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Operations and Basic Processes in Steelmaking

Author : Luis Felipe Verdeja González
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This book describes the operations and industrial processes related to the production of steel. The chapters cover the second part of the iron and steelmaking process, called steelmaking, presenting the stages of the process until obtaining the finished steel product in different formats for distinct applications. This book reports significant operating variables of the processes and basic operations of the steelmaking. The chapters contain numerous solved exercises conceptually supported on the thermodynamic and kinetic fundamentals of the production of steel from the pig iron in the Basic Oxygen Furnace (BOF) and the production of steel and ferroalloys in Electric Arc Furnaces (EAF). The thermal and mechanic fundamentals of the hot rolling operations and the mechanical fundamentals of the cold rolling, forming, and wire drawing to obtain different steel products are also reported. The book summarizes the strengths and uncertainties of steel as a structural material.

Operations and Basic Processes in Ironmaking

Author : José Ignacio Verdeja González
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This textbook explores the production of pig iron, covering the first part of the steel production process, known as ironmaking. Divided into seven chapters, it discusses the following topics: raw materials for steel production (coking coal, iron ore, slag-forming agents and fluxes, scrap, ferroalloys and pre-reduced materials), the sintering process (used to prepare the burden for the blast furnace), the pelletizing process (used to agglomerate the fine iron ores), the production of coke (the main reductant in the ironmaking process), the production of iron by reduction with gas (an alternative to the blast furnace) and the production of pig iron in the blast furnace (which is used in more than 65% of steel production worldwide). Specially conceived for graduate and undergraduate courses, this book is based on more than 30 years of teaching experience in courses for undergraduates, graduates (master and Ph.D.) and industry professionals (technicians). It explores the recent trends in the iron- and steelmaking process (which might used in the future production of steel), and features 55 worked exercises and real-world problems to complement of the theoretical sections of the text.

EPA 440 1

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Modeling of Steelmaking Processes

Author : Dipak Mazumdar
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From the prediction of complex weather patterns to the design of swimsuits, modeling has, over the years, quietly but steadily become an essential part of almost every field and industry-and steelmaking is no exception. Factors such as visual opacity, high operating temperature, and the relatively large size of industrial reactors often preclude di

Report summaries

Author : United States. Environmental Protection Agency
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Challenges for Appalachia Energy Environment and Natural Resources

Author : Appalachian Regional Commission
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The American Steel Industry

Author : Luc Kiers
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What is the cause of the American steel industry's deplorable situation today? Troubled in many areas—competition from imports, technology implementation, cost and utilization of raw materials, investment policy, philosophy of management, and union attitudes, to name only a few—can the industry survive? These are the questions Dr. Kiers confronts in this book. Unless answers can be found, he warns, the result will be further decline and, finally, bankruptcy or nationalization. Unwilling to accept either possibility, Dr. Kiers challenges the steel industry to achieve a rebirth he sees as feasible only through a hard-nosed, realistic approach, an insistence on innovation, and a willingness to apply discipline to every facet of steel making. Dr. Kiers presents an in-depth analysis of Japan's steel industry, compares it with the U.S. industry, and discusses U.S. technology and import problems with reference to Japan. He then inventories the factors responsible for the current problems and lays the groundwork for a new start, going on to point out that the difficulties faced by the steel industry may be a portent of what will happen to other industries unless they, too, reassess both labor and management attitudes and make radical changes.

Administration s Comprehensive Program for the Steel Industry

Author : United States. Congress. House. Committee on Ways and Means. Subcommittee on Trade
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Steel Industry and the Environment

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