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Open Problems in Optimization and Data Analysis

Author : Panos M. Pardalos
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Computational and theoretical open problems in optimization, computational geometry, data science, logistics, statistics, supply chain modeling, and data analysis are examined in this book. Each contribution provides the fundamentals needed to fully comprehend the impact of individual problems. Current theoretical, algorithmic, and practical methods used to circumvent each problem are provided to stimulate a new effort towards innovative and efficient solutions. Aimed towards graduate students and researchers in mathematics, optimization, operations research, quantitative logistics, data analysis, and statistics, this book provides a broad comprehensive approach to understanding the significance of specific challenging or open problems within each discipline. The contributions contained in this book are based on lectures focused on “Challenges and Open Problems in Optimization and Data Science” presented at the Deucalion Summer Institute for Advanced Studies in Optimization, Mathematics, and Data Science in August 2016.

Challenges at the Interface of Data Analysis Computer Science and Optimization

Author : Wolfgang Gaul
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This volume provides approaches and solutions to challenges occurring at the interface of research fields such as data analysis, computer science, operations research, and statistics. It includes theoretically oriented contributions as well as papers from various application areas, where knowledge from different research directions is needed to find the best possible interpretation of data for the underlying problem situations. Beside traditional classification research, the book focuses on current interests in fields such as the analysis of social relationships as well as statistical musicology.

Optimization for Data Analysis

Author : Stephen J. Wright
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A concise text that presents and analyzes the fundamental techniques and methods in optimization that are useful in data science.

Intelligent Data Analytics for Power and Energy Systems

Author : Hasmat Malik
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This book brings together state-of-the-art advances in intelligent data analytics as driver of the future evolution of PaE systems. In the modern power and energy (PaE) domain, the increasing penetration of renewable energy sources (RES) and the consequent empowerment of consumers as a central and active solution to deal with the generation and development variability are driving the PaE system towards a historic paradigm shift. The small-scale, diversity, and especially the number of new players involved in the PaE system potentiate a significant growth of generated data. Moreover, advances in communication (between IoT devices and M2M: machine to machine, man to machine, etc.) and digitalization hugely increased the volume of data that results from PaE components, installations, and systems operation. This data is becoming more and more important for PaE systems operation, maintenance, planning, and scheduling with relevant impact on all involved entities, from producers, consumer,s and aggregators to market and system operators. However, although the PaE community is fully aware of the intrinsic value of those data, the methods to deal with it still necessitate substantial enhancements, development and research. Intelligent data analytics is thereby playing a fundamental role in this domain, by enabling stakeholders to expand their decision-making method and achieve the awareness on the PaE environment. The editors also included demonstrated codes for presented problems for better understanding for beginners.

Music Data Analysis

Author : Claus Weihs
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This book provides a comprehensive overview of music data analysis, from introductory material to advanced concepts. It covers various applications including transcription and segmentation as well as chord and harmony, instrument and tempo recognition. It also discusses the implementation aspects of music data analysis such as architecture, user interface and hardware. It is ideal for use in university classes with an interest in music data analysis. It also could be used in computer science and statistics as well as musicology.

Big Data Analytics

Author : Venkat Ankam
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A handy reference guide for data analysts and data scientists to help to obtain value from big data analytics using Spark on Hadoop clusters About This Book This book is based on the latest 2.0 version of Apache Spark and 2.7 version of Hadoop integrated with most commonly used tools. Learn all Spark stack components including latest topics such as DataFrames, DataSets, GraphFrames, Structured Streaming, DataFrame based ML Pipelines and SparkR. Integrations with frameworks such as HDFS, YARN and tools such as Jupyter, Zeppelin, NiFi, Mahout, HBase Spark Connector, GraphFrames, H2O and Hivemall. Who This Book Is For Though this book is primarily aimed at data analysts and data scientists, it will also help architects, programmers, and practitioners. Knowledge of either Spark or Hadoop would be beneficial. It is assumed that you have basic programming background in Scala, Python, SQL, or R programming with basic Linux experience. Working experience within big data environments is not mandatory. What You Will Learn Find out and implement the tools and techniques of big data analytics using Spark on Hadoop clusters with wide variety of tools used with Spark and Hadoop Understand all the Hadoop and Spark ecosystem components Get to know all the Spark components: Spark Core, Spark SQL, DataFrames, DataSets, Conventional and Structured Streaming, MLLib, ML Pipelines and Graphx See batch and real-time data analytics using Spark Core, Spark SQL, and Conventional and Structured Streaming Get to grips with data science and machine learning using MLLib, ML Pipelines, H2O, Hivemall, Graphx, SparkR and Hivemall. In Detail Big Data Analytics book aims at providing the fundamentals of Apache Spark and Hadoop. All Spark components – Spark Core, Spark SQL, DataFrames, Data sets, Conventional Streaming, Structured Streaming, MLlib, Graphx and Hadoop core components – HDFS, MapReduce and Yarn are explored in greater depth with implementation examples on Spark + Hadoop clusters. It is moving away from MapReduce to Spark. So, advantages of Spark over MapReduce are explained at great depth to reap benefits of in-memory speeds. DataFrames API, Data Sources API and new Data set API are explained for building Big Data analytical applications. Real-time data analytics using Spark Streaming with Apache Kafka and HBase is covered to help building streaming applications. New Structured streaming concept is explained with an IOT (Internet of Things) use case. Machine learning techniques are covered using MLLib, ML Pipelines and SparkR and Graph Analytics are covered with GraphX and GraphFrames components of Spark. Readers will also get an opportunity to get started with web based notebooks such as Jupyter, Apache Zeppelin and data flow tool Apache NiFi to analyze and visualize data. Style and approach This step-by-step pragmatic guide will make life easy no matter what your level of experience. You will deep dive into Apache Spark on Hadoop clusters through ample exciting real-life examples. Practical tutorial explains data science in simple terms to help programmers and data analysts get started with Data Science

Artificial Intelligence for Business Optimization

Author : Bhuvan Unhelkar
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This book explains how AI and Machine Learning can be applied to help businesses solve problems, support critical thinking and ultimately create customer value and increase profit. By considering business strategies, business process modeling, quality assurance, cybersecurity, governance and big data and focusing on functions, processes, and people’s behaviors it helps businesses take a truly holistic approach to business optimization. It contains practical examples that make it easy to understand the concepts and apply them. It is written for practitioners (consultants, senior executives, decision-makers) dealing with real-life business problems on a daily basis, who are keen to develop systematic strategies for the application of AI/ML/BD technologies to business automation and optimization, as well as researchers who want to explore the industrial applications of AI and higher-level students.

Data Analysis and Decision Support

Author : Daniel Baier
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It is a great privilege and pleasure to write a foreword for a book honor ing Wolfgang Gaul on the occasion of his sixtieth birthday. Wolfgang Gaul is currently Professor of Business Administration and Management Science and the Head of the Institute of Decision Theory and Management Science, Faculty of Economics, University of Karlsruhe (TH), Germany. He is, by any measure, one of the most distinguished and eminent scholars in the world today. Wolfgang Gaul has been instrumental in numerous leading research initia tives and has achieved an unprecedented level of success in facilitating com munication among researchers in diverse disciplines from around the world. A particularly remarkable and unique aspect of his work is that he has been a leading scholar in such diverse areas of research as graph theory and net work models, reliability theory, stochastic optimization, operations research, probability theory, sampling theory, cluster analysis, scaling and multivariate data analysis. His activities have been directed not only at these and other theoretical topics, but also at applications of statistical and mathematical tools to a multitude of important problems in computer science (e.g., w- mining), business research (e.g., market segmentation), management science (e.g., decision support systems) and behavioral sciences (e.g., preference mea surement and data mining). All of his endeavors have been accomplished at the highest level of professional excellence.

Head First Data Analysis

Author : Michael Milton
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Today, interpreting data is a critical decision-making factor for businesses and organizations. If your job requires you to manage and analyze all kinds of data, turn to Head First Data Analysis, where you'll quickly learn how to collect and organize data, sort the distractions from the truth, find meaningful patterns, draw conclusions, predict the future, and present your findings to others. Whether you're a product developer researching the market viability of a new product or service, a marketing manager gauging or predicting the effectiveness of a campaign, a salesperson who needs data to support product presentations, or a lone entrepreneur responsible for all of these data-intensive functions and more, the unique approach in Head First Data Analysis is by far the most efficient way to learn what you need to know to convert raw data into a vital business tool. You'll learn how to: Determine which data sources to use for collecting information Assess data quality and distinguish signal from noise Build basic data models to illuminate patterns, and assimilate new information into the models Cope with ambiguous information Design experiments to test hypotheses and draw conclusions Use segmentation to organize your data within discrete market groups Visualize data distributions to reveal new relationships and persuade others Predict the future with sampling and probability models Clean your data to make it useful Communicate the results of your analysis to your audience Using the latest research in cognitive science and learning theory to craft a multi-sensory learning experience, Head First Data Analysis uses a visually rich format designed for the way your brain works, not a text-heavy approach that puts you to sleep.

Applied Modeling Techniques and Data Analysis 1

Author : Alex Karagrigoriou
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BIG DATA, ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE AND DATA ANALYSIS SET Coordinated by Jacques Janssen Data analysis is a scientific field that continues to grow enormously, most notably over the last few decades, following rapid growth within the tech industry, as well as the wide applicability of computational techniques alongside new advances in analytic tools. Modeling enables data analysts to identify relationships, make predictions, and to understand, interpret and visualize the extracted information more strategically. This book includes the most recent advances on this topic, meeting increasing demand from wide circles of the scientific community. Applied Modeling Techniques and Data Analysis 1 is a collective work by a number of leading scientists, analysts, engineers, mathematicians and statisticians, working on the front end of data analysis and modeling applications. The chapters cover a cross section of current concerns and research interests in the above scientific areas. The collected material is divided into appropriate sections to provide the reader with both theoretical and applied information on data analysis methods, models and techniques, along with appropriate applications.