist Thought Communism and social democracy 1914 1931 2 v

Author : George Douglas Howard Cole
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Marxism and Democracy in Chile

Author : Julio Faúndez
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In this book Julio Faúndez traces the development of Chilean politics from 1932 to the overthrow of Allende in 1973, focusing in particular on the participation of Marxist parties in Chile's democratic government. Relating the various phases in the evolution of the political system to the concrete problems that had to be faced, Faúndez discusses how class alliances, political mobilization, and the role of organized labor affected developments in the country. His book adds an important new perspective to a perennial topic of debate among politicians and political scientists worldwide.

Socialist Democracy in Romania

Author : Nicolae Ceaușescu
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On Socialist Democracy and the Chinese Legal System

Author : Yizhe Li
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First published in 1985. Routledge is an imprint of Taylor & Francis, an informa company.

The New Soviet Constitution

Author : Anna Louise Strong
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The Two Red Flags

Author : David Childs
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An incisive account of the impact of socialism on the life and politics of Europe and the former Soviet bloc in the twentieth century. It covers the origins of socialism in those countries where it had most impact.

The Press and the Decline of Democracy

Author : Robert G. Picard
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The author discusses the role of economic concentration in limiting public access to information and reducing opportunities for public discourse. Picard examines the government policies that have contributed to the erosion of democratic participation and have permitted the growth of large commercial press entities, unobstructed by anti-trust provisions. He relates recent public policy responses to this problem to democratic socialist ideology and develops a social-democratic theory of the press which draws upon ideas and policies found throughout the Western world. Picard provides a democratic framework for understanding the changing nature of media economics and state-press relations and offers proposals for achieving both a democratically functioning press and broader popular participation.

Capitalism and Social Democracy

Author : Adam Przeworski
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Not to repeat past mistakes: the sudden resurgence of a sympathetic interest in social democracy is a response to the urgent need to draw lessons from the history of the socialist movement. After several decades of analyses worthy of an ostrich, some rudimentary facts are being finally admitted. Social democracy has been the prevalent manner of organization of workers under democratic capitalism. Reformist parties have enjoyed the support of workers.