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The Complete Mr Terupt Series

Author : Rob Buyea
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Seven students are about to have their lives changed by one amazing teacher in this school-set series filled with unique characters every kid can relate to! This ebook collection features all four titles in this fan-favorite series. Because of Mr. Terupt (Book 1) It's the start of fifth grade and Peter, Jessica, Alexia, Jeffrey, Luke, Danielle, and Anna find themselves thrown together in Mr. Terupt's class. They don't have much in common, and they've never gotten along. Not until a certain new teacher arrives and helps them to find strength inside themselves--and in each other. Mr. Terupt Falls Again (Book 2) Sixth grade comes with its own set of challenges but Peter, Jessica, Alexia, Jeffrey, Luke, Danielle, and Anna know they have Mr. Terupt to help them through. That’s until Mr. Terupt springs news on them--really big news. Saving Mr. Terupt (Book 3) Peter, Jessica, Alexia, Jeffrey, Luke, Danielle, and Anna are entering their first year of junior high. There's a lot to be excited about, but starting at a new school isn't easy. When a fight threatens to break up the group forever, they think their favorite teacher is the only one who can help them. But they soon find out that it's Mr. Terupt who needs saving. Goodbye, Mr. Terupt (Book 4) Peter, Jessica, Alexia, Jeffrey, Luke, Danielle, and Anna are thrilled to have Mr. Terupt, back for the school year as their biweekly advisor. They still rely on him for guidance on so many things. But they know a goodbye is coming, so they hatch bucket-list type projects to make the school year important, memorable, and way bigger than just the group.

The Shape of God

Author : Terry David Silvercloud
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An explanation about the nature of material reality and motion, how solids, liquids, and gases come to be, the nature of the Sun and planets, the importance and nature of shapes and dimensional values, human evolution, the nature of religions and God, problems upon Earth and possible solutions, the history of Islam, the history of Christianity, the history of the Bible, the history of the Knight's Templar, the history of the Freemasons, notes about wave-lengths and frequencies. I will prove to you that the Earth has never made a circle (nor an ellipse) around the Sun and never will. I will prove to you that something DOES go much faster than light and that it does, indeed, curve space. The stuff that goes faster than light is the "sub-atomic" stuff that presents to us the stuff we call matter. How about that? And that's just the beginning of surprises.

An Invitation to Abstract Algebra

Author : Steven J. Rosenberg
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Studying abstract algebra can be an adventure of awe-inspiring discovery. The subject need not be watered down nor should it be presented as if all students will become mathematics instructors. This is a beautiful, profound, and useful field which is part of the shared language of many areas both within and outside of mathematics. To begin this journey of discovery, some experience with mathematical reasoning is beneficial. This text takes a fairly rigorous approach to its subject, and expects the reader to understand and create proofs as well as examples throughout. The book follows a single arc, starting from humble beginnings with arithmetic and high-school algebra, gradually introducing abstract structures and concepts, and culminating with Niels Henrik Abel and Evariste Galois’ achievement in understanding how we can—and cannot—represent the roots of polynomials. The mathematically experienced reader may recognize a bias toward commutative algebra and fondness for number theory. The presentation includes the following features: Exercises are designed to support and extend the material in the chapter, as well as prepare for the succeeding chapters. The text can be used for a one, two, or three-term course. Each new topic is motivated with a question. A collection of projects appears in Chapter 23. Abstract algebra is indeed a deep subject; it can transform not only the way one thinks about mathematics, but the way that one thinks—period. This book is offered as a manual to a new way of thinking. The author’s aim is to instill the desire to understand the material, to encourage more discovery, and to develop an appreciation of the subject for its own sake.

Stalking The Riemann Hypothesis

Author : Daniel Nahum Rockmore
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Like a hunter who sees 'a bit of blood' on the trail, that's how Princeton mathematician Peter Sarnak describes the feeling of chasing an idea that seems to have a chance of success. If this is so, then the jungle of abstractions that is mathematics is full of frenzied hunters these days. They are out stalking big game: the resolution of 'The Riemann Hypothesis', seems to be in their sights. The Riemann Hypothesis is about the prime numbers, the fundamental numerical elements. Stated in 1859 by Professor Bernhard Riemann, it proposes a simple law which Riemann believed a 'very likely' explanation for the way in which the primes are distributed among the whole numbers, indivisible stars scattered without end throughout a boundless numerical universe. Just eight years later, at the tender age of thirty-nine Riemann would be dead from tuberculosis, cheated of the opportunity to settle his conjecture. For over a century, the Riemann Hypothesis has stumped the greatest of mathematical minds, but these days frustration has begun to give way to excitement. This unassuming comment is revealing astounding connections among nuclear physics, chaos and number theory, creating a frenzy of intellectual excitement amplified by the recent promise of a one million dollar bounty. The story of the quest to settle the Riemann Hypothesis is one of scientific exploration. It is peopled with solitary hermits and gregarious cheerleaders, cool calculators and wild-eyed visionaries, Nobel Prize-winners and Fields Medalists. To delve into the Riemann Hypothesis is to gain a window into the world of modern mathematics and the nature of mathematics research. Stalking the Riemann Hypothesis will open wide this window so that all may gaze through it in amazement.


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This book is a bouquet of various oddities and strange grammatical and funny usages of English language, English Riddles, Mathematics, Math-Tricks, Math-Matrixes, Math-Magics, Math-Riddles, and Math-Medics.

Barron s Early Achiever Grade 3 Math Workbook Activities Practice

Author : Barrons Educational Series
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Prepare your child for a bright future with Barron's Early Achiever Workbooks. Each workbook provides a hands-on learning experience tailored to grade-level skills. Barron’s Early Achiever: Grade 3 Math Workbook is an ideal resource to supplement learning in the classroom, at home, for learning pods, or for homeschooling. Inside you’ll find: Fun, interactive activities for comprehension and practice Helpful tips, math vocabulary, easy-to-understand examples, and instructive illustrations to support learning Multiple, step-by-step problem-solving exercises that aid in children’s critical thinking and reasoning skills

Strategies for Teaching Whole Number Computation

Author : David B. Spangler
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Through error analysis and targeted instruction, you can uncover students' misconceptions in addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division and help students understand and correct their own mistakes!

Math Phonics Division

Author : Marilyn B. Hein
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In just minutes a day, students can master math facts with this specially designed program. Using rules, patterns and memory tools similar to those used in language arts, Math Phonics (tm) is great for introducing concepts or providing alternative techniques.

Talitha Cumi

Author : Wendell Charles NeSmith
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Taking the child by the hand I said to her, "Talitha cumi," which means, "Little girl, RISE!" And immediately the girl got up and began to walk (she was twelve years of age). Mark 5:41-42

Discrete Structures Logic and Computability

Author : James L. Hein
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Discrete Structure, Logic, and Computability introduces the beginning computer science student to some of the fundamental ideas and techniques used by computer scientists today, focusing on discrete structures, logic, and computability. The emphasis is on the computational aspects, so that the reader can see how the concepts are actually used. Because of logic's fundamental importance to computer science, the topic is examined extensively in three phases that cover informal logic, the technique of inductive proof; and formal logic and its applications to computer science.