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One Continuous Mistake

Author : Gail Sher
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Based on the Zen philosophy that we learn more from our failures than from our successes, One Continuous Mistake teaches a refreshing new method for writing as spiritual practice. In this unique guide for writers of all levels, Gail Sher—a poet who is also a widely respected teacher of creative writing—combines the inspirational value of Julia Cameron's The Artist's Way with the spiritual focus of Zen Mind, Beginner's Mind. Here she introduces a method of discipline that applies specific Zen practices to enhance and clarify creative work. She also discusses bodily postures that support writing, how to set up the appropriate writing regimen, and how to discover one's own "learning personality." In the tradition of such classics as Writing Down the Bones and If You Want to Write, One Continuous Mistake will help beginning writers gain access to their creative capabilities while serving as a perennial reference that working writers can turn to again and again for inspiration and direction.

Psychotherapy and Buddhism

Author : Jeffrey B. Rubin
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There is currently a burgeoning interest in the relationship between the Western psychotherapeutic and Buddhist meditative traditions among therapists, researchers, and spiritual seekers. Psychotherapy and Buddhism initiates a conversation between these two modern methods of achieving greater self-understanding and peace of mind. Dr. Jeffrey B. Rubin explores how they might be combined to better serve patients in therapy and adherents to a spiritual way of life. He examines the strengths and limitations of each tradition through three contexts: the nature of self, conception of ideal health, and process of achieving optimal health. The volume features the first two cases of Buddhists in psychoanalytic treatment.

The Signifier Pointing at the Moon

Author : Raul Moncayo
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Within the context of a careful review of the psychology of religion and prior non-Lacanian literature on the subject, Raul Moncayo builds a bridge between Lacanian psychoanalysis and Zen Buddhism that steers clear of reducing one to the other or creating a simplistic synthesis between the two. Instead, by making a purposeful "One-mistake" of "unknown knowing", this book remains consistent with the analytic unconscious and continues in the splendid tradition of Bodhidharma who did not know "Who" he was and told Emperor Wu that there was no merit in building temples for Buddhism. Both traditions converge on the teaching that "true subject is no ego", or on the realisation that a new subject requires the symbolic death or deconstruction of imaginary ego-identifications. Although Lacanian psychoanalysis is known for its focus on language and Zen is considered a form of transmission outside the scriptures, Zen is not without words while Lacanian psychoanalysis stresses the senseless letter of the Real or of a jouissance written on and with the body.

Don t Be a Jerk

Author : Brad Warner
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The Shōbōgenzō (The Treasury of the True Dharma Eye) is a revered eight-hundred-year-old Zen Buddhism classic written by the Japanese monk Eihei Dōgen. Despite the timeless wisdom of his teachings, many consider the book difficult to understand and daunting to read. In Don’t Be a Jerk, Zen priest and bestselling author Brad Warner, through accessible paraphrasing and incisive commentary, applies Dōgen’s teachings to modern times. While entertaining and sometimes irreverent, Warner is also an astute scholar who sees in Dōgen very modern psychological concepts, as well as insights on such topics as feminism and reincarnation. Warner even shows that Dōgen offered a “Middle Way” in the currently raging debate between science and religion. For curious readers worried that Dōgen’s teachings are too philosophically opaque, Don’t Be a Jerk is hilarious, understandable, and wise.

Upside Down Zen

Author : Susan Murphy
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Upside-Down Zen invites readers to explore the vivid spirit of Zen Buddhism in fresh ways. Recalling, in another vein, the warm, lyrical style of Lin Jensen's Bad Dog!, author Susan Murphy offers a multifaceted take on the spiritual, grounded in the everyday. She uses her skills as storyteller, filmmaker, and poet to uncover the connections between Zen and Western cinema, as well as between Zen and traditions as diverse as Australian aboriginal beliefs and Jewish folktales. In the process, she finds spirituality where it has always belonged ? wherever life is happening. Murphy helps readers make sense of Zen koans, the often oversimplified and misunderstood teaching stories of the tradition, and highlights their wisdom for any reader on the spiritual path. A strong new voice in Western Buddhism, Murphy speaks for the many ?unrecorded” women of Zen while bringing a lively, literate approach to a sometimes daunting genre.

Natural Bravery

Author : Gaylon Ferguson
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Increasingly, we seem to live in a culture of fear, amid threats of terrorism, violence, environmental disasters, and distrust in our leaders. Fear and groundlessness are pervasive, but according to Buddhist teacher Gaylon Ferguson, it is the very potency of this fear that makes it such a powerful tool for personal and cultural transformation. Natural Bravery offers wise and pointed teachings for helping us to look at fear with immediacy and courage, and to engage with it as a path to transform ourselves—and the world. Walking this path, we learn to cultivate fearlessness and to connect more deeply with others and with the natural world.

Principles at Stake

Author : George Henry Sumner
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Zen Confidential

Author : Shozan Jack Haubner
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Essays relate how the author, who was raised in a convervative Catholic family, went on to study philosophy and become a monk, chronicling his humorous and unconventional experiences in a Zen monastery.

Creative Writing

Author : Linda Anderson
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Creative Writing is a complete writing course that will jump-start your writing and guide you through your first steps towards publication. Suitable for use by students, tutors, writers’ groups or writers working alone, this book offers: a practical and inspiring section on the creative process, showing you how to stimulate your creativity and use your memory and experience in inventive ways in-depth coverage of the most popular forms of writing, in extended sections on fiction, poetry and life writing, including biography and autobiography, giving you practice in all three forms so that you might discover and develop your particular strengths a sensible, up-to-date guide to going public, to help you to edit your work to a professional standard and to identify and approach suitable publishers a distinctive collection of exciting exercises, spread throughout the workbook to spark your imagination and increase your technical flexibility and control a substantial array of illuminating readings, bringing together extracts from contemporary and classic writings in order to demonstrate a range of techniques that you can use or adapt in your own work. Creative Writing: A Workbook with Readings presents a unique opportunity to benefit from the advice and experience of a team of published authors who have also taught successful writing courses at a wide range of institutions, helping large numbers of new writers to develop their talents as well as their abilities to evaluate and polish their work to professional standards. These institutions include Lancaster University and the University of East Anglia, renowned as consistent producers of published writers.

One Continuous Fight

Author : Eric J. Wittenberg
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The titanic three-day battle of Gettysburg left 50,000 casualties in its wake, a battered Southern army far from its base of supplies, and a rich historiographic legacy. Thousands of books and articles cover nearly every aspect of the battle, but not a single volume focuses on the military aspects of the monumentally important movements of the armies to and across the Potomac River. One Continuous Fight: The Retreat from Gettysburg and the Pursuit of Lee's Army of Northern Virginia, July 4-14, 1863 is the first detailed military history of Lee's retreat and the Union effort to catch and destroy the wounded Army of Northern Virginia. Against steep odds and encumbered with thousands of casualties, Confederate commander Robert E. Lee's post-battle task was to successfully withdraw his army across the Potomac River. Union commander George G. Meade's equally difficult assignment was to intercept the effort and destroy his enemy. The responsibility for defending the exposed Southern columns belonged to cavalry chieftain James Ewell Brown (Jeb) Stuart. If Stuart fumbled his famous ride north to Gettysburg, his generalship during the retreat more than redeemed his flagging reputation. The ten days of retreat triggered nearly two dozen skirmishes and major engagements, including fighting at Granite Hill, Monterey Pass, Hagerstown, Williamsport, Funkstown, Boonsboro, and Falling Waters. President Abraham Lincoln was thankful for the early July battlefield victory, but disappointed that General Meade was unable to surround and crush the Confederates before they found safety on the far side of the Potomac. Exactly what Meade did to try to intercept the fleeing Confederates, and how the Southerners managed to defend their army and ponderous 17-mile long wagon train of wounded until crossing into western Virginia on the early morning of July 14, is the subject of this study One Continuous Fight draws upon a massive array of documents, letters, diaries, newspaper accounts, and published primary and secondary sources. These long-ignored foundational sources allow the authors, each widely known for their expertise in Civil War cavalry operations, to describe carefully each engagement. The result is a rich and comprehensive study loaded with incisive tactical commentary, new perspectives on the strategic role of the Southern and Northern cavalry, and fresh insights on every engagement, large and small, fought during the retreat. The retreat from Gettysburg was so punctuated with fighting that a soldier felt compelled to describe it as "One Continuous Fight." Until now, few students fully realized the accuracy of that description. Complimented with 18 original maps, dozens of photos, and a complete driving tour with GPS coordinates of the entire retreat, One Continuous Fight is an essential book for every student of the American Civil War in general, and for the student of Gettysburg in particular. About the Authors: Eric J. Wittenberg has written widely on Civil War cavalry operations. His books include Glory Enough for All (2002), The Union Cavalry Comes of Age (2003), and The Battle of Monroe's Crossroads and the Civil War's Final Campaign (2005). He lives in Columbus, Ohio. J. David Petruzzi is the author of several magazine articles on Eastern Theater cavalry operations, conducts tours of cavalry sites of the Gettysburg Campaign, and is the author of the popular "Buford's Boys" website at Petruzzi lives in Brockway, Pennsylvania. A long time student of the Gettysburg Campaign, Michael Nugent is a retired US Army Armored Cavalry Officer and the descendant of a Civil War Cavalry soldier. He has previously written for several military publications. Nugent lives in Wells, Maine.

One Silly Little Mistake

Author : Milton G Boothe
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A bizarre set of circumstances drives a young, innocent Christian girl from her middle-class, sheltered lifestyle into a life of prostitution. Now caught up in a world that was light-years away from the comfortable sub-urban environment she once enjoyed, this once pristine deacon’s daughter literally goes to the very gates of hell, as she comes in contact with the good, the bad, and the indifferent. Believing that even God himself has forsaken her, she now has to learn how to survive in the dark underworld of prostitution, on the mean and dangerous streets of Los Angeles.

Journal of the Society of Arts

Author :
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Author : Royal Society for the Encouragement of Arts, Manufactures and Commerce
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The Intuitive Writer

Author : Gail Sher
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In a spiritual approach to the creative process, the author of One Continuous Mistake draws on classic Zen teachings to explain how to shape and sharpen one's perceptions of both one's own inner voice and that of the world around as one becomes involved with the language of one's daily life. Original.

Show Me What You Know

Author : Barbara M. Brizuela
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Just like representations in everyday life, this book shows that representations are ubiquitous to science, technology, engineering, and mathematics—the STEM disciplines.“Show Me What You Know” showcases research on representations across a range of STEM disciplines and ages—from children as young as 2 years of age to professional mathematicians. The text highlights the importance of paying close attention to learners’ interpretations and productions of different representations as a source of evidence for what learners understand, and another way for learners to “show us what they know.” The text is organized around four themes: appropriation of representations, making meaning, highlighting, and representations as scaffold and supports. Book Features: Focus on representations in specific STEM disciplines. An examination of how students across different ages engage with, produce, and use representations. Section reflections that serve to broaden our thinking about representations. Graphs, charts, and examples of students’ drawings. Contributors include David W. Carraher, Tina Grotzer, David Hammer, Richard Lehrer, Eduardo Martí, Ricardo Nemirovsky, Tracy Noble, Juan Ignacio Pozo, Leona Schauble, Analúcia D. Schliemann, Judah L. Schwartz, and Beth Warren. Bárbara M. Brizuela is an associate professor in the Department of Education at Tufts University. She is the author of Mathematical Development in Young Children: Exploring Notations. Brian E. Gravel is a lecturer and director of Elementary Education at Tufts University. “We are provided not only with valuable source material for future theoretical development, but with profound encouragement for teachers and researchers to pay close attention to representations as they are generated and interpreted by students.” —From the Foreword by Gerald A. Goldin

The Best Buddhist Writing 2004

Author : Melvin McLeod
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A thoughtful, inspiring, and often humorous collection of writings from a Buddhist perspective features an entertaining mix of writing styles and reflections on a wide range of issues from the Buddhist point of view. Original.

One of Those Women

Author : Cynthia A. Williams
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Mastering Your Craft

Author : Oumar Hill
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Have you always dreamed of being a pilot or living on a beach? This book will show you how to turn your dreams into your reality! This book reveals the power we have within us to go after the visions in our minds and become a master of ourselves. Setting a standard for how we should attack every dreams and passion with hard work and determination. There will come a time in our lives were we have to make bold decisions on which directions we need to go, the time is now to gain control of your thoughts, actions and dreams. The purpose of the book is to change and uplift the lives of others. Too often we allow our dreams to fade away and dwell in the nightmare of doubt and regret wishing we could go back in time and do things differently. The day has come where we need to grab the bull by the horn and have faith in following our dreams. Specifically written to encourage and motivate the inner passionpreneur within you! you to keep going, fight harder and fear nothing. The goal of this eBook is share the thoughts of a passionpreneur, which is a person that lives with a great deal of passion and purpose. What’s inside this eBook? After reading this eBook will have a better understanding of the following: 1. Benefits of mastering their craft 2. How to confidence 1. Developing their idea into reality. 2. Defining the Levels to success 3. Purpose of Defining Your role 4. Find your passion 5. Developing internal motivation 6. How to increase Self-Control 7. Understanding your purpose in Life 8. Learn how to make better choices 9. Understanding the important of taking Little Steps 10. How to commit to yourself 1st 11. Investing in your Body, Mind & Soul 12. How to manage your power & not give it away 13. How to not depend on handouts 14. How to differentiate between reality and perception 15. How to become more proactive 16. How to manage adversity 17. Understanding the importance of failure And much more graphs, pictures and real life examples to help the reader understand the authors thoughts. Who will benefit from this book? Anyone looking to change their life, motivate others, change their perspective, been called a failure, or wanted to follow a dream but never had the opportunity to follow it. This book is for you! In addition, this book is for anyone traumatized by bullies, self-pity, low self-esteem or self-confidence, or someone just looking for motivation to take them to the next level, this book is for you. An easy read and out of the box thinking to help the reader come up with their own thoughts and opinions. In addition, please visit for additional information on the author, his books, products and events. Testimonials about the book This book is simply a must for all. It has been also confirmation for me as I continue to master my craft and pursue my dreams. As an entrepreneur, there are obstacles at every turn that have me question my choices and path. This book helps me with decision making and continuing to pouch forward despite adversity. Thank you Oumar Hill!!! AZI HANDON I really enjoyed reading this e-book. I caught myself jotting down useful notes along the way. I will definitely be recommending this to others and I will be gifting copies to my team this Christmas. Thank you for taking the time to write this book! Tarah Murphy I'm loving this book! As an established business owner who knows her craft I am yet inspired by Oumar's wisdom. As entrepreneurs we should never be found saying "I'm good. I've learned all I can learn" We should always learn and get inspiration from various outlets....well, this is an outlet. I urge business owners alike to read this book as well as your team. Get the spark back and get inspired all over again is what I'm getting out of Ourmar's book. Kilani Haralson I could not wait to load this book. It is a great and easy read. The book makes you think about your dreams and gives easy steps to pursue them. This is a great book to revisit when you are having a hard time mastering your craft and keeping you focused. I love that I have it on my phone and have access to it anywhere and anytime. I haven't been able to put it down since the download has stopped. Great Job Mr. Hill..looking forward to many more books in the future Kiwana Stuart Oumar's book has given me the opportunity to view reasons I continue to fail at things that I am destined to accomplish! After reading and sharing it with my close family members and friends, I view success in a whole different light. I believe we are all destined to be great outside of our 9-5 jobs, but we all fall short once we have a routine that's comfortable. With Oumar's "Mastering Your Craft 21" I learned what I was doing wrong. Jennifer Akunide

The Railway Clearing House in the British Economy 1812 1922

Author : Philip Sidney Bagwell
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The Edinburgh Review

Author :
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