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On the Art of the No Drama

Author : Masakazu Yamazaki
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This annotated translation is the first systematic rendering into any Western language of the nine major treatises on the art of the Japanese No theater by Zeami Motokivo (1363-1443). Zeami, who transformed the No from a country entertainment into a vehicle for profound theatrical and philosophical experience, was a brilliant actor himself, and his treatises touch on every aspect of the theater of his time. His theories, mixing philosophical and practical insights, often seem strikingly contemporary. Since their discovery early in this century. these secret treatises have been considered among the most valuable and representative documents in the history of Japanese aesthetics. They discuss subjects from the art of the playwright to the reciprocal nature of the relationship between performer and audience.

Performing Women

Author : Gay Gibson Cima
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Argues that critics have misunderstood the relationship between male playwrights and women's roles because they have neglected the interpretive skills of the actresses playing those roles. Analyzes hypothetical as well as historical performances to demonstrate how women have invented acting styles to portray women created by playwrights from Ibsen to Beckett. Annotation copyright by Book News, Inc., Portland, OR

Fictional Points of View

Author : Peter Lamarque
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In Fictional Points of View, Lamarque offers new examinations of fundamental concepts in the philosophy of literature and criticism. He questions the nature of a fictional character and the relation of fiction to reality. He ask whether truth exists in literature and whether "works" or "texts" have logical priority. The volume focuses on a wide range of thinkers, including Iris Murdoch on truth and art, Stanley Cavell on tragedy, Roland Barthes and Michel Foucault on "the death of the author," and Kendall Walton on fearing fictions. Also included is a consideration of the fifteenth-century Japanese playwright and drama teacher Zeami Motokiyo, the founding father of Noh theather. Lamarque demonstrates a careful analytical methodology and clear language, reflecting his conviction that obfuscation is inimical to humanistic study.

Envisioning the Tale of Genji

Author : Haruo Shirane
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Bringing together scholars from across the world, Haruo Shirane presents a fascinating portrait of The Tale of Genji's reception and reproduction over the past thousand years. The essays examine the canonization of the work from the late Heian through the medieval, Edo, Meiji, Taisho, Showa, and Heisei periods, revealing its profound influence on a variety of genres and fields, including modern nation building. They also consider parody, pastiche, and re-creation of the text in various popular and mass media. Since the Genji was written by a woman for female readers, contributors also take up the issue of gender and cultural authority, looking at the novel's function as a symbol of Heian court culture and as an important tool in women's education. Throughout the volume, scholars discuss achievements in visualization, from screen painting and woodblock prints to manga and anime. Taking up such recurrent themes as cultural nostalgia, eroticism, and gender, this book is the most comprehensive history of the reception of The Tale of Genji to date, both in the country of its origin and throughout the world.

Theatricalities of Power

Author : Steven T. Brown
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Through an extended reading of the noh play Aoi ne Ue, as well as briefer examinations of several other plays, this book sheds new light on the circulation of power and desire in the middle and late medieval periods in Japan. It argues that these plays constituted an active force in the theater of the medieval cultural imaginary by engaging specific sociopolitical issues and problems.

No Drama Leadership

Author : Marlene Chism
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Choice. Power. Speed. Today's leaders continually face these forces. But with too many choices, too much power, and too much speed, leaders often make decisions in a heightened state of emotion (and drama). Hasty decisions are often poor ones and in this climate there is no place to hide. Privacy is a thing of the past; the days of covering up or ignoring a problem are over. In today's transparent culture, the decision making of leaders is more vulnerable then ever-and it is more critical than ever to get it right. Marlene Chism's No-Drama Leadership introduces just the model the corporate world needs. Using case studies, checklists, and examples from various levels of hierarchy in leadership and from a variety of industries, Chism introduces the mindset shifts and practical skills needed to develop enlightened leaders, whose decision making flows from a much more grounded and aligned place. You will learn how to: Identify the signs of misalignment Increase your leadership effectiveness Use four quadrants of change as a catalyst for leadership growth Increase employee engagement Tap into the gifts and talents of your employees Communicate strategically Create a culture of accountability Increase innovation and productivity through empowerment Today's leader needs more than position, power, or business acumen. Today's leader needs more than self-management, communication skills, or emotional intelligence. We need leaders who are aligned, aware, and accountable, who balance choice and power with wisdom and responsibility-leaders who embrace and embody both the inner game of leadership growth with the outer game of business results, modeling both the mindsets and actions that transform the cultures they lead.

Literary History

Author : Anders Pettersson
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Literary History: Towards a Global Perspective is a research project funded by the Swedish Research Council (Vetenskapsrådet). Initiated in 1996 and launched in 1999, it aims at finding suitable methods and approaches for studying and analysing literature globally, emphasizing the comparative and intercultural aspect. Even though we nowadays have fast and easy access to any kind of information on literature and literary history, we encounter, more than ever, the difficulty of finding a credible overall perspective on world literary history. Until today, literary cultures and traditions have usually been studied separately, each field using its own principles and methods. Even the conceptual basis itself varies from section to section and the genre concepts employed are not mutually compatible. As a consequence, it is very difficult, if not impossible, for the interested layperson as well as for the professional student, to gain a clear and fair perspective both on the literary traditions of other peoples and on one's own traditions. The project can be considered as a contribution to gradually removing this problem and helping to gain a better understanding of literature and literary history by means of a concerted empirical research and deeper conceptual reflection. The contributions to the four volumes are written in English by specialists from a large number of disciplines, primarily from the fields of comparative literature, Oriental studies and African studies in Sweden. All of the literary texts discussed in the articles are in the original language. Each one of the four volumes is devoted to a special research topic.

McGraw Hill Encyclopedia of World Drama

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Ranging from the earliest drama to the theater of the 1980's this encyclopedia includes coverage of national drama and theater around the world, theater companies, and musical comedy. Arrangement of the 1,300 entries is alphabetically by name or subject with nearly 950 of these devoted to individual playwrights and their works.

The Masks of Menander

Author : David Wiles
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An examination of the conventions and techniques of the Greek theatre of Menander and subsequent Roman theatre.

Traditional Japanese Arts and Culture

Author : Stephen Addiss
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"This admirable and necessary volume allows the original writers to speak to us directly. Though all this is carefully documented, we are at the same time spared any layers of scholarly interpretation. Rather, the richness of the original reaches us complete." —Donald Richie, Japan Times, May 14, 2006 Japanese artists, musicians, actors, and authors have written much over the centuries about the creation, meaning, and appreciation of various arts. Most of these works, however, are scattered among countless hard-to-find sources or make only a fleeting appearance in books devoted to other subjects. Compiled in this volume is a wealth of original material on Japanese arts and culture from the prehistoric era to the Meiji Restoration (1867). These carefully selected sources, including many translated here for the first time, are placed in their historical context and outfitted with brief commentaries, allowing the reader to make connections to larger concepts and values found in Japanese culture. The book is a treasure trove of material on the visual and literary arts, but it contains as well primary texts on topics not easily classified in Western categories, such as the martial and culinary arts, the art of tea, and flower arranging. More than 60 color and black and white illustrations enrich the collection and provide further insights into Japanese artistic and cultural values.