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The New Silk Roads

Author : Peter Frankopan
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A brand new book from the Sunday Times and internationally bestselling author of The Silk Roads 'Masterly mapping out of a new world order' – Evening Standard Revised and updated edition The New Silk Roads takes a fresh look at the relationships being formed along the length and breadth of the ancient trade routes today. The world is changing dramatically and in an age of Brexit and Trump, the themes of isolation and fragmentation permeating the western world stand in sharp contrast to events along the Silk Roads, where ties are being strengthened and mutual cooperation established. This prescient contemporary history provides a timely reminder that we live in a world that is profoundly interconnected. Following the Silk Roads eastwards from Europe through to China, by way of Russia and the Middle East, Peter Frankopan assesses the global reverberations of continual shifts in the centre of power – all too often absent from headlines in the west. The New Silk Roads asks us to re-examine who we are and where we stand in the world, illuminating the themes on which all our lives and livelihoods depend. The Silk Roads, a major reassessment of world history, has sold over 1 million copies worldwide.

The New Silk Road

Author : B.
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The rise of the Arab world and China are part of the same story, once trading partners via the Silk Road. This is a fully revised and updated account of how China is spurring growth in the Arab world, taking into account new developments that have taken place since the first edition.

China and the New Silk Road

Author : Harald Pechlaner
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This book studies the Chinese “Belt and Road Initiative” (BRI), also called "New Silk Road", and focuses on its regional and local effects. Written by experts from various fields, it presents a range of case studies on the geopolitical, socio-economic, ecological and cultural implications of the BRI for European regions and their stakeholders. The book is divided into four parts, the first of which discusses the history of and China’s motivations for the BRI. The second part explores the global phenomenon from a number of regional standpoints. In turn, the third part presents studies on the political, socio-economic, cultural and ecological implications of the New Silk Road project. The final part highlights the tourism prospects in connection with the Silk Road project, as tourism has established itself as an important economic sector in many regions along the historic Silk Road. This book will appeal to scholars of economics, international relations and tourism, decision-makers, managers, chambers of commerce and entrepreneurs with special interests in establishing collaboration with the Chinese market.

Culture Paves the New Silk Roads

Author : Sophia Kidd
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This book approaches Silk Road studies from within the microcosm of Chinas Southwest avant-garde arts sector in order to approach the macrocosm of Chinas cultural heritage and creative industry influence worldwide. While reading Chinas cultural hegemony and its attendant ideologies as shaping memory and history throughout New Silk Road regions, the book includes new regional research from within China's borders, as well as throughout New Silk Road regions. With twenty years of experience in China, Sophia G. Kidd fills a void in discussions of the New Silk Roads (NSR) which fail to underscore the importance of the initiatives people-to-people component. Cultural diplomacy aids cooperation between New Silk Road Regions by reducing cultural discount of Chinese cultural exports, i.e., ideas and values, creating a shift of geo-cultural thinking to come. This book will prove illuminating for students of the arts and soft power in greater China. Dr. Sophia G. Kidd is an Associate Research Fellow in the Classical Chinese Literature Department of the College of Journalism and Literature at Sichuan University in Sichuan, China. She has been Visiting Scholar at Ruhr University Bochum and the University of Gottingen, where she lectured on Chinese contemporary art and politics as well as the role of cultural production in the building of Chinas New Silk Roads. Her Ph.D. research focused on spatial production and literary geography in Eastern Jin Guo Pus literature, in particular the River Fu. Sophia Kidd works as an arts professional, scholar, and writer in both Southwest USA and Southwest China, integrating regional aesthetics with cultural studies to gain both synchronic and diachronic insight into the greater milieu of Chinas role in global governance.

The Prequel to China s New Silk Road

Author : Tilman Pradt
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This book offers the prequel to China's successful implementation of its New Silk Road, the so-called Belt and Road Initiative (BRI). The preconditions for the establishment of especially the land route between China and Western Europe have been set decades ago in Central Asia. In the political, security, and economic realms, China had to find arrangements with Russia as well as the Central Asian states. Border disputes had to be resolved, a security architecture and political cooperation was lacking. The key to BRI's success today lies in China's successful diplomacy of the 1990s and 2000s. This book tells the exciting story behind the largest geopolitical infrastructure project of our time.

The New Silk Road to Europe

Author : Carl Hamilton
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The New Silk Road

Author : B. Simpfendorfer
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The rise of the Arab world and China are part of the same story, once trading partners via the Silk Road. It isn't a coincidence that Arab traders have returned to China at the same time that China is fast regaining its share of the global economy. This is a breakthrough account of how China is spurring growth in the Arab world.

The New Silk Road

Author : Asian Development Bank
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This commemorative book celebrates 10 years of productive collaboration under the Central Asia Regional Economic Cooperation (CAREC) Program. Under CAREC, its member countries have made significant gains in regional transport, energy infrastructure, and trade facilitation and policy, which have increased both the pace and quality of development in the subregion. The spirit of trust and confidence that has evolved through the years among good neighbors and good partners has led to better prospects for all.

The New Silk Road

Author : B.
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The rise of the Arab world and China are part of the same story, once trading partners via the Silk Road. This is a fully revised and updated account of how China is spurring growth in the Arab world, taking into account new developments that have taken place since the first edition.

China s New Silk Road Dreams

Author : Noesselt Nele
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The contributions compiled in this issue engage in critical evaluation of China's "New Silk Road initiative" ("Belt and Road Initiative" [BRI]) by focusing on the potential long-term political and economic effects and implications for Sino-EUropean and Sino-African relations. The authors take the launching of the BRI (October 2013) as a starting point for a general, theory-guided qualitative re-evaluation of the basic patterns of Chinese foreign relations and global interactions under the fifth generation of Chinese political leaders. In 2013, the Chinese state president, Xi Jinping, framed BRI as a global connectivity network consisting of a multitude of overland passages and maritime transportation corridors. Xi Jinping's report to the 19th Party Congress (2017) set the BRI as an anchor concept of China's fine-tuned foreign strategy in the 21st century.