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One Leaf Shaking

Author : Robin Skelton
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The first collection of Robin Skeltons later poetry written at the apex of his career. These poems attest to his incredible range and prolific talent.

Shaking Like a Leaf

Author : Dina Comer
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Anxiety has become an all-too-familiar word in today's culture for people of all ages. It is an unwanted guest in the hearts and homes of thousands upon thousands of people who are often left with more questions than answers. This book will take you on a very personal journey through the darkest storm of Dina Comer's life and the unconventional and faith-filled journey to real freedom. After being well-acquainted with panic, fear, and anxiety, Dina's greatest faith test was just getting underway as she found herself in the greatest battle of her life. This triumphant story will bring great encouragement and hope to you while helping you discover your greatest spiritual weapons so that your life, like Dina's, will no longer be "shaking like a leaf."

Handbook of Food and Beverage Fermentation Technology

Author : Y. H. Hui
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Over the past decade, new applications of genetic engineering in the fermentation of food products have received a great deal of coverage in scientific literature. While many books focus solely on recent developments, this reference book highlights these developments and provides detailed background and manufacturing information.Co-Edited by Fidel

Encyclopedia of Post Colonial Literatures in English

Author : Eugene Benson
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Post-Colonial Literatures in English, together with English Literature and American Literature, form one of the three major groupings of literature in English, and, as such, are widely studied around the world. Their significance derives from the richness and variety of experience which they reflect. In three volumes, this Encyclopedia documents the history and development of this body of work and includes original research relating to the literatures of some 50 countries and territories. In more than 1,600 entries written by more than 600 internationally recognized scholars, it explores the effect of the colonial and post-colonial experience on literatures in English worldwide.

The Tree of Life Shaking His Fruit and Leaves Among the Nations

Author : Ebenezer Erskine
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Etel Adnan

Author : Lisa Suhair Majaj
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This collection of essays concentrates on Arab-American writer and artist Etel Adnan. Up until now, there has been no single volume dedicated to her work despite Adnan’s increasing recognition and acclaim across the United States, Europe, and the Middle East. The essays fall into two sections. In the first, the essays respond to the range of vision and experience in Adnan’s writing and art through analysis and appreciation. The second section focuses on responses to and interpretations of Sitt Marie Rose, Adnan’s well known novel about the Lebanese war. As a whole, the writings in this work seek to provide a comprehensive look at Adnan’s literary and artistic accomplishments through analysis and close readings that place her texts within wider literary contexts.

Shaking the Nine Heaven

Author : Chou YanDeBiMuYu
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everything was in his soul, moving the nine heavens. His bizarre background, peerless cultivation technique, peerless beauty, iron-blooded brothers, the vast universe, the myriad strange spaces 

Shaking the Tree

Author : Henry Gee
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Nature has published news about the history of life ever since its first issue in 1869, in which T. H. Huxley ("Darwin's bulldog") wrote about Triassic dinosaurs. In recent years, the field has enjoyed a tremendous flowering due to new investigative techniques drawn from cladistics (a revolutionary method for charting evolutionary relationships) and molecular biology. Shaking the Tree brings together nineteen review articles written for Nature over the past decade by many of the major figures in paleontology and evolution, from Stephen Jay Gould to Simon Conway Morris. Each article is brief, accessible, and opinionated, providing "shoot from the hip" accounts of the latest news and debates. Topics covered include major extinction events, homeotic genes and body plans, the origin and evolution of the primates, and reconstructions of phylogenetic trees for a wide variety of groups. The editor, Henry Gee, gives new commentary and updated references. Shaking the Tree is a one-stop resource for engaging overviews of the latest research in the history of life on Earth.

Shaking the Quicksilver Pool Poems

Author : Daniel Abdal-Hayy Moore
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SHAKING THE QUICKSILVER POOL: Poems that point to Infinite Beauty (The Book of Infinite Beauty being the too ambitious previous title of this collection), which is only Allah, al-Jamal, Who created everything out of love in a balance of Beauty and Majesty, two attributes sometimes clearly manifest, sometimes at odds with each other, as seen by our clouded human perceptions. But behind every event and every creation, is that Infinite One, and the quicksilver pool is our total existence here, which, to focus more intensely, we might give a shake (our selves), to see God's Face in the things we see...

Grim Tuesday The Keys to the Kingdom 2

Author : Garth Nix
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Out-of-this-world magical adventure series for teens from the award-winning, New York Times bestselling author of Sabriel and the Old Kingdom series. Seven days. Seven keys. One very unlikely hero. Arthur must retrieve the Second Key from Grim Tuesday in order to save everything - an adventure that will force him to steal a sunship, survive a very weird work camp, befriend a bearlike spirit, and fight the void Nithlings. And even after all that, he will still have to venture into the scary Far Reaches for an ultimate showdown. The stakes are high. And time is ticking.

Ten Miles One Way

Author : Patrick Downes
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The powerful story of a mind at the edge of unraveling, held together by love and acceptance. Nest and Q walk through the city. Nest speaks and Q listens. Mile by mile, Nest tells Q about her life, her family, her past . . . and her Chimaera, the beast that preys on her mind and causes her to lose herself. Q knows only that his love for Nest runs deeper than the demon that plagues her thoughts, that he loves her in spite of—or perhaps because of—the personal battle she fights every day. A beautifully-written, haunting story. Praise for Ten Miles One Way: “A loving but honest treatment of mental illness, these words will sing off the page and into your heart. No question: the world is a better place with Patrick Downes writing in it.”—A. M. Jenkins, author of the Printz Honor Book Repossessed * "Downes subtly plumbs the depths of mental illness within the broader context of relationship and self-awareness....An intricate, unusual love story for readers attuned to compassion."—Kirkus Reviews, starred review "Through bewitching prose, idiosyncratic detail, and the presentation of a mind simultaneously on the edge of epiphany and exhaustion, breakthrough and breakdown, Downes crafts a tender portrayal of both mental illness and love itself. Part romance, part poetry, and part monologue, perceptive teens will devour this one."—Booklist "This is a dark, affecting tale about the mind of a bipolar adolescent attempting to run from her own thoughts, and her boyfriend, who listens, learns, and loves her throughout everything. Many readers will connect with this raw, powerful portrait of a young person living with mental illness. Recommended for most YA collections."—School Library Journal "What’s most interesting is that underneath the journey and the mental illness and even the harrowing crash, this is at the core a love story, one that isn’t always pretty or even healthy but is absolutely memorable."—BCCB "Downes doesn’t cloak the depth of Nest’s suffering nor offer false promises about love’s ability to rescue or redeem."—Publishers Weekly Praise for Fell of Dark: * “A stunning debut novel that offers sophisticated readers a glimpse into the psychological disintegration of two distinct characters.”—Kirkus Reviews, starred review * “[W]hether in an image or in a confused, despairing reaction to an incomprehensible world . . . Downes’s vision will connect into an epiphany.”—Publishers Weekly, starred review * “Readers willing to sink into the depths of two unstrung teens and their frantic individual struggles to understand the cruelties and redemptions of the universe will be rewarded by this disarming, thought-provoking, and entrancing story.”—Booklist, starred review “Here is a book built of darkness and gleam, of raw emotion and shattering poetry, of harrowing compulsions and zero compromise. Patrick Downes possesses blazing, beautiful, terrifying talent. His characters walk the shadows. His language bursts like sky.”—Beth Kephart, National Book Award nominee “Luminous and pure. A masterwork of astonishing authority and beauty.”—Julie Berry, author of All the Truth That’s in Me

The World of Plants

Author : Albert Spear Hitchcock
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A History of the Mishnaic Law of Purities Part 17

Author : Jacob Neusner
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Shaker Furniture

Author : Edward D. and Faith Andrews
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DIVDefinitive work. 48 plates show tables, chairs, benches, room, arrangements, interior decor of American sect. /div

A Survey of the Wisdom of God in the Creation

Author : John Wesley
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Health Aspects of Pesticides Abstract Bulletin

Author :
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In the Shaker Style

Author : Editors of Fine Woodworking
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Shaker continues to be one of the most consistently popular home decorating and furniture styles. This work features articles from "Fine Woodworking" and "Home Furniture" journals on building furniture in the Shaker tradition, providing background on style and building instructions.

American Horticultural Annual

Author :
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Shale Shaker and Drilling Fluids Systems

Author : American Assoc. of Drilling Engineers
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This comprehensive guide describes the various aspects of shale shaker design, applications, and improvements for maximizing efficiency. Drilling engineers will find technical data for better understanding and design of shale shakers; and foremen and derrickmen will discover valuable, practical insights to achieve optimum shaker performance. The guide helps prevent problems of solid controls by clearly describing design, application, and nomenclature of shale shakers, screens, and screen panels. In addition it explains many other aspects of complete solids control management. Written by experts for engineers and operations personnel Comprehensive guide describes the various aspects of shale shaker design Provides clear, concise information

The Everything Bartender s Book

Author : Cheryl Charming
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Mix cocktails like a pro in no time with more than 1,000 innovative recipes! Designed for every skill level, this behind-the-bar handbook boasts recipes for shots, cordials, and punches along with classic, mixed, hot, blended, and nonalcoholic drinks. Cocktail expert Cheryl Charming shows you how to: Choose and use glassware, mixers, and tools Mix hundreds of crowd-pleasing drinks Pick the perfect drink for every occasion Cure nasty hangovers Completely revised and updated, The Everything Bartender's Book, 3rd Edition packs 250 new recipes. Miss Charming reveals the secrets that every great bartender--or home host--needs to know!