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Political Oppositions in Western Democracies

Author : Robert A. Dahl
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The idea that the opposition has a right to organize and to appeal for votes against the government in elections and in parliament is one of the most important milestones in the development of democratic institutions. Mr. Dahl and nine collaborators analyze the role of the opposition in Austria, Belgium, France, Germany, Great Britain, Italy, the Netherlands, Norway, Sweden, and the United States. In introductory and concluding chapters, Dahl compares the patterns of opposition in these countries and makes predictions for the future. He carries forward on the basis of this evidence the theory of a pluralistic society he has explored in earlier books such as Who Governs? Mr. Dahl is Sterling Professor of Political Science at Yale University. His collaborators are Samuel Barnes, Hans Daalder, Frederick Engelmann, Alfred Grosser, Otto Kirchheimer, Val R. Lorwin, Allen Potter, Stein Rokkan, and Nils Stjernquist. "This stately volume is distinguished by several unusual features. First, it straightforwardly focuses on a crucial issue of Comparative Politics without being vitiated by the familiar behaviorist semantics and jargon. Secondly, contrary to the ubiquitous trend in this country, flooded by discussion—more journalistic than scientific—on the emergent states, it centers on constitutional democracy in Western Europe, a region which for a decade and more had been badly neglected by the rampant computerizers. Thirdly, for the ten countries under discussion Professor Dahl was fortunate to enlist the services of genuine experts, the majority of whom are specialists in their field. . . . On the whole the volume is one of the major contributions to Comparative Politics that have appeared in this country for some time. The study of the issue as such as well as of the individual reviews is highly rewarding."—Karl Loewenstein, The Annals.

Oppositions Reader

Author : K. Michael Hays
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In its eleven-year history, Oppositions, the journal of the New York-based Institute for Architecture and Urban Studies (IAUS), had an impact far beyond what its modest cover might suggest. Indeed, Oppositions set the agenda, introduced the key players, and published the seminal pieces in the theorization of architecture in the last twenty years. It is a testament to the enduring importance of the journal that its issues are still highly sought after today, prized (and priced) as collector's items, and found behind the desk at virtually every architectural library. Oppositions Reader collects the most important essays from 26 issues of Oppositions. Essays from the editors of the series-Peter Eisenman, Kenneth Frampton, Mario Gandelsonas, Anthony Vidler, and Kurt Forster-are included, along with texts by such noted architects, theorists, and historians as Aldo Rossi, Alan Colquhoun, Leon Krier, Denise Scott Brown, Bernard Tschumi, Rem Koolhaas, Mary McLeod, Georgio Ciucci, and Rafael Moneo. The page design, by Massimo Vignelli, has been faithfully reproduced. Harvard Professor K. Michael Hays has selected the writings for inclusion. Contributors include: Diana Agrest, Stanford Anderson, Giorgio Ciucci, Stuart Cohen, Alan Colquhoun, Francesco Dal Co, Peter Eisenman, William Ellis, Kurt W. Forster, Kenneth Frampton, Mario Gandelsonas, Giorgio Grassi, Fred Koetter, Rem Koolhaas, Leon Krier, Mary McLeod, Rafael Moneo, Joan Ockman, Martin Pawley, Aldo Rossi, Colin Rowe, Denise Scott Brown, Jorge Silvetti, Ignasi de Sol -Morales, Manfredo Tafuri, Bernard Tschumi, Anthony Vidler, and Hajime Yatsuka. It is an understatement to say that this volume is indispensable for any scholar or student interested in contemporary architectural theory.


Author :
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Oppositions and Ideology in News Discourse

Author : Matt Davies
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Investigates how binary oppositions are constructed discursively and how they are used in news reports in the British press.

E P Thompson

Author : Bryan D. Palmer
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Edward Thompson, perhaps the greatest post-war historian in the English-speaking world, died in 1993. In this readable and unabashedly appreciative survey of Thompson's histories and politics, Byran D. Palmer reviews include a passionate biographical account of the late-nineteenth-century Romantic William Morris, the hugely acclaimed The Making of the English Working Class, and a series of eighteenth-century studies that reach from customary culture to the antinomian poetics of William Blake. In reviewing the politics which gave shape to his historical work, Palmer assesses the role of Thompson's family background in India, his youth in the Communist Party, his decisive break with Stalinism in 1956, and his subsequent work campaigning for the causes of the left and nuclear disarmament. Thompson was never comfortable in an academic milieu, and eventually left formal teaching in the 1970s to devote his time to research and writing. His pen was always ready to bend against the powers of the state, and against a left he too often saw as abandoning the cause of social transformation. For readers who know Thompson's work, Palmer's discussion of hitherto unstudied aspects of his life will be novel and illuminating; those less familiar with his prodigious achievement will find these pages a useful introduction.

Thinking Through Resistance

Author : Nicola Bulled
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Acts of public defiance towards biomedical public health policies have occurred throughout modern history, from resistance to early smallpox vaccines in 19th-century Britain and America to more recent intransigence to efforts to contain the Ebola outbreak in Central and West Africa. Thinking through Resistance examines a diverse range of case studies of opposition to biomedical public health policies – from resistance to HPV vaccinations in Texas to disputes over HIV prevention research in Malawi – to assess the root causes of opposition. It is argued that far from being based on ignorance, resistance instead serves as a form of advocacy, calling for improvements in basic health-care delivery alongside expanded access to infrastructure and basic social services. Building on this argument, the authors set out an alternative to the current technocratic approach to global public health, extending beyond greater distribution of medical technologies to build on the perspectives of a political economy of health. With contributions from medical anthropologists, sociologists, and public health experts, Thinking through Resistance makes important reading for researchers, students, and practitioners in the fields of public health, medical anthropology, and public policy.

Marking Oppositions in Verbal and Nominal Collectives

Author : Suzanne Kemmer
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Political Oppositions in Industrialising Asia

Author : Garry Rodan
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Industrialization has meant sweeping social transformations across Asia. Some political commentators have predicted that the expansion of civil society and the rapid development of liberal democracy will necessarily follow. The contributors to this volume dissect the extent of political opposition in Asia and analyze the nature of new social movements outside institutional party politics which are contesting the exercise of state power. Nine original case studies explore the variety of political oppositions across Asia, from non-governmental organizations and the formal opponents of the PAP in Singapore to Chinese dissidents based outside the People's Republic of China. All take up the challenge of looking at political opposition in the light of the new social phenomenon of the rising middle class or 'new rich' of Asia. Garry Rodan's hard-hitting analysis of the problems of current political theorizing in relation to Asia sets the case studies firmly in the context of wider debates about democratization. Political Oppositions in Industrialising Asia shatters complacent assumptions about the progress of liberal democracy.

New Opposition in the Middle East

Author : Dara Conduit
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This book uses a Contentious Politics lens to examine patterns of contestation since 2009 and 2011 among the Middle East's most important opposition actors. The volume is comprised of seven chapters that ask questions in relation to the responsiveness of opposition groups to their political environments, the long-term legacies of authoritarianism, and whether the post-2009/2011 political environment is better or worse for Middle Eastern oppositions. It interrogates the ways in which oppositions have morphed in relation to this changed operating environment, subjectively interpreting the costs and benefits of contestation in order to maximise political opportunities. To some oppositions, changes in the power balance between regime structures and opposition agents led to unprecedented opportunity for political action, while for others, structures were galvanised to restrict opposition activities. In total, the volume shows that even though the Arab Uprisings and Green Movement achieved few of their overt goals, the events unleashed smaller shifts across the region that have led to a fundamental change in the politics of contestation amongst the region’s oppositions. These patterns echo experiences in other parts of the world, including the coloured revolutions in post-Soviet states, and the political environment in Chile after Pinochet.

Political Oppositions in Industrialising Asia

Author : Garry Rodan
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Rodan dissects the extent of political oppositions in Asia and analyzes the nature of new social movements outside institutional party politics which are contesting the exercise of state power. The book provides nine in-depth case studies.

Oppositions in Morphology

Author : Irina Khlebnikova
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Oppositions of Religious Doctrines

Author : William Armistead Christian
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Oppositions and Paradoxes

Author : John L. Bell
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Since antiquity, opposed concepts such as the One and the Many, the Finite and the Infinite, and the Absolute and the Relative, have been a driving force in philosophical, scientific, and mathematical thought. Yet they have also given rise to perplexing problems and conceptual paradoxes which continue to haunt scientists and philosophers. In Oppositions and Paradoxes, John L. Bell explains and investigates the paradoxes and puzzles that arise out of conceptual oppositions in physics and mathematics. In the process, Bell not only motivates abstract conceptual thinking about the paradoxes at issue, but he also offers a compelling introduction to central ideas in such otherwise-difficult topics as non-Euclidean geometry, relativity, and quantum physics. These paradoxes are often as fun as they are flabbergasting. Consider, for example, the famous Tristram Shandy paradox: an immortal man composing an autobiography so slowly as to require a year of writing to describe each day of his life — he would, if he had infinite time, presumably never complete the work, although no individual part of it would remain unwritten. Or think of an office mailbox labelled “mail for those with no mailbox”—if this is a person’s mailbox, how can they possibly have “no mailbox”? These and many other paradoxes straddle the boundary between physics and metaphysics, and demonstrate the hidden difficulty in many of our most basic concepts.

W h o l e women Handling the Oppositions of Life Exceptionally

Author : Betty M. Knight
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A Call to the Black Man Give ear to what I'm about to say What in the world happened? It's not supposed to be this way. We fought so hard for freedom And you have put me back in chains Commitment, trust, seems to be bad words. I'm in bondage to your mind games Remember, you have a mother, sister, or daughter But it was me you gave the ring. I have come to this conclusion I don't need a king TO BE A QUEEN I've had to raise the children alone Like when the master sold you astray Now I have to look for you And again you've become a runaway A man that can walk out on his family Is a part of slavery's aftermath? But enough with the dumb stuff The past is the past. I am still that woman Who made you feel like a man? Now you are so out of place Still, you want me to understand. Another form of rejection I'm asking myself what's wrong with me Why am I always to blame? For your misplaced priorities? Either you get it together Either you are right or you are wrong. I can raise the children with you. I should not have to do it alone. Come inside these pages. Allow me to tailor you to fit Coming from the strength of this Whole Woman. I should not be penalized for it I'm going to speak to the Whole Man in you Like I do in our time of intimacy. That's when I give you the freedom to be you And you give me the freedom to be me. Men are checking me out right now Making statements and, my, how they do flatter. They ask Why are you alone or single? Realize I do have a choice in the matter. I was asked if I were to define the book WHOLE in one sentence, what would I say? WHOLE is a groundbreaking, ground shaking, revolution that demands results I recall the day as though it was yesterday. I stood in the mirror looking at a reflection of defeat never knowing if I would reach my God-ordained destiny. All my dreams, hopes, and desires devastated. I was distrait, frail, and I had gone from a size 12 to a size 6. I was beyond distressed I was destroyed. Lifelines can come in many ways. I knew I wanted and needed to come out, but I didn't know how. This is the time when I had to get real with myself and everyone else-so I threw out a lifeline. I made a simple telephone call to a friend and the Revolution began

Youth positions and Oppositions

Author : Shane J. Blackman
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Around and Beyond the Square of Opposition

Author : Jean-Yves Béziau
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The theory of oppositions based on Aristotelian foundations of logic has been pictured in a striking square diagram which can be understood and applied in many different ways having repercussions in various fields: epistemology, linguistics, mathematics, sociology, physics. The square can also be generalized in other two-dimensional or multi-dimensional objects extending in breadth and depth the original Aristotelian theory. The square of opposition from its origin in antiquity to the present day continues to exert a profound impact on the development of deductive logic. Since 10 years there is a new growing interest for the square due to recent discoveries and challenging interpretations. This book presents a collection of previously unpublished papers by high level specialists on the square from all over the world.

Opposition in Western Europe

Author : Eva Kolinsky
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This book, first published in 1987, analysed the state and changing nature of political opposition in Western Europe at the time. For each country covered, it discusses the concept of opposition and the approach adopted by opposition parties. It explores the institutional framework that was in place at the time, the electoral support for opposition, attitudes towards opposition and the criteria for the success of opposition parties. It shows how opposition had changed in nature as a result of both voter re-alignments and also because some interest groups have engaged directly in opposition activities, rather than working through opposition parties as was done previously, thereby increasing the scope of extra parliamentary opposition. Opposition is a fundamental element in democratic politics, and this book therefore throws considerable light on the whole range of political activity in the countries covered. This title will be of interest to students of politics.

Nationalism and Democracy

Author : André Lecours
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This book sheds light on the complicated, multi-faceted relationship between nationalism and democracy by examining how nationalism in various periods and contexts shapes, or is shaped by, democratic practices or the lack thereof. This book examines nationalism’s relationship with democracy using three approaches: The challenge of democracy for sub-state nationalism: analyzing the circumstances under which sub-state nationalism is compatible with democracy, and assessing the democratic implications of various nationalist projects. The impact of state nationalism on democratic practices: examining the implications of state nationalism for democracy, both in countries where liberal democratic principles and practices are well-established and where they are not. Understanding how state nationalism affects democratization processes and what impact sub-state nationalism has in these contexts. Featuring a range of case studies on Western, Eastern and Central Europe, Russia, African and the Middle East, this book will be of interest to students and scholars of political science, sociology, nationalism and democracy.

Varieties of Opposition to Gender Equality in Europe

Author : Mieke Verloo
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In contrast to the wealth of studies on progress towards gender equality, opposition to gender equality is rarely studied, which makes it difficult to understand the positive and negative dynamics of gender equality as a political project. The first of its kind, this timely collection examines the potential and challenges of our current scholarship on understanding opposition to gender+ equality in Europe. Divided into three parts, Mieke Verloo and her team of international experts begin Varieties of Opposition to Gender Equality in Europe by theorizing the dynamics of opposition to gender equality policies in Europe. Part Two highlights oppositional actors (politicians, governments, citizens, policy makers, churches) and political arenas (parliament, courts, Internet), as well as different and opposing visions of gender+ equality. Part Three concludes with a framework for understanding oppositional dynamics on gender equality change. Setting the agenda for future research, this book will be useful for students of gender and politics, social movements, European integration, and policy studies, as well as for high-level policymakers, students, and feminist activists alike. It will be an inspiration to thinkers and doers and to scholars and political actors.

Good Vs Evil Binary Oppositions in Pure Form Or Categories with Flowing Borders A Deconstructive Analysis of the Harry Potter Movies

Author : Marco Ring
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Seminar paper from the year 2017 in the subject English - Literature, Works, grade: 15 Punkte, Gustav-von-Schlör-Schule Specialized Secondary Schooland Upper Vocational School, language: English, abstract: This seminar paper aims to display the conflict between Good and Evil, shown in the "Harry Potter" film series distributed by Warner Bros., which is based on the novel by J.K. Rowling. The conflict is focused on Harry Potter, as the good guy, and Lord Voldemort, as his evil opponent. This paper essentially consists of two main parts, the theoretical and analytical section, and a conclusion at the end. The very start, however, gives the reader a raw notion of the typical interpretation of "Good" and "Evil." Then, the paper gives a brief synopsis of the Harry Potter story, to figure out what the plot of Harry Potter is about. The theoretical part contains two significant subdivisions. It deals with structuralism and post-structuralism, as well as with three subsections of post-structuralism, which are deconstruction in literature and film studies and finally with binary oppositions. The most important goal is to figure out what the deconstruction and binary oppositions are about and make it clear how they are applied in movies. Afterwards, the seminar paper goes firsthand into the analytical part, which is the second section and considers a deconstructive analysis if the representation of Good and Evil are either in their pure form or categories with flowing borders in the film series "Harry Potter." The most significant thing in this part is to split up the movie into essential pieces, like the visual aspects and sound design. Another essential point is to figure out their equalities, differences and in certain circumstances the connections to each other.