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On the Trail of Patrick Geddes

Author : Walter Stephen
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Part of a series of guides following key figures and themes, Walter Stephen explores the life and theories of the Scottish biologist, sociologist, geographer, philanthropist and urban planner, Sir Patrick Geddes. His renewal work in Edinburgh’s Old Town is as visible and impressive today as it was in the 19th and 20th centuries and his concepts such as ‘Think Global, Act Local’ are just as relevant. The author is an authority on Patrick Geddes and this book forms part of the On the Trail series.

Patrick Geddes

Author : Helen Meller
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One of the great social thinkers of the late nineteenth and early twentieth century, Sir Patrick Geddes (1854-1932) enjoyed a career of astonishing diversity. This new analysis of his life and work reviews his ideas and philosophy of planning, providing a scholarly yet accessible account for those interested in the history of planning, urban design, social theory and nineteenth century British history.

Lewis Mumford and Patrick Geddes

Author : Frank G. Novak Jr.
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First published in 1995. Routledge is an imprint of Taylor & Francis, an informa company.

Patrick Geddes and Town Planning

Author : Noah Hysler-Rubin
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Patrick Geddes is considered a forefather of the modern urban planning movement. This book studies the various, and even opposing ways, in which Geddes has been interpreted up to this day, providing a new reading of his life, writing and plans. Geddes' scrutiny is presented as a case study for Town Planning as a whole. Tying together for the first time key concepts in cultural geography and colonial urbanism, the book proposes a more vigorous historiography, exposing hidden narratives and past agendas still dominating the disciplinary discourse. Written by a cultural geographer and a town planner, this book offers a rounded, full-length analysis of Geddes' vision and its material manifestation, functioning also as a much needed critical tool to evaluate Modern Town Planning as an academic and practical discipline. The book also includes a long overdue model of his urban theory.

The City After Patrick Geddes

Author : Volker Welter
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The City after Patrick Geddes traces the influences of the Scottish biologist, sociologist and city designer, Sir Patrick Geddes (1854-1932), on the modernist debate about the City. The book consists of essays collated together in five sections.

Regional Visionaries and Metropolitan Boosters

Author : Matthew Dalbey
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The debate between Lewis Mumford and Thomas Adams over the Regional Plan of New York and Its Environs (RPNY) often stirs intellectual debate among planning professionals, academics, and students. Recent scholarship has been primarily concerned with the theoretical underpinnings of Mumford's `regionalists' and Adams' `metropolitanists'. Mumford, as well as Benton MacKaye and other members of the Regional Planning Association of America (RPAA), were heavily influenced by their vision of regional planning as a method for progressive social change. At the same time, Adams and the metropolitan planners associated with the RPNY saw regional planning as a tool by which to minimally tweak the underpinnings of the market and thereby provide for a minimum amount of congestion and economic hardship for the maximum number of citizens. The debate between these two traditions helps to inform on current planning issues, including sprawl, sustainable development, and the new urbanism. This book analyzes one of the only instances where the theoretical debate between the regionalists and the metropolitanists moved from intellectual polemic to planning practice. As our metropolitan areas continue to grow and consume land, regional planning must find a way to consider the uniqueness of regional economies and culture without succumbing to metropolitan sameness.

CPL Bibliography

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Foreign Trade Publications in United States Documents

Author : John M. Ross
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Who s who

Author : Henry Robert Addison
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An annual biographical dictionary, with which is incorporated "Men and women of the time."

Cultural Tourism

Author : John Habgood
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How important are our cultural assets to tourism? This book explores policy issues in the use of additional assets in tourism, an important area of economic activity. It should be of interest to all those who are concerned with the arts and tourism in the private sector, in central and local government, museums, the voluntary sector and universities. The emphasis is on the multi-faceted and dynamic nature of culture, the mutual dependency of conservation and enterprise, and the need to pursue an integrated approach to policy making.

Sociological Adventures

Author : Dirk Käsler
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The Geographical Magazine

Author : Michael Huxley
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The Scottish Naturalist

Author : Francis Buchanan White White
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Author : Rana Singh
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Narrating the making of the Hindus’ most sacred and heritage city of India (Banaras) this book will serve as lead reference and insightful reading for understanding the cultural complexities, archetypal connotations, ritualscapes and vivid heritagescapes that maintain India’s pride of history and culture.

Architecture of Regionalism in the Age of Globalization

Author : Liane Lefaivre
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The definitive introductory book on the theory and history of regionalist architecture in the context of globalization, this text addresses issues of identity, community, and sustainability along with a selection of the most outstanding examples of design from all over the world. Alex Tzonis and Liane Lefaivre give a readable, vivid, scholarly account of this major conflict as it relates to the design of the human-made environment. Demystifying the reasons behind how globalization enabled creativity and brought about unprecedented wealth but also produced new wastefulness and ecological destruction, the book also looks at how regionalism has also tended to confine, tearing apart societies and promoting destructive consumerist tourism.

The Tangled Roots of the Appalachian Trail

Author : Sarah Mittlefehldt
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Town and Country Planning

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Leisure Recreation and Tourism Abstracts

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Transactions and Proceedings of the Botanical Society of Edinburgh

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