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The Pakistani Diaspora

Author : Rashid Amjad
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Opportunity and Uncertainty

Author : Paul Anisef
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Based on the longest-running survey of its kind in Canada, this book examines events in the lives of a generation of Ontario residents who graduated from grade 12 in 1973 and recreates the world in which these high school students faced the future.

Needs and Opportunity for Uncertainty based Multidisciplinary Design Methods for Aerospace Vehicles

Author : Thomas A. Zang
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Risk Opportunity Uncertainty and Other Random Models

Author : Alan R. Jones
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Risk, Opportunity, Uncertainty and Other Random Models (Volume V in the Working Guides to Estimating and Forecasting series) goes part way to debunking the myth that research and development cost are somewhat random, as under certain conditions they can be observed to follow a pattern of behaviour referred to as a Norden-Rayleigh Curve, which unfortunately has to be truncated to stop the myth from becoming a reality! However, there is a practical alternative in relation to a particular form of PERT-Beta Curve. However, the major emphasis of this volume is the use of Monte Carlo Simulation as a general technique for narrowing down potential outcomes of multiple interacting variables or cost drivers. Perhaps the most common of these in the evaluation of Risk, Opportunity and Uncertainty. The trouble is that many Monte Carlo Simulation tools are ‘black boxes’ and too few estimators and forecasters really appreciate what is happening inside the ‘black box’. This volume aims to resolve that and offers tips into things that might need to be considered to remove some of the uninformed random input that often creates a misinformed misconception of ‘it must be right!’ Monte Carlo Simulation can be used to model variable determine Critical Paths in a schedule, and is key to modelling Waiting Times and cues with random arisings. Supported by a wealth of figures and tables, this is a valuable resource for estimators, engineers, accountants, project risk specialists as well as students of cost engineering.

Business Strategy

Author : J.-C. Spender
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This book argues that the core of strategic thinking and processes rests on the organization and its leaders developing newly imagined solutions to the opportunities opened up by the uncertainties and unknowns that firms face. It stresses the importance of judgment in strategy, and that it is essential to address the uncertainties and express the firm's particular business model for dealing with them, in order to create value. It shows how through language andcommunication the strategist can create meaning that gives the firm identity and purpose. The book outlines a structured practice that managers and consultants might chose to follow. With appendices oncasework, teaching strategy, current strategy texts, and further reading this book makes an important contribution to our understanding of the practice of strategy, opening up new approaches for managers, consultants, strategy teachers and students.

Needs and Opportunities for Uncertainty Based Multidisciplinary Design Methods for Aerospace Vehicles

Author :
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Energy Watchers IX

Author : Dorothea H. El Mallakh
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How to Manage Project Opportunity and Risk

Author : Stephen Ward
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Since I wrote the Foreword for the second edition of this book, risk management processes have become much more widely used, but controversy about what should be done and how best to do it has grown. Managing risk is a risky business. Chapman and Ward provide an in-depth explanation of why it is important to understand and manage underlying uncertainty in all its forms, in order to realise opportunities more fully and enhance corporate performance. They show what best practice should look like. The implications go well beyond the conventional wisdom of project risk management, providing an enlightening new perspective. —Professor Tony M. Ridley Imperial College London, Past President, Institution of Civil Engineers Chris Chapman and Stephen Ward continue to educate the profession with this masterful exposition of the differences between, and the potentials for combinations of, risk, uncertainty and opportunity. Particularly welcome is the way they integrate this trio into the project lifecycle – the bedrock of project management control and organization. —Peter W.G. Morris Head of School and Professor of Construction and Project Management University College London Chris Chapman and Stephen Ward’s books on Project Risk Management have been an essential part of my repertoire for twenty years, and they are top of my recommended reading for the courses I do on that subject. In this book they have enhanced their previous work to focus on uncertainty management and emphasise more strongly opportunities for improving project performance, rather then just identifying what can go wrong. A structured process is an essential part of managing project uncertainty, and their process is one of the most powerful. This book will be added to my repertoire. —Rodney Turner Professor of Project Management, SKEMA Business School Lille A profoundly important book. With How to Manage Project Opportunity and Risk, Chris Chapman and Stephen Ward take a good thing and make it better. Members of the project management profession have been influenced for years by their insights into project risk management. With this latest instalment the authors demonstrate that risk and uncertainty needn’t be dreaded; in fact, the reverse side of the ‘risk coin’ has always been opportunity. My sincere appreciation to Chapman and Ward for turning this particular coin over and showing readers, academic and practitioner alike, the opportunity embedded in managing projects. —Jeffrey K. Pinto Andrew Morrow and Elizabeth Lee Black Chair in Management of Technology Sam and Irene Black School of Business, Penn State Erie

Project Risk and Opportunity Management

Author : Agnar Johansen
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Effective risk and opportunity management is key to the successful delivery of any major engineering and construction project. This book looks at how all those involved can manage risk and capitalise on the opportunities that uncertainty present. The authors of this book highlight that uncertainties should be managed rather than avoided. This book will look at simple projects with a small team, to megaprojects where some hundreds of people are involved, and the consequences of delays or unforeseen costs. However, while the obvious risks can be planned for, the authors argue that it is often the opportunities in these situations that can have unexploited potential. This book is about opportunity management seen from the owner’s perspective. It will be an invaluable resource for those studying Engineering both undergraduate and postgraduate and set out ways in which projects should be managed from planning to completion. This book is also a great tool for those working in project management and the construction industry. While there are many books that demonstrate effective construction management, this book is the first of its kind to emphasise that there is opportunity in uncertainty, and possibility in the unexpected.

The Universal Tactics of Successful Trend Trading

Author : Brent Penfold
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Get a flying headstart on trend trading with this comprehensive how-to guide The Universal Tactics of Successful Trend Trading: Finding Opportunity in Uncertainty delivers powerful and practical advice for the serious trend trader. Using the principles identified in The Universal Principles of Successful Trading, author Brent Penfold shows curious investors how to become a long-term winner with tried-and-true trend trading methodologies. The book includes in-depth and comprehensive treatments of topics like: · Why trend trading is so appealing · Popular and effective trend trading strategies · How to measure risk · Common trend trading mistakes and how to avoid them Investors and readers will also discover the importance of risk, and how to judge outcomes and strategies on a risk-adjusted basis. Perfect for anyone interested in trading successfully, The Universal Tactics of Successful Trend Trading is a key strategy guide that belongs on the shelf of anyone involved in the buying and selling of financial securities.

Not Knowing

Author : Steven D’Souza
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In order to thrive in worrying times, this fascinating book proposes we head, uncomfortably, towards the unknown, rather than away from it. By developing a unique relationship with Not Knowing we discover a new way of living, working and succeeding in our modern world. This book re-frames the concept of Not Knowing, from being in a fearful place of weakness and ignorance, moving to something we must engage with personally. It introduces us to a new paradigm, where Not Knowing becomes an exciting opportunity, where we are no longer limited by what we already know and our habitual reactions to things that life throws at us, so that deeper knowing can emerge, full of rich possibilities and wisdom.

Unlocking Opportunities for Growth

Author : Ian C. MacMillan
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“This book is a must for any Business Development Manager, Corporate Strategist, R&D Director, and anyone else who is accountable for growth in a corporation. It is an easy read that is practical and not fraught with useless academic theories.” Ron Pierantozzi, Ph.D., CEO of PPT Research and Former Director, Business Development, Air Products & Chemicals, Inc. A Breakthrough Approach to Investing in Business Innovation Most companies analyze investments using tools that bias them against real innovation and lead them to avoid their best opportunities. This book introduces a breakthrough alternative: Opportunity Engineering . Drawing upon recent advances in financial analysis, but without requiring a lot of math, the authors show how to engineer the risk out of uncertain opportunities so you can pursue more high-payoff innovations. You’ll learn how to escape from the “go/no-go vise” and implement more flexible decision-making that considers all the business alternatives, models, and opportunities associated with each project. You’ll learn how to systematically structure high-potential projects to limit downside exposure and boost your potential upside. The authors show how to define the scope of investment opportunities, identify key drivers of potential profits, document assumptions, design out major risks, and tease out key challenges and vulnerabilities. Using these techniques, you can escape the mindset that limits you to low-impact innovations and begin pursuing serious growth opportunities--and make business uncertainty work for you, not against you. Why companies avoid their best opportunities for innovation Getting past risk-averse analysis that snuffs out experimentation and innovation Systematically engineering your opportunities Capturing the upside, slicing out the downside Beyond rigid “go/no-go” decisions How flexible, staged innovation creates more opportunities for delivering value Constructing an engineered growth portfolio of innovation investments Optimizing your mix of core-enhancing investments and high potential “long shots”

Middle Range Theory for Nursing

Author : Mary Jane Smith, PhD, RN
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Awarded first place in the 2013 AJN Book of the Year Awards in the Nursing Research category "This is an outstanding edition of this book. It has great relevance for learning about, developing, and using middle range theories. It is very user friendly, yet scholarly." Score: 90, 4 Stars.--Doody's Medical Reviews Middle range theory has become a vital staple of nursing education and application to research. These theories, which lie between the working hypotheses derived from day-to-day research and the larger, systemic efforts to develop unified theories, cover the scientific underpinnings that guide nursing practice and research. This third edition of a two-time AJN Book of the Year Award winner contains two new theories, including self-reliance theory and transitions theory. It revises and updates all other content, and provides ladders of abstraction for each theory to guide students in their appropriate use. This highly accessible book integrates nursing theory with well-defined practice areas, identifies purpose and basic concepts, foundational literature, relationships among concepts, and use in practice. Chapters are organized by central theories, each of which is covered in depth. Comprehensive bibliographies at the end of each chapter facilitate more in-depth research. The book remains an essential text for theory and research courses in master's and doctoral nursing programs. New to the Third Edition: Presents two new theories: self-reliance theory and transitions theory Deletes two theories no longer in use: community empowerment and family stress/adaptation Updates and revises all other content from the second edition Guides students in appropriate use of theory per level of complexity

Effective Opportunity Management for Projects

Author : David Hillson
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With step-by-step guidelines, this bestselling reference discusses the management of project opportunities by expanding the traditional risk management process to address opportunities alongside threats. It offers valuable tools and techniques that expose and capture opportunities, minimize threats, and deal with all types of uncertainty in your business and projects. Written by an experienced consultant and risk management specialist, this guide emphasizes that risk processes must cover both opportunities and threats if they are to assist in accomplishing project objectives and maximizing business benefits.


Author : Remy Arteaga
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A proven approach to achieving entrepreneurial success in new corporate ventures and startups Every day, business and corporate startups take action based on assumptions. Yet these assumptions are based largely on guesswork that leads to everything from costly mistakes to the failure of ventures. Fortunately, there are ways to overcome these issues and excel in your business endeavors—and this book will show you how. Engaging and informative, Pivot provides entrepreneurs with practical guidance for achieving success in corporate ventures as well as new startups. Based on more than fifteen years of academic research and many more years of experience in business and corporate startups, this book skillfully addresses topics ranging from resources and organizational uncertainties to the scope and scale of new business opportunities. Reveals how to successfully conceptualize new business opportunities, pivot as required to experiment with these opportunities, and accelerate to the marketplace Captures the capabilities needed to quickly build a business by understanding and systematically reducing uncertainties from market landscape and technology to talent and organizational positioning The digital component of this book includes a world-class strategic innovation methodology that is in demand from corporations worldwide Written with today's serious entrepreneur in mind, Pivot will provide you with the tools you'll need to get ahead of the competition and achieve consistent success.

The Uncertainty Business

Author : W. J. Maunder
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Originally published in 1986, this book discusses the value of weather and climate information in government and business decision-making. It issues a strong manifesto for the development of new areas of research requiring the skills of weather scientists, geographers, economists, planners and political scientists. It offers a coherent and non-technical presentation of this climatology, supported with practical guidance on assessing the impacts of weather and climate on human affairs.

The Oxford Handbook of Health Economics

Author : Sherry Glied
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This book provides an engaging, comprehensive review of health economics, with a focus on policy implications in the developed and developing world. Authoritative, but non-technical, it stresses the wide reach of the discipline - across nations, health systems, and areas within health and medical care.

Managing Risk and Opportunity

Author : Torben Juul Andersen
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This book looks at the critical demands imposed on directors and leaders when faced with corporate risks in turbulent global markets. It shows show why successful risk management outcomes require ethical governance principles and organizational structures that enhance effective risk-taking practices by all actors.

Adapting to Climate Uncertainty in African Agriculture

Author : Stephen Whitfield
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Future climatic and agro-ecological changes in Africa are uncertain and associated with high degrees of spatial and temporal variability and this change is differently simulated within divergent climate-crop models and in controlled crop breeding stations. Furthermore, uncertainty emerges in local contexts, not just in response to climatic systems, but to social, economic, and political systems, and often with implications for the appropriateness and adoption of technologies or the success of alternative cropping systems. This book examines the challenges of adaptation in smallholder farming in Africa, analysing the social, economic, political and climatic uncertainties that impact on agriculture in the region and the range of solutions proposed. Drawing on case studies of genetically modified crops, conservation agriculture, and other 'climate smart' solutions in eastern and southern Africa, the book identifies how uncertainties are framed 'from above' as well experienced 'from below', by farmers themselves. It provides a compelling insight into why ideas about adaptation emerge, from whom, and with what implications. This book offers a unique perspective and will be highly relevant to students of climate change adaptation, food security and poverty alleviation, as well as policy-makers and field practitioners in international development and agronomy.

The Management of Uncertainty Approaches Methods and Applications

Author : Luc Wilkin
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For thirty years, the literature on decision-making and planning has been divided into two camps : work premised on rational models of choice and work designed to discredit such models. The sustained critic of fully rational decision-making theories has al ready a long history and a constant message to deliver : in practice, consequential decision-making hardly fulfills the canons of perfect rationality. There is also evidence that decision-making and planning are not unitary processes. Although the concept of "decision-making" connotes the idea of a single process, making a single choice involves a complex of processing tasks : structuring the problem, finding alternatives worth considering, deciding what information is relevant, assessing various consequences, and a variety of others. The aim of this volume is to bring together and try to inter relate some of the concepts and relevant knowledge from various disciplines concerned with one important aspect of this complex process : the management of uncertainty. It is hardly necessary to reiterate the case made by numerous authors about our changing and increasingly uncertain world. Suffice it to say here that it is uncertainty about the future, and in many cases about the past and the present also, which makes decision-making and planning so difficul t. The management of uncertainty may be defined as the way in which uncertainty is treated and processed in decision-making.