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Our Lady of Birth Control

Author : Sabrina Jones
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Working class nurse. Mother of three. Labor organizer. Margaret Sanger—best known as the pioneer of birth control—was revolutionary in more ways than one. In Sabrina Jones’s graphic novel Our Lady of Birth Control, the author illustrates the incredible life of Margaret Sanger (1879-1966), framing the biography with her personal experiences of coming of age at the height of the sexual revolution. During her lifetime, Sanger transformed herself from working class nurse to an exuberant free-lover and savvy manipulator of the media, the law, and her wealthy supporters. Through direct action, propaganda, exile, and imprisonment, she ultimately succeeded in bringing legal access to birth control to women of all classes. Sanger’s revolutionary actions established organizations that eventually evolved into Planned Parenthood Federation of America. Jones’s autobiographical sections of Our Lady of Birth Control show her journey into activist art in response to the anti-feminist backlash of the Reagan era. From street theater and protest graphics to alternative comics, her path similarly follows in Margaret’s footsteps, encountering versions of the same adversaries. Her striking imagery evokes the late 20th century, recalling the ashcan artists of The Masses, an acclaimed magazine of Sanger’s formative years. Powerful, poetic, and extremely personal, this historical graphic novel is an in-depth look at the woman responsible for bringing freedom to the masses.

Our Lady of Everyday Life

Author : María del Socorro Castaneda-Liles
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Our Lady of Everyday Life examines the lived religion, from childhood to adulthood, of three generations of Mexican-origin Catholic women. The book provides an in-depth analysis of the Catholic beliefs that the women in this study inherited from their mothers, and the ways these beliefs becomethe religious/cultural template from which they first learn to see themselves as people of faith. Our Lady of Everyday Life also offers a comprehensive analysis of the ways Catholic culture sets the parameters within which Mexican-origin women learn how to be good girls in a manner that reduces agirl's agency to rubble. Castaneda-Liles demonstrates how women develop a type of Mexican Catholic imagination that moves them to challenge and reject the sanctification of shame, guilt, and aguante (endurance at all cost). This imagination allows these women to transgress limiting notions of what agood Catholic woman should be while retaining the aspects of Catholicism they find life-giving while still identifying as Catholics. This transgression is most visible in their relationship to La Virgen de Guadalupe, which is not fixed but fluid and deeply engaged in their process of self-awarenessin everyday life. Our Lady of Everyday Life applies an intersectional analysis that centers religion along with race, class, gender, and sexuality to the study of women. This ethnography provides an in-depth cross-sectional analysis of three generations of Mexican-origin women between the ages of 18 and 82 (singleand in college, mothers and older women). It is a multi-method study, including structured and unstructured interviews, focus groups, photographic and video documentation, and participant observation in Mexico and the United States.

Our Lady of Emmitsburg Visionary Culture and Catholic Identity

Author : Jill Krebs
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This ethnography uses a lived religion approach to explore devotion in contemporary Marian apparitional movements. It investigates how individuals understand and express Catholic identity in the modern world through beliefs, practices, and relationships with individuals, institutions, and divine figures.

The Birth Control Review

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Unspeakable Things

Author : Laurie Penny
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Shortlisted for the Green Carnation Prize 2014 Laurie Penny, one of our most prominent young voices of feminism and dissent, presents a trenchant report on our society today--and our society tomorrow, as she is willing to fight to see it. Smart, clear-eyed, and irreverent, Unspeakable Things is a fresh look at gender and power in the twenty-first century, which asks difficult questions about dissent and desire, money and masculinity, sexual violence, menial work, mental health, queer politics, and the Internet. Celebrated journalist and activist Laurie Penny draws on a broad history of feminist thought and her own experience in radical subcultures in America and Britain to take on cultural phenomena from the Occupy movement to online dating, give her unique spin on economic justice and freedom of speech, and provide candid personal insight to rally the defensive against eating disorders, sexual assault, and internet trolls. Unspeakable Things is a book that is eye-opening not only in the critique it provides, but also in the revolutionary alternatives it imagines.

Birth Control News

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Includes proceedings of the Society for constuctive birth control and racial progress.

Marina Girl

Author : Heather Joy Hampton
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Olivia Michaels knew she was embarking on an adventure when she moved to San Francisco, but she had no idea her address would label her a social pariah commonly referred to as a Marina girl. The Marina girl is a stereotype of a preppy, generic young woman who lives in the tiny neighborhood known as the Marina. You need to know about the history of the Marina to understand how and why the Marina girl developed into the albatross of San Francisco. After the 1906 earthquake, the city pushed all the ashes and rubble north down the steep hills of Pacific Heights, creating a landfill adjacent to a former pasture that later became the Cow Hollow neighborhood. Hundreds of Mediterranean-style homes were constructed in the 1920s on land that jiggled better than Bill Cosbys Jell-O when the 1989 earthquake hit. Most of the longtime residents moved away, leaving yuppie youngsters, perhaps less aware of their own mortality, to take over the neighborhood. Twenty years later, the Marina is the playground for San Franciscos worst nightmare, otherwise known as the Marina girl.

Origins of the Magdalene Laundries

Author : Rebecca Lea McCarthy
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The convents, asylums, and laundries that once comprised the Magdalene institutions are the subject of this work. Though originally half-way homes for prostitutes in the Middle Ages, these homes often became forced-labor institutions, particularly in Ireland. Examining the laundries within the context of a growing world capitalist economy, the work argues that the process of colonization, and of defining a national image, determined the nature and longevity of the Magdalene Laundries. This process developed differently in Ireland, where the last laundry closed in 1996. The book focuses on the devolution of the significance of Mary Magdalene as a metaphor for the organization: from an affluent, strong supporter of Jesus to a simple, fallen woman.

The Birth Control King of the Upper Volta

Author : Leon Rooke
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A Glimpse into the Man in Mankind

Author : Robert Kerin, MD
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Almost seven billion people roam the earth. Although we have different beliefs, lifestyles and physical characteristics, there are patterns of behavior that we all share. We also share the same building blocks of life—DNA, RNA, and proteins. The double-stranded configuration of DNA is found in the nucleus of every living cell and, regardless of whether someone is Asian, African or European, include the same basic components. This detailed look at humanity examines men and women from the inside and outside and scrutinizes factors that influence behavior. Author Dr. Robert Kerin explores the theories of well known scholars such as Thomas Robert Malthus, Alfred Wallace, and Charles Darwin, along with other theorists, such as Dr. Robert Lifton, who has written extensively about genocide and the Nazis. Additionally, he discusses the role of religion and mythology in the development of humanity, the differences between intelligent design and evolution, the reasons humanity is prone to violence, and the ways in which authority affects behavior. Join Dr. Kerin as he explores our similarities, differences, strengths, and weaknesses. Develop a deeper understanding of who we are with A Glimpse into the Man in Mankind.

Birth Control Review

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The Shadow I Could Not Outrun

Author : Debra Pence
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Author : Marianne Leone
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Jesse Cooper was an honor-roll student who loved to windsurf and write poetry. He also had severe cerebral palsy and was quadriplegic, unable to speak, and wracked by seizures. He died suddenly at age seventeen. In fiercely honest, surprisingly funny, and sometimes heartbreaking prose, Jesse’s mother, Marianne Leone, chronicles her transformation by the remarkable life and untimely death of her child. An unforgettable memoir of joy, grief, and triumph, Knowing Jesse unlocks the secret of unconditional love and speaks to all families who strive to do right by their children.

Ebony Mask Ebony Gold

Author : Wallace B. Collins
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Years ago, I met a friend in London I had not seen in many years. He posed a very interesting question to me. He wanted me to give him a statement on Jomo Kenyatta, who was then incarcerated as the leader of the Mau-Mau uprising in Kenya. Though I did not have an answer for my friend, I kept his question in my mind. Then, years later, my wife and I decided to visit Kenya on Safari with friends, which I recount here, vividly in this book. They were like two birds set free, hoop the coop, flew away from their prison abode, caged for decades, until Februrary 1990, on that sunny day in Capetown when I saw Nelson Mandella, live on CNN Television with his wife Winnie Mandela. They strolled through the gates of pollsmore Prison, away from 37 years of incarceration by the Apartheid Regime. That experience intrigued me enough that my wife and I decided, with a group of friends, to visit South Africa and see what would happen to us as a group of African Americans; it was while there that I touched yellow, Ebony Gold, as detailed in my book.

Contraception Birth Control Its Theory History and Practice

Author : Marie Carmichael Stopes
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The Eurasian Gentile

Author : Francisco A. Cruz
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In this book he will take you behind the scenes of views on an amazing variety of subjects, from the character of the Eurasians domiciled in the San Francisco Archdiocese. Who discussed relativity and the atom bomb; analyzed Marxism and Communism, comparing both to Christianity and Democracy. It displays the intellectual grasp of both spiritual and temporal problems of our society in the signs of times. From 1914 the Cruz family moved to Shanghai it resonates with todays conflicts and challenges of endless wars. And, it was truly providential they had survived these many years! As a historian in his own right, is emerging as an author of alternative history. Thus, an epic story on Moses of the Old Testament about the Exodus of Israelites from Egypt into the Promise Land is being retold in resemblance of this modern day narrative in The Eurasian Gentile. With great conviction, one who ponders the fate of the free world and speaks of Americas destiny in the present world crisis and the philosophy of life and living which embraces love of God, love of neighbor, and love of country.. By the Grace of God, the writer has captured all his personal history in this memoir incorporating his life experiences throughout his many travels.

Higher Hopes a Black Man s Guide to College

Author : R.D. Smith
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For many, college is their first chance at life without a guide or instruction manual. There is great room to succeed-as well as fail. How can you approach your college career with the right tools, insights, and tips to succeed? In Higher Hopes, the author meticulously covers every aspect of your college journey from academics to relationships to studying abroad to dealing with race and class issues. Far from telling you to just do your homework and obey the rules, Higher Hopes outlines the hidden lessons and sometimes painful learnings that can make college not only an accomplishment but a triumph.

Birth Control Review

Author : Margaret Sanger
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Why Humanae Vitae Was Right

Author : Janet E. Smith
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For the 25th anniversary year of the historic document Humanae Vitae(1968), Janet Smith has gathered together twenty-one outstanding essays and articles by well-respected thinkers to provide the demonstration that Pope Paul VI was not simply correct, but prophetic. While this document is still widely neglected and misunderstood, the Church continues to proclaim that contraception is a moral evil and that the view of man, sexuality, and marriage that leads to the use of the Pill is not one that is compatible with human dignity, sexual responsibility and spousal love. Many are unaware that there have been energetic and persuasive worth defenses of this teaching. The general reader, as well as the ethicist and moral theologian, will find much here to stimulate his thinking on this issue. Contributors include William May, Paul Quay, Elizabeth Anscombe, Dietrich von Hildebrand, Carlo Caffara, Cormac Burke, Ralph McInerny, John Kippley, John Finnis and Janet Smith.

Birth Control

Author : United States. Congress. Senate. Committee on the Judiciary
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