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Elementary Grammar of the Latin Language

Author : Raphael Kühner
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Compile Quest

Author : Ronel van Tonder
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Winter Moon Rises

Author : Scott Blum
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The third installment in Scott Blum's best-selling series of enchanting novels, Winter Moon Rises continues where the semiautobiographical Waiting for Autumn left off. This book follows Scott and his soul mate, Madisyn, as they prepare for their most profound adventure together: the journey of bringing their first child into this world. Discovering that the miracle of birth is not limited by the physical world, Scott and Madisyn embark on an insight-filled spiritual awakening, where they discover how their entire history has ultimately laid the foundation for their expected child's future. Exploring ancient rituals, unseen worlds, and ancestral healing, the couple soon discovers how we all remain connected to the magical world of unborn children long after we become adults. Much more than a traditional story about expecting parents, this metaphysical page-turner plunges to the deepest emotional and spiritual depths that contain the hidden secrets of how our souls work with one another. This heartwarming adventure captures the imagination and reveals what it truly means to be a spiritual being having the ultimate human experience.

A Spiral of Time

Author : K. V. Donato
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When twenty-two-year-old Deacon Rainer takes a blow to the head from a falling tree limb, he has no idea that his life is about to change forever. In his pain, he sees a vision of his late father, who tells him of an alien invasion twelve years ago and of the quest Deacon will soon undertake. As he falls unconscious, he is immersed in a long and detailed dream. But is it something more? Aphrodites Crystals, the children of Venus, are in the clutches of the malicious warlord Obsidian and his army of ferocious flesh eaters. Aress secret red legion, lurking inside the lava tubes of Mars, must race to rescue them in time. Although the Crystals trials are many, they will not give up. Later on, in the sanctuary of his new abode on Mars, a young Crystal named Onyx, comes to believe that there are Crystals residing on Earth. He wants to communicate with them, and fortunately the humans of Earth have sent an unmanned spaceship to Mars, allowing him just the opportunity he needs. The first book in a series, this science fiction novel tells a tale of alien and human life, friendship, betrayal, love, and hate as a diverse group of beings fight the forces of evil.

Crimson Tides

Author : Eliza Tilton
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Back in Lakewood Avikar finally learns the truth about his father—and the lies he’s been told since birth. Since King Corban doesn’t believe his tale about the shapeshifters, it falls to Avikar to find a way to route out the beasts from the lands and stop them once and for all. Lucino has left Jeslyn in Mirth to go fight the Kuuni. When he arrives on the black shores, ready to slaughter them all, he finds that killing is no longer as easy as before. His human side is becoming stronger, and the repercussions of his love for Jeslyn will put his race and every plan he's ever made at risk. In Book Three of the Daath Chronicles, two very different boys will discover who they thought they were is nowhere close to the truth, and sacrificing themselves is the only way to save the world they love.

Colorado s Historic Hotels

Author : Alexandra Walker Clark
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Lured by the promise of land and opportunity, miners, cowhands, laborers, settlers and fortune-seekers poured into Colorado during the mid-to-late 19th Century and into the 20th. To accommodate the population boom, industrious Coloradoans built scores of hotels some elaborate, some modest, all a touchstone to this critical era in Centennial State history. Join Alexandra Walker Clark on this tour through Colorado's historic hotels. Discover how the Oxford and Brown Palace Hotels have managed to maintain their elegance, while others such as the Timberline Hotel of Holy Cross City and the California Hotel of Independence have vanished. With timeless recipes from hotel kitchens, learn how hotels have adapted to eras like the Native American desertion and the Roaring Twenties.

Inoculation Eternity

Author : Michelle Starr
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Before humankind ever existed there was Eternity, a place with no time, no sickness, and no war. Then life began to change. Unleashed emotions assimilated negative potential. Amidst the dysphonia, Archangel Gabriel's scientific interest beckoned him to search for a cure.

Daughter of the Burning

Author : Brooke Axtell
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Amidst the clamor of our world, Brooke Axtell draws us to an ethereal place where her words weave lyrically between promise and pain. She moves in the most intimate spaces with her reader, enticing us to taste and touch our frailty and strength. Exploring the themes of darkness and light, beauty from ashes, identity and destiny and the soul's quest for the transcendent, she encourages the reader toward the fullness of their design. With prophetic eyes, she sees us. We are left feeling naked but unashamed.

The New Springtime

Author : Robert Silverberg
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The death-stars had come, and they had kept on coming for hundreds of thousands of years, falling upon the Earth, swept upon it by a vagrant star that had passed through the outer reaches of the solar system. They brought with them a time of unending darkness and cold. It was an event that occured every twenty-six million years, and there was no turning it aside. But all that was done with now. At last the death-stars had ceased to fall, the sky had cleared of dust and cinders, the sun's warmth again was able to break through the clouds. The glaciers relinquished their hold on the land; the Long Winter ended; the New Springtime began. The world was born anew. Now each year was warmer than the last. The fair seasons of spring and summer, long lost from the world, came again with increasing power. And the People, having survived the dark time in their sealed cocoons, were spreading rapidly across the fertile land. But others were already there. The hjjks, the somber cold-eyed insect-folk, had never retreated, even at the time of greatest chill. The world had fallen to them by default, and they had been its sole masters for seven hundred thousand years. They were not likely to share it gladly now . . .

Congressional Record

Author : United States. Congress
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The Congressional Record is the official record of the proceedings and debates of the United States Congress. It is published daily when Congress is in session. The Congressional Record began publication in 1873. Debates for sessions prior to 1873 are recorded in The Debates and Proceedings in the Congress of the United States (1789-1824), the Register of Debates in Congress (1824-1837), and the Congressional Globe (1833-1873)