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Organized Crime

Author : Michael D. Lyman
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This student-friendly text illuminates organized crime from social, political, and economic perspectives, dispelling long-standing myths that prevent real understanding. Organized Crime, 6e, is designed to be an introductory text serving several purposes in the field of criminal justice. First, it gives the reader an understanding of the concept of organized crime-what it is and what it is not-and the necessary historical foundation for understanding the evolution, development, and current status of organized crime. Most important, the book is designed to dispel the myth that organized crime is composed exclusively of Italian American criminal groups. Another important component of the book is that drug trafficking plays an important role in the continuing proliferation of organized crime groups. The existence of the illegal drug trade says much about both the groups that traffic in illicit drugs and the members of society who use these drugs, consequently lending support to organized criminals. Finally, terrorism has dominated public policy since September 11, 2001. With increasing global awareness of terrorist organizations and those who belong to them, traditional models of terrorism have been challenged because the structure, financing, and recruiting mechanisms of such organizations are becoming more and more like their criminal counterparts in conventional organized crime. Logically organized and highly readable, the text promotes learning with extensive pedagogical features, from critical thinking projects to suggested readings. Teaching and Learning Experience This book offers a current look at organized crime, examining emerging areas in the field. It provides: Comprehensive, up-to-date coverage: Gives students the strong intellectual foundation they need to truly understand organized crime A thorough examination of the role of drug trafficking in organized crime: Students learn the important role drug trafficking plays in the continuing proliferation of organized crime groups Insights into terrorism as organized crime: Students are challenged to view traditional models of terrorism as a type of organized crime Extensive pedagogical features: Gives students the tools to master key concepts faster and more effectively and provides support for instructors

Canadian Organized Crime Second Edition

Author : Stephen Schneider
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The second edition of Stephen Schneider’s highly regarded Canadian Organized Crime provides an introduction to criminal syndicates, organized crimes, and enforcement principles and practices in Canada. This widely informative and accessible new edition continues its comprehensive historical, empirical, and theoretical overview of organized crime in Canada with numerous case studies that make the material vivid and understandable for students. Incorporating new research, recent Canadian cases, and current enforcement structures and laws in Canada, this text will give readers a broad understanding of the social, political, and economic forces that contribute to the continued existence of organized crime in Canada. The text examines new trends and developments that have affected organized crime since the first edition, including the ongoing revolution in digital communications (the internet dark web), the proliferation of cryptocurrency, the opioid epidemic, organized criminality in the time of COVID, the growing power of the ‘Ndrangheta in Ontario, the fallout from the implosion of Quebec’s Rizzuto mafia family, and the new business model employed by the Hells Angels throughout Canada. This textbook will appeal to students in criminology, sociology, political science, and law and justice programs, criminal justice professionals working in the field of organized crime enforcement, and readers interested in true crime literature.

Kentucky Instructions to Juries Criminal 6th Edition

Author : William Cooper
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Kentucky Instructions to Juries provides examples of instructions that are uniform, concise and specific. You'll save time and practice confidently with convenient and authoritative instructions. The Criminal Instructions were prepared by William S. Cooper, Associate Justice of the Supreme Court of Kentucky and revised by Donald P. Cetrulo, Former Director of the Administrative Office of the Court. While the criminal instructions track the language of the statutes, there are many fine points: for example, the 5th edition includes revised, complicity and self protection instructions that keep the work current with recent case law and acts of the General Assembly. The revised commentary guides the reader, describing frequently recurring mistakes that cause erroneous instructions. References to relevant cases following the sample instructions provide source material to aid the attorney in drafting final instructions. Commentary by the authors, provides essential background information, which explains the rationale for the language used in the instruction, and offers illuminating comparisons with similar or related instructions: making the commentary as important as the instructions themselves.

Introduction to Criminology

Author : Pamela J. Schram
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Introduction to Criminology, Why Do They Do It?, Second Edition, by Pamela J. Schram Stephen G. Tibbetts, offers a contemporary and integrated discussion of the key theories that help us understand crime in the 21st century. With a focus on why offenders commit crimes, this bestseller skillfully engages students with real-world cases and examples to help students explore the fundamentals of criminology. To better align with how instructors actually teach this course, coverage of violent and property crimes has been integrated into the theory chapters, so students can clearly understand the application of theory to criminal behavior. Unlike other introductory criminology textbooks, the Second Edition discusses issues of diversity in each chapter and covers many contemporary topics that are not well represented in other texts, such as feminist criminology, cybercrime, hate crimes, white-collar crime, homeland security, and identity theft. Transnational comparisons regarding crime rates and the methods other countries use to deal with crime make this edition the most universal to date and a perfect companion for those wanting to learn about criminology in context.

Transnational Organized Crime

Author : Jay Albanese
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Transnational Organized Crime: An Overview from Six Continents explores the expansive topic of transnational organized crime, incorporating expert perspectives found throughout the world’s six inhabited continents: North America, Central and South America, Europe, Africa, Asia, and Oceania. Editors Jay S. Albanese and Philip L. Reichel gather the knowledge and expertise of numerous authors, researchers, and practitioners in this field who are either native to each world region, have extensively travelled and worked there, or are recognized scholars for those regions. Through this unique text, readers will begin to understand the geographic, cultural, and regional similarities and differences underying the common threat of transnational organized crime, as well as how to address the global expansion of organized crime today.

Handbook of Transnational Crime and Justice

Author : Philip Reichel
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Transnational crime and justice will characterize the 21st century in same way that traditional street crimes dominated the 20th century. In the Handbook of Transnational Crime and Justice, Philip Reichel and Jay Albanese bring together top scholars from around the world to offer perspectives on the laws, crimes, and criminal justice responses to transnational crime. This concise, reader-friendly handbook is organized logically around four major themes: the problem of transnational crime; analysis of specific transnational crimes; approaches to its control; and regional geographical analyses. Each comprehensive chapter is designed to be explored as a stand-alone topic, making this handbook an important textbook and reference tool for students and practitioners alike.

Organized Crime

Author : Frank Shanty
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A comprehensive overview of organized crime looks as the history and daily functioning of organized criminal activities throughout the world as well as the international laws and treaties governing the treatment of these organizations.

Practice Under the Federal Sentencing Guidelines 6th Edition

Author : Debold
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Organized Crime

Author : Klaus von Lampe
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Organized Crime: Analyzing Illegal Activities, Criminal Structures, and Extra-legal Governance provides a systematic overview of the processes and structures commonly labeled “organized crime,” drawing on the pertinent empirical and theoretical literature primarily from North America, Europe, and Australia. The main emphasis is placed on a comprehensive classificatory scheme that highlights underlying patterns and dynamics, rather than particular historical manifestations of organized crime. Esteemed author Klaus von Lampe strategically breaks the book down into three key dimensions: (1) illegal activities, (2) patterns of interpersonal relations that are directly or indirectly supporting these illegal activities, and (3) overarching illegal power structures that regulate and control these illegal activities and also extend their influence into the legal spheres of society. Within this framework, numerous case studies and topical issues from a variety of countries illustrate meaningful application of the conceptual and theoretical discussion.

Organized Crime and Corruption in Georgia

Author : Louise Shelley
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Georgia is one of the most corrupt and crime-ridden nations of the former Soviet Union. In the Soviet period, Georgians played a major role in organized crime groups and the shadow economy operating throughout the Soviet Union, and in the post-Soviet period, Georgia continues to be important source of international crime and corruption. Important changes have been made since the Rose Revolution in Georgia to address the organized crime and pervasive corruption. This book, based on extensive original research, surveys the most enduring aspects of organized crime and corruption in Georgia and the most important reforms since the Rose Revolution. Endemic crime and corruption had a devastating effect on government and everyday life in Georgia, spurring widespread popular discontent that culminated with the Rose Revolution in 2003. Some of the hopes of the Rose Revolution have been realized, though major challenges lie ahead as Georgia confronts deep-seated crime and corruption issues that will remain central to political, economic, and social life in the years to come.