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Out of the Cradle

Author : Charles Lee Lesher
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Where will we get our electricity when the oil and coal are gone? Why should I care? Abundant cheap electricity is a key element in getting and maintaining high human living standards around the globe. Stated another way, electricity is the foundation of modern technology. Without it, we go back to sailing ships and the horse. Anyone who thinks for a moment that we could feed and clothe our 21st century population using 18th century technology is nuts. Everything in your world depends on electricity either directly or indirectly. The food you eat, the water you drink, the car you drive, are all possible because of electricity. This cannot be overstated. Electricity is civilization. The world consumed 20.1 trillion kilowatt hours of energy in 2010, up over 3% from the year before. Of this, 13.9 trillion kw-hrs comes from hydrocarbons, 2.6 trillion from nuclear, and 3.1 trillion from hydroelectric. Earth-bound renewables hardly make a dent. The EIA predicts world net electrical consumption will increase to 25.5 trillion kw-hrs by 2020 and 35.2 trillion kw-hrs by 2035. Even if you don't fully understand the enormity of the numbers, just remember that we are using more energy today than we did yesterday, by a lot. I repeat, where will we get our electricity when the oil and coal are gone? I wrote this book to draw attention to this disaster looming on the horizon. Electrical energy is the one thing our civilization cannot live without and sooner or later the oil and the coal will be gone. Nuclear isn't the answer on many levels and the conventional earthbound alternative energy sources are simply not capable of sustaining our present demand. So what are we to do? I suggest we need to think big now so that we don't crash big later. Building a system of satellites capable of delivering 50 trillion-kilowatt-hours of pollution free solar power from space every year will also produce a robust global economy. It will be like Columbus rediscovering America but instead of just another continent, we will open up other worlds for us to conquer. Open up the High Frontier and we open up our children's future to endless new horizons. There is only one power source capable of meeting humanities energy needs and all future demands, the SUN, and the best place to harness its power is collecting sunlight in SPACE. Without it our civilization will collapse but does America have the political will to even attempt such a project? Or have we already started? Find out when you order your copy of Out of the Cradle.

A Study Guide for Walt Whitman s Out of the Cradle Endlessly Rocking

Author : Gale, Cengage Learning
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Critical Companion to Walt Whitman

Author : Charles M. Oliver
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Presents a complete reference to the life and works of Walt Whitman.

Out of the Cradle Endlessly Rocking

Author : Nephie Christodoulides
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Transactions of the Royal Society of New Zealand

Author :
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Author : Royal Society of New Zealand
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A Companion to Walt Whitman

Author : Donald D. Kummings
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Comprising more than 30 substantial essays written by leading scholars, this companion constitutes an exceptionally broad-ranging and in-depth guide to one of America?s greatest poets. Makes the best and most up-to-date thinking on Whitman available to students Designed to make readers more aware of the social and cultural contexts of Whitman?s work, and of the experimental nature of his writing Includes contributions devoted to specific poetry and prose works, a compact biography of the poet, and a bibliography

Iraq and Eleanor Egan s The War in the Cradle of the World

Author : Eleanor Franklin Egan
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contemporary readers to see that what is going on in Iraq now is nothing new." --Book Jacket.

English Patents of Inventions Specifications

Author :
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Cries from the Cradle

Author : Bonita Wagner
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Bonita Wagners page turning novels, Called From Darkness and Date With The Devil, first brought you into the life of Chyna Wilson. The gripping tale of Chynas struggle for her life as she tries to escape the satanic cult in which she was raised, kept readers sitting on the edge of their seats from the first page to the last. In Cries From The Cradle, Chyna is placed in unimaginable terror. Her secure family life is revisited by an evil everyone thought had been destroyed. Ian Foster, Brandon Fosters brother, revitalizes the satanic cult and a human sacrifice is chosen. Halloween will culminate their revenge. Once again, Texas Rangers, Travis Bonham and Manny Ruiz are called in to help. Its a race against time as they set out to stop the cult before its too late. But, ultimately it is Chyna who must face down her past...even if it means death.


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Bats in the Cradle

Author : David Moore
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Education from the Cradle

Author : Mary Ouroussov
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Minutes of Proceedings of the Institution of Civil Engineers

Author : Institution of Civil Engineers (Great Britain)
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Vols. 39-214 (1874/75-1921/22) have a section 2 containing "Other selected papers"; issued separately, 1923-35, as the institution's Selected engineering papers.

The Cradle of the Christ

Author : Octavius Brooks Frothingham
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Journal of the Franklin Institute

Author : Franklin Institute (Philadelphia, Pa.)
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Vols. 1-69 include more or less complete patent reports of the U. S. Patent Office for years 1825-59.

From the Cradle to the Cyclone Fence

Author : C. R. Webster
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C. R. Webster saw many forms of substance abuse as a nurse, but when addictions threatened her own son, it was no longer a job; she was his mother. After a shoulder injury dashed his dreams of playing college baseball, Randy lost his desire to live, seeking refuge in all the wrong places. His mother had to sit in the bleachers and watch as he went from job to job, court date to court date, and eventually, freedom to incarceration. From the Cradle To The Cyclone Fence tells a tragic story about a mother's struggle to save her son and her eventual decision to turn it over to God. A well written, frank, eye opener To The carnage wreaked by substance abuse in her family. If you have dealt first hand with drug or alcohol abuse in your family then From the Cradle To The Cyclone Fence will certainly strike a raw chord with you. If you haven't, it will make you kiss your family and thank the Good Lord for sparing you from this horrific war zone. -R.Groves, stewardship team, Independent Bible Church From the Cradle To The Cyclone Fence leads you through years of the nightmare darkness that engulfs a family when fighting to save a child from his world of addiction. It is a heart-wrenching story of a mother struggling desperately to hold onto her family, her faith, and her sanity. There is hope in God, The rock that holds in the midst of life's worse storms. From the Cradle To The Cyclone Fence is a must read for anyone who has been forced down this path. -B. Evans, MITI leader for ten years, member of Long View Baptist Church C. R. Webster is a retired nurse and mother of two. She used her writing to deal with the rage, anger, and guilt she felt when, despite all her efforts, she was unable to save her son from the dark world. The light is there; will he see it?

The Cradle of the Twin Giants Science and History

Author : Henry Christmas
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This two-volume work of 1849 describes how popular mythology kept alive beliefs about the occult, alchemy and the paranormal.

The Cradle of Rebellions

Author : Lucien de La Hodde
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The Cradle Will Fall

Author : Mary Higgins Clark
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A “superbly plotted” (Los Angeles Times) page-turning classic from the undisputed Queen of Suspense and #1 New York Times bestselling author Mary Higgins Clark. A minor road accident landed county prosecutor Katie DeMaio in Westlake Hospital. That night, from her window, she thought she saw a man load a woman’s body into the trunk of a car...or was it just a sleeping pill induced nightmare? At work the next day, Katie began investigating a suicide that looked more like murder. Initial evidence pointed elsewhere, but medical examiner Richard Carroll saw a trail leading to Dr. Edgar Highley. He suspected that the famous doctor’s work “curing” infertile women was more than controversial—that it was deceitful, depraved, and often deadly. But before Richard could tell Katie his fears, she left the office for the weekend and an appointment for routine Dr. Highley’s operating room. “A harrowing tale” (The New York Times Book Review) that’s “indescribably suspenseful” (San Francisco Chronicle), The Cradle Will Fall is a page-turning thriller of the highest order.